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Daring Faith – Episode 11

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When Georgia was discharged from the hospital, Amber drove her home.



Liam still had some questions to ask her but he would wait until he got off work to talk to her.


When they got home, Amber had to rush back for work she had an important meeting that afternoon.


Georgia decided to take a bath and after that she changed into clean pajamas since she had no intention of going anywhere. She made herself some coffee after her bath and lay down on her bed to drink it.


Kendrick had sent her a message that he was on his way to her house and she couldn’t wait to see him.

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She had not seen him for a couple of days now and even though she had a number of questions to ask him, she dearly missed his touch and his warmth.


Amidst her thoughts, Georgia dozed off, awakening when she was startled by a loud knock at the door.


She rolled out of bed and yawned loudly before she slipped her feet into her sleepers and walked out.


Kendrick nervously stood at her doorstep and waited for her to open.


He missed her a lot and if it were up to him, he would be wrapped up around her na.ked body at this moment. When she finally opened her door, Kendrick breathed her in, her scent was intoxicating.


Kendrick couldn’t control himself; he pulled her to him and kissed her.


The kiss was long and passionate and it left Georgia breathless and longing for more.


‘’You are beautiful even in your pajamas,’’ he whispered as he roamed up and down her body.

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‘’Thank you,’’ she said before she allowed him in, slamming the door behind her back.


A heavy silence engulfed them as they silently looked at each other.


She tried to maintain some distance between them but it was hard with him being in the same room as her. It was hard when all she really wanted to do was to rip off his clothes and have him in her bed easing the ache that had been plaguing her for days.


‘’I missed you,’’ he said



She kept quiet she didn’t know what to say to him, she had a man who loved her dearly but this man standing in front of her stirred feelings in her that she didn’t know where possible.


‘’Please don’t push me away,’’ he pleaded.


She opened her mouth to respond but she quickly closed it again.


He moved closer and held her hand, ‘’the days without you felt like hell,’’ he confessed. ‘’I really missed you.’’


Georgia breathed in deeply and then he let it out slowly.


‘’I have a man in my life and I love him a lot,’’ she finally spoke.


Her words angered him, he gritted his teeth and quickly let go of her hands. ‘’This little game that we have been playing can’t go on anymore,’’ she said. He shot a quizzical look at her, ‘’this has been a game to you?’’


‘’We have just been playing with fire but I want to stop before I get burnt.’’ ‘’I love you Georgia and I am willing to fight for you.’’ ‘’You can’t fight for what’s yours.’’


‘’You are mine,’’ he growled, his eyes blazing with rage.


‘’I am not yours, I belong to Liam,’’ she yelled back.


‘’You are mine,’’ he yelled louder than usual.


And before Georgia could respond, he grabbed her and pinned her against the wall, his heart beating fast, then he forced a passionate kiss against her lips.


Liam was attending to a patient when his phone vibrated he ignored it and continued with what he was doing because he hated to be disturbed when he was working. It was only after that patient had left that he got the chance to pick the phone.


When he stared at his screen, there was a message and missed call from a private number.


He opened the message and it read, ‘’Georgia is in danger, if you love her as much as you do, head over to her house now.’’


Liam couldn’t call back the number because it was private but he tried to call Amber though she didn’t pick up his calls.


Frustrated, he removed his coat, grabbed his car keys and rushed out.


He got in his car and drove as fast as he could.


Meanwhile, back at the house, Kendrick continued kissing Georgia intensely. And she tried to push him off her but she couldn’t because he had her pinned between him and the wall.



‘’Stop,’’ she said, her voice barely audible, her mind wanted him to stop but as usual her body was betraying her but melting in his hands.


As he kissed her, he dug his hands down her pajama bottoms and she moaned into his mouth as she buckled against him.


Kendrick knew he had here where he wanted her to be, at this moment there was no going back, he ripped off her pajamas and undressed himself. Then he laid her on the floor and got on top of her, he slid into her with ease and began moving gently at first.


But eventually he picked up the pace and began pounding into her.


Making love with her felt more than the right thing to do, she was vulnerable to his touch, she was his.


Liam pulled up in front of Georgia’s house, he stepped out and rushed for the door without even locking up his doors, that’s how worried he was about her.


Georgia and Kendrick were so consumed in what they were doing that they didn’t hear the door open.


‘’Kendrick!’’ she screamed his name in a climactic ecstasy just as Liam walked into the living room.


‘’Georgia! What’s going on here?’’ Liam yelled his heart aching with rage and pain.


‘’’Liam!’’ Georgia quickly pushed Kendrick off her and wrapped herself in a table mat. She had not been expecting home this early.


‘’I will kill you,’’ Liam yelled as he pounced on Kendrick.


Kendrick wasted no time he pushed Liam off him before grabbing him by the throat and throwing him across the table.


‘’Stop!’’ Georgia cried.


Liam wasn’t giving up the fight so easily he got to his feet and managed to punch Kendrick in the face. This angered Kendrick and he felt his wolf side begin to resurface.


‘’She is mine,’’ Liam yelled, his eyes were venomous.


‘’She is mine!’’ Kendrick yelled back at him.


Then he lunged for him before he grabbed and pinned him to the wall, chocking him rather too tightly.


Liam gasped from the lack of air, he tried to push Kendrick off but he was overpowered, Kendrick was much stronger than him.



‘’Stop please!’’ Georgia continued screaming but her screams fell on death ears, Kendrick was overtaken by rage and as he felt his body begin to shift, he gripped Liam’s neck with so much force.


Finally in the flash of an eye, he transformed into a wolf and Liam fell down, he lay on the ground unconscious.


Georgia was terrified and she screamed and trembled in fear, her heart raced, her head ached and suddenly she felt like she was going to pass out. Kendrick let out a loud growl before he fiercely pounced on Liam and tore his throat out.


This was more than Georgia could take, as her vision became blurry, she fell to the ground with a loud thud and it was lights out for her.






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