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Daring Faith – Episode 6

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‘’Babe,’’ Georgia pushed the door open as she walked into the house.


Liam was in such deep thoughts that he didn’t hear her come in.


She was calling his name but he didn’t hear her.


He was sitting in front of the television, though his eyes were focused on the TV, his mind was far away. Liam had been in a foul mood since leaving Georgia’s house.


‘’Babe!’’ she screamed in his ears.


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He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her,’’ I didn’t hear you come in,’’ he said.


‘’Are you okay?’’ she asked




They were silent for a moment before Liam cleared his throat and asked, ‘’what are you doing here? I thought you needed space.’’


‘’I am sorry for this morning, I had a lot on my mind.’’ ‘’And you couldn’t communicate?’’ ‘’I am sorry.’’



‘’After the busy night I had at work, all I needed was to spend some time with you but you pushed me away.’’


‘’I will it up to you I swear, please forgive me,’’ she pouted.


Liam couldn’t stay mad at her for long even if he wanted to, he loved Georgia more than words could describe, sometimes he feared that his love for her would be the death of him.

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‘Forgive me please baby,’’ she pleaded.


He smiled at her before he opened his arms wide for her to walk into them.


Georgia dropped her bag on the table and rushed towards him.


He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tightly to himself.


‘’I love you so much babes,’’ he whispered.


‘’I love you even more.’’


‘’I can’t wait to make you my wife,’’ he said as his lips pressed to hers lightly. ‘’His wife?’’ Georgia’s heart raced, she loved Liam and all but they had not yet discussed the issue of marriage. She didn’t think he would be talking about it this early in their relationship.


He bit her bottom lip asking for entrance and she gave him.


His tongue explored her hungrily and before she knew it, their kiss moved from slow to hot and passionate.


Meanwhile back in his hotel room, Kendrick was consumed with anger. His wolf was so close to the surface, he was angry that someone else was exploring what belonged to his. Only he had exclusive rights to Georgia’s body, he would not hesitate to eliminate anyone that posed as a threat to him. Grabbing his backpack, he walked out of his room then he checked out of the hotel and drove back home.


‘’Want to go for a run?’’ Sadie asked when Kendrick walked into the house.


She could sense his anger and she knew only a good run would help him cool off. ‘’Sure.’’


Their house was situated in the middle of the forest surrounded by trees and shrubs.


He dropped his bag and they both shifted before they ran outside and into the woods.


Georgia and Liam continued kissing with ever increasing passion as their hearts pounded with the heat that was building up between them. Slowly he slipped off her blouse.


After running for what seemed like forever, Kendrick let out a loud growl, his body now filled with anger.



Liam’s fingers where fumbling with the back clasp of Georgia’s bra when she suddenly pulled away and pushed him off her. There was a loud noise echoing in her ears so loud she felt like someone was screaming her name.


‘’Aw!’’ she exclaimed, she sank to the floor then she covered her ears with her hands and squeezed her eyes shut. She couldn’t stand the loud noise.


‘’Babe! Are you okay?’’ Liam knelt beside her and worriedly held her in his arms.


Just as the noise had started, it suddenly disappeared.


‘’Are you okay?’’ he asked


‘’I don’t know what just happened, i kept hearing a loud noise in my ears.’’ ‘’Babe, it was nothing maybe you are just stressed.’’ ‘’I know what I heard.’’


He helped her up and she sat on the couch trembling.


‘’It’s okay,’’ he whispered.


He held her in his arms reverently and she buried her face in his chest.


Several minutes later, she dozed off and he carried her carefully to his room. Then he laid her on the bed and covered her with a sheet. Then he kissed her forehead, He was about to walk out of the room when he noticed some bruises between Georgia’s shoulder and neck that looked like finger marks. He looked at them for a moment before he decided to leave the room.


There was surely an explanation for the bruises- he didn’t want to jump to any conclusions.


Liam figured that his girlfriend was fatigued and she just needed to have enough rest.


But he made a mental note to have her checked at the hospital if she continued behaving in a weird way.


After that loud ear piercing growl both Kendrick and Sadie shifted, their bones cracked and twisted.


Then the fur disappeared into their bodies and they were back in their human form na.ked.


‘’You feel better now?’’ Sadie asked




Then she held his hand, ‘’let’s go and swim,’’ she said.




When they got to the river, they dived in off the bank and swam.


They swam for some minutes before they decided to head back home.





It was a chilly and dark night. The trees were swaying in the wind, she looked around her and she had no idea where she was or how she got there or why.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen



She looked at the sky to see there was a full moon but what surprised her was that the moon was blue.


As she continued to look at the moon, she heard a muffled groan from the back of the tree.


Then she looked around her but there was no one around.


‘’I need to get out here,’’ she said to herself before she turned and started walking.


She walked around in circles for some minutes but couldn’t find a way out.


Where the hell am i? She wondered.


Then she pinched herself and it hurt, so she wasn’t sleeping.


You can’t pinch yourself when you are sleeping so they said.


She continued wandering in the woods when she saw a giant wolf sitting next to a tree and watching her.


She quietly looked at the wolf as his eyes glowed in the darkness before he howled loudly.


Then the wolf started to walk towards her and she felt a rush of fear swept through her.


A run was what she needed but somehow she couldn’t move her legs, it was as if she had been glued to the ground. When the wolf stood in front of her, she took a few steps backwards but stumbled upon a branch and fell backwards. Then the wolf let out another howl but this one was different from in pitch than the first.


Suddenly the wolf stared at the moon before it pounced on her, it’s teeth bared, ready to bite into her neck,


‘’Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!’’ she screamed.


Liam was in the kitchen cooking when he heard her scream.


He stopped whatever he was doing and rushed to his bedroom.


Georgia was screaming and rolling on the bed, he violently shook her until her eyes snapped open.


To be Continued…….

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