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Daring Faith – Episode 4

Four   ***   “Is Liam okay?’’ Amber asked before she kicked off her shoes and slumped down into a chair.   Georgia shrugged her shoulders, ‘’I don’t know.’’   ‘’What do you mean you don’t know, did you guys argue?’’ ‘’Not really,’’ she responded before sitting down. ‘’I am all ears.’’   At first …

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Topster Stories

Daring Faith – Episode 10

-Ten-   Kendrick and Sadie walked into Auntie Veronica’s chambers. ‘’And what is going on with you too?’’ Auntie Veronica asked ‘’He is in love with a human,’’ Sadie quickly responded.   Kendrick shot her a deadly stare.   ‘’Kendrick is that true?’’ Auntie Veronica asked ‘’Yes,’’ he responded.   There was silence for a …

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