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Daring Faith – Episode 4

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“Is Liam okay?’’ Amber asked before she kicked off her shoes and slumped down into a chair.


Georgia shrugged her shoulders, ‘’I don’t know.’’


‘’What do you mean you don’t know, did you guys argue?’’ ‘’Not really,’’ she responded before sitting down. ‘’I am all ears.’’


At first Georgia was hesitant about telling Amber what she had done.


‘’Tell me,’’ Amber insisted.


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‘’I met someone last night at the party, ’she finally said.


‘’What do you mean you met someone?’’ Amber asked.


Georgia told Amber about Kendrick, from how they met to how they ended up in the woods making love.


Amber shot Georgia a worried glance, she was lost for words.


‘’Did you at least use protection?’’ she finally asked when she recovered from her sudden state of shock.


‘’No,’’ Georgia shook her head.


A sigh escaped Amber’s lips, ‘’I need a drink,’’ she said before she stood up and headed for the kitchen.


In the kitchen, she opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of beer.


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Then she got a bottle opener and took the bottle top off the bottle and started to drink the beer.


She did not remove the bottle from her lips until it was almost empty.


After that, she walked back into the living room.


‘’Let me get this straight,’’ she said. ‘’You met a strange guy at the party and you had sex with him without protection. You cheated on Liam?’’ she pointed an accusing finger at her.


‘’I don’t know what came over me,’’ said Georgia.


‘’How could you do this to Liam?’’


‘’It was a mistake.’’


Amber laughed, ‘’Cheating is not a mistake,’’ she shot back


‘’I know I messed up, you don’t have to rub salt on my wound.’’


‘’I love you a lot Georgia and I wouldn’t want you to mess up your life.’’ ‘’Look who’s talking,’’ Georgia rolled her eyes. ‘’I am not judging you.’’

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‘’I will call him and tell him that nothing can happen between us, I don’t want to lose Liam.’’


‘’Now you are talking.’’


‘’Please don’t tell Liam about this.’’


Amber shot her a serious look, ‘’I would never stab you in the back and you know that.’’


‘’I know.’’


‘’Then why are you second guessing me?’’ ‘’I am not.’’


‘If you say so.’’




‘’Let me freshen up and change into something comfy,’’ she said ‘’Okay.’’


After Amber went to her room, Georgia sat on the couch thinking about the implications of her actions, she knew she had messed up and now was the time to make things right.


When her phone rang, she almost jumped out of her skin.


‘’Hello,’’ she said when she picked the phone.


‘’Hello,’’ he said.


‘’I would like to see you now if you don’t have anything to do.’’ ‘’You want to come over?’’ she asked ‘’No, you come over.’’


‘’And where are you staying?’’


‘’I have a room at Protea Hotel, i will text you the room number.’’ ‘’Sure, I will be there in thirty minutes.’’ ‘’I will see you then.’’


She ended the call and walked to her room then she undressed and entered the bathroom.


Georgia bathed as fast as she could, she wanted to have this over and done with.


After she finished bathing, she climbed out of the tub and got dressed.


Before leaving her room, she gave herself a quick look over- she was clad in a colourful cotton blouse and a pair of blue jeans. She didn’t wear any makeup, just some gloss on her lips. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail. Satisfied with her looks, she grabbed her purse and walked out. ‘’Where to?’’ Amber asked, eyeing her from head to toe.


‘’Kendrick just called,’’ she responded.


‘’Kendrick?’’ she gave her a questioning look



‘’Yes, I want to end this madness between us.’’ ‘’Okay.’’


‘’I will be back shortly.’’




Amber drove to the hotel ready to end whatever madness she had started with Kendrick, last night he caught her in a moment of weakness, she shouldn’t have allowed things to go that far.


She loved Liam and their relationship was perfect, she didn’t want to mess things with him.


At the hotel, she pulled up in an empty spot at the car park before she walked to the entrance.


Kendrick was flopped onto his bed in his hotel room staring at the television set in front of him though his mind was elsewhere. He had not been able to do much of anything since last night- he couldn’t stop thinking about Georgia, she was driving him crazy and each minute his desire for her grew.


‘’’Hmmmm,’’ he inhaled her scent deeply, he knew she was close to his room. Georgia walked over to the elevator and pressed the button, a minute later, the doors opened and she stepped in, when the elevator stopped, she stepped out into the hallway and walked towards his room.


She stood at his door wondering if coming here was the right thing to do.


‘’ I better get this over and done with,’’ she mumbled under her breath.


She was about to knock but he beat her to it, knowing she was standing at his doorstep contemplating what to do, he opened the door. Kendrick was shirtless, wearing only a pair of khaki shorts and some flip-flops on his feet. Georgia looked at his muscular chest and swallowed hard then she looked at his face.


Then she stared back at the wolf he had tattooed on his chest, she had not seen it last night because it was dark.


‘’Hey you made it,’’ he brushed her lips with his ‘’Yes,’’ she nervously replied.


‘’Come in,’’ he stepped aside and let her in before closing the door behind him.


‘’Please sit down,’’ he pointed at the bed. ‘’Can I get you anything to drink?’’


‘’No,’’ she shook her head. ‘’I don’t think there’s any need for me to sit down.’’


He looked at her, ’Are you okay?’’


‘’We need to talk.’’


He walked towards her and stood in front of her.


Somehow he could sense what she wanted to tell him and he wasn’t ready to hear it.



Then he pulled her closer and inhaled deeply, ’I missed the sweet fragrance of you,’’ he whispered.


She sighed, ‘’Kendrick, this can’t go on,’’ she said.


‘’What do you mean?’’


‘’This is crazy I don’t even know you very well I have—————,’’


Before she could finish her sentence, Kendrick kissed her so as to shut her up. Georgia wanted to resist, she tried to push him away but it was a feeble attempt. ‘’Allow nature to take its course,’’ he whispered and kissed her more passionately trying to fill his intense hunger for her. Kendrick couldn’t stop himself; he wanted Georgia more than he had ever wanted anyone, he wanted to mark and claim her as his own

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