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Daring Faith – Episode 5

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Georgia had no idea how things happened, one minute they were kissing passionately, the next minute they were na.ked on his bed. He made love to her so deeply and she cried out in pleasure.


He dug his nails into her skin, letting out a loud animalistic growl as he filled her.


‘’You are mine,’’ he growled as if he was being challenged by someone.


Then he rolled onto his side, with her back pressed closely into his chest, Georgia dozed off.


She was his to have and to hold for eternity- at this point he couldn’t let her out of his life.


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Se.xually they were combustible- his weakness was the way her body responded to his every touch.


He had no idea how this would work out but he would find a way eventually. When Georgia awoke, she felt so weak, so drained and exhausted. Plus she was aching all over.


Finally she gathered some strength -she forced herself out of bed and went to the bathroom.


‘’You are mine,’’ the words echoed in her mind as she stood in the shower.



It was strange that he was claiming her when they had just met the night before and they barely knew each other. Georgia also couldn’t understand why she was so drawn to Kendrick, it’s like each time he touched her she lost her sense of reasoning- she couldn’t control herself.


What she felt for this strange man was more than just sexual attraction, when he made love to her she felt connected to him in way she couldn’t describe in words. It was if he were a part of her- body, mind and soul.


She stood there until the water started to get cold. Then she shut the water off and stepped out.


After that, she stood in front of a full length mirror and stared at herself.

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The bruises on her neck and thighs worried her, she had no idea how she would explain these to Liam if he saw them. Speaking of Liam, she had to see him after this so she could try and make amends for her actions. Georgia dried her body, wrapped a towel around it and walked back into the room.


She was glad that Kendrick was still not yet back from wherever he had gone.


She quickly picked her clothes from the floor and got dressed.


Kendrick walked into the room when she was putting on her shoes he had gone to get them some food.


‘’You are awake?’’ he asked




‘’I got us some food,’’ he said.


‘’I am not hungry.’’


‘’Are you okay?’’


She finished putting on her sneakers and stood up,’’ I am fine.’’


He walked closer to her and grabbed her hand but she quickly pulled her hand away and took two steps backwards. She didn’t want to fall into his trap again, she wanted to deliver her message to him and leave.


‘’Stand where you are.’’


‘’Did I hurt you?’’


‘’Kendrick! This madness has to stop.’’


‘’What do you mean.’’


‘’I don’t want us to see each other again?’’ ‘’Why?’’


‘’I have someone in my life and I love him, this was a mistake,’’ she said Kendrick shoot her a serious look as he felt his anger building up, he felt his insides twisting at the thought of Georgia with another man.

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‘’You go your way and I will go mine, we can pretend that this didn’t happen, please,’’ she pleaded.




‘’And I am sorry I led you on but I belong to another,’’ she said before grabbing her purse.


He gave her another serious look, the inner wolf in him was getting angry and ready to attack. He would do anything for her even killing.


‘’I have to go now,’’ she said heading for the door but he quickly reached for her and held her hand in his.


He pulled her towards him and pressed up against her, holding her there. ‘’You are mine,’’ he growled


‘’I am not yours Kendrick, I belong to another, please let me go.’’


When he heard her words, he felt anger explode in him like never before and he felt his inner wolf take control. His eyes rolled back into his head before they burned a blazing red.


Then he let out a loud scream, not a yell but an ear-piercing scream that caused Georgia to tremble in fear.


‘’Kendrick!’’ she yelled.


He let her go almost immediately and tried to compose himself.


The beast in him was aggressive, if it took over fully, the end would be fatal for Georgia.


Georgia’s body shook & her heart raced.


She looked at Kendrick and began to wonder, who he was and what was he? ‘’I am sorry,’’ he said, when he was finally able to control his anger. ‘’Í think I need to leave,’’ she whispered.


He pulled her in his arms and held her gently then he kissed her hair and breathed her in, satisfying his need to be near her. If only she could understand how much he wanted her for himself only.


‘’I want to leave,’’ she said again.


He pulled away from her, ‘’I am sorry.’’


‘’It’s okay.’’


‘’Am I going to see you again?’’


‘’Yes,’’ she responded, she didn’t want to upset him again.


‘’I want to have a relationship with you,’’ he said


‘’You don’t even know me.’’


He chuckled, ‘’Trust me, I know enough.’’ ‘’What do you even know?’’



‘’When the time is right, I will tell you everything I know.’’ ‘’Okay.’’


‘’Let me walk you to your car,’’ he said


‘’Thank you.’’


He grabbed one of the plastics with the food he had bought and handed it to her.


Then he held her hand and they walked out to where she had parked.


‘’I hope to see you again,’’ he said when they stood at her car.


‘’I will call you,’’ she lied.


He leaned in and kissed her gently and softly before he pulled away.


‘’Drive safely.’’


‘’Thank you.’’


She opened her car door and waved at him before she drove off. When she finally pulled over at Liam’s house, she sighed in relief and stepped out of the car.

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