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Daring Faith – Episode 3

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~~ Three ~~




Kendrick pulled up in front of her gate and she stepped out before he could open the car door for her.


He stepped out of his car, they exchanged numbers and he kissed her goodbye.



Georgia pushed the gate open and walked towards the entrance of their apartment. She unlocked the door, pushed it half open and walked in. Then she closed it behind her and turned the lock.


Georgia walked into her room and kicked off her shoes before she undressed and headed for the bathroom. As soon as she stood under the shower, the memories of what she had done hit her.


The memories were so vivid she could feel his hands on her skin.

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She couldn’t stop thinking about how he had made love to her.


She had completely opened up to him as he had moved inside of her, driving so deep their hearts touched.


Thinking about their stranger encounter made her feel broken and whole. Broken because she had cheated on Liam and whole because Kendrick made her feel so fulfilled


Georgia stood under the shower and let the water wash away the memories. Once she finished, she turned the water off and reached for a towel before she dried herself and walked back into her room where she changed into her most comfortable pajamas.


After that she slipped under the covers and closed her eyes.


Meanwhile as Kendrick drove home at half his usual speed, Georgia’s face kept going through his head. This was the first time someone of her kind had awakened such deep feelings within him.


Georgia was the most perfect women he had ever seen and it wasn’t just about her looks.


Every aspect about her amused him. And sex with her was the most fulfilling sex of his life. She had taken him to a place filled with pleasure he had never known existed.

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Another thing he couldn’t get over was how she had given him access to her body. It was still a mystery how his body connected to hers completely as if they always belonged together.


By the time Kendrick got home, he was mind was running wild with thoughts.


He pulled up in his usual spot and parked his car before jumping out of the car.


At the door, Kendrick was met by his cousin Sadie.


‘’Hey!’’ Kendrick said to her.


Sadie did not respond instead she moved closer to Kendrick and breathed deeply before letting it out slowly.


‘’You smell like—,’’



‘’Sweat,’’ Kendrick finished the sentence. He wasn’t in the mood for her interrogation.


‘’Kendrick,’’ she rolled her eyes.




‘’What have you done?’’


‘’That’s none of your business.’’


‘’You smell like those bloody human beings,’’ she accused.


Kendrick sighed before he pushed her aside and walked past her to his room.


‘Kendrick! ’She called after him.


‘’Her scent is all over your body, what have you done,’’ she asked when she walked into his room.


‘’Sadie please leave me alone.’’


‘’You can have any female in the pack anytime you want you can me if you need to scratch an itch why did it have to be a human?’’ Sadie questioned


Kendrick clenched his teeth and took a deep breath, he gave Sadie a scary look, Sadie knew better than to pursue the matter further.


’This is not over,’’ she yelled before she walked out of his room slamming the door behind her.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen



‘’’Georgia,’’ he whispered.


He had known her for a few hours but he wished he could spend more time with her.


He paced back and forth for a few minutes before he decided to go for a run.


He needed to release the tension in his body. Kendrick shifted- his bones cracked, breaking as he transformed, tearing the clothes he wore to shreds. Fur bloomed over his flesh and his jaw elongated to feet sharp teeth.


And then he ran into the forest at the speed of light. He ran over the side of the hill, deep into the forest.


Then he climbed on top of the hill and let out a loud howl.


As the night dragged on, Georgia tossed and turned, unable to sleep as she lay there in the dark staring at the ceiling, her heart and mind where in two different places.


She had to sleep or she was going to lose her mind.


Georgia had no idea what time she slept but when opened her eyes it was already morning and the sunlight was already streaming through her window. Pushing over the covers, she leapt from her bed and headed for the bathroom.



In the bathroom, she splashed some water on her face and brushed her teeth before she went to the kitchen. She prepared fixed herself a cup of coffee for breakfast. As she sat in the living room, eating her breakfast and trying to keep her mind focused on the television, a knock sounded at the door. She stood up and went to answer it.


‘’Babe!’’ Liam smiled. He had a banquet of flowers in one hand and a plastic in the other.


‘Hey babe,’’ she managed a weak smile, Liam was the last person she had expected to see at her doorstep.


‘’I missed you so much, I had a long night at work,’’ he said. She intently looked at him and pang of guilt hit her chest. ‘’Are you okay?’’


‘’Yes,’’ she lied.


‘’Won’t you let me in?’’ he asked. ‘’Sure,’’ she stood to the side, ‘’Come in.’’


Liam walked into the house wondering what was wrong with his girlfriend, she seemed a little distant and cold, there was something about her but he couldn’t quite put a finger on it.


‘’I got you some flowers and I got some breakfast,’’ he said.


Georgia forced herself to smile as she got the flowers from Liam, she was a bit nervous.


She felt like he could see through her.


‘’Thank you,’’ she said


She put the flowers in a vase in the kitchen and added some water to it before joining Liam.


Georgia sat on the sofa across from his and for a minute or two none of them said anything.


‘’Amber is still sleeping?’’ Liam asked breaking the silence.


‘’No,’’ she replied. ‘’She slept at Jake’s house.’’


‘’I see.’’


‘’How was work?’’


‘’’Work was fine,’’ he responded.


Liam worked as a medical doctor at his father’s hospital.


‘’You want some coffee?’’ she asked


‘’No, I had some before I came here.’’





She finished eating her breakfast and took the plates to the kitchen she would eat the food that Liam had bought for her at lunch time.


‘’And how was the party last night?’’


‘’It was great, we had fun,’’ she responded shifting uncomfortably in her seat.


‘’Do you have any plans for today?’’ he asked.


‘’No! I just want to relax.’’




He moved from where he was sitting and went to seat next to her.


‘’Are you sure you are okay?’’


‘’Yes babe,’’ she responded.


‘’I really missed you,’’ he pulled her close to him.


‘’And I missed you too.’’


‘’My sister got engaged last night,’’ he said.


‘’That’s amazing.’’


‘’I know right, she has been waiting for that man to propose like forever, she is really excited.’’


‘’I can imagine her excitement.’’


Liam was telling Georgia about his sister’s engagement dinner which was scheduled for the coming weekend, but Georgia was completely distracted by thoughts of Kendrick.


‘’Hey are you even listening to me?’’ he lightly tapped her shoulder.


‘’What?” she asked snapping back to reality.


‘’Are you sure you are okay?’’


‘’I am fine, I am sorry my mind was somewhere else.”” ‘’Maybe I should leave,’’ he stood up. ‘’Babe,’’ she stood up too.


‘’I will give you some space.’’


She was about to respond when the door flew open and Amber walked in.


‘’Hey guys,’’ Amber said


‘’Hey!’’ they responded in unison.


‘’I guess I will see you some other time,’’ Liam said and with that he was gone.



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