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Daring Faith – Episode 8

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For Diane, thank you for making me laugh a little harder than I usually do. ~~~~


Kendrick finished getting dressed then he grabbed his phone.


There were two missed calls from Georgia.


His heart raced as he dialed her number but it took him straight to voicemail. He tried again but got the same response.


Then he put his phone back on the table, he was angry that he had missed her call.


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He hoped she would call him back before the end of the night.


After that, Kendrick left his room and joined his family in the main hall for the meeting that Sadie had told him about.


He found an empty seat and sat down, the family was discussing the full moon ritual which would take place a week’s from now.


Kendrick paid no attention as the matter was being discussed, his body might have been in that room but his mind was elsewhere.


He wondered what Georgia was doing at this time and who she was. Was she thinking about him as much as he was thinking about her?


Kendrick would do anything to be with her at this minute, to hold her in his arms and cuddle her to sleep, to inhale her magnificent scent.


‘’Kendrick?’’ his auntie tapped him on his shoulder.


He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her, ‘’what?’’


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‘’Are you with us?’’




‘’The meeting is over, we shall continue on Friday,’’ she said.


‘’Thank you,’’ he stood up.


He was about to walk out when his auntie called his name.




‘’I don’t know what’s been bothering you of late but I hope you get your shit


together,’’ she said.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen



‘’I am okay.’’


‘’And I hope you remember what happened to Carol before you mess us up again,’’ she said.


Kendrick looked at Sadie angrily before he stormed out of the room. Sadie was trying to awaken the beast in him. She was lucky he was his cousin or else he would have already put an end to her insanity.


And speaking of Carol, he had no idea why everyone kept bringing her up, Carol had been a woman his brother had fallen in love with her a few years ago, he had hidden his identity from her but after she found out who he really was, she laid a trap for him and killed him.


His brother’s death had raged war between his family and the humans. And though he knew his family could disown him for pursuing Georgia, this was a risk he was willing to take.


His plan was to reveal himself to her as soon as he could and if she refused to accept him then he would have no option but to turn her.


Georgia tried her best to act as normal as possible that night, she didn’t have any outbursts.


She and Liam had a huge dinner with desert and red wine. And after that they had a long hot shower together then they wrapped themselves in thick blankets and watched a movie before they fell asleep.


By the time Georgia awoke the next day, Liam was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.


She jumped out of bed and walked into the kitchen.


Then she stood by the doorway and stared at Liam who was busy cooking while humming to the song that was playing on the radio. A bright smile plastered on her lips, Liam was such a good catch.


She must have done something good in her previous life for nature to give her a man like Liam and she would be damned if she let him go.


Sensing her presence, Liam turned and they locked eyes then he walked towards her and pinned her to the wall and kissed her hard.


‘’Morning sunshine,’’ he said breaking away from the kiss.



She smiled, ‘’what a great way to wake up, I could get used to this.’’ ‘’This will soon be your waking up routine,’’ he smiled back at her.


Liam was planning to ask for Georgia’s hand in marriage on her birthday which was five months away.


‘’I love you,’’ she said.


‘’I love you more.’’


He kissed her again, this time slowly and thoroughly.


They kissed for several minutes, lost in each other.


After a while, Georgia pulled away.


‘’As much as I am enjoying this, I need to bath so I can head for work,’’ she said.


‘’Do you have to go?’’ Liam asked lowering his mouth to hers again.


They kissed for a minute before she pulled away again.


‘’Yes babe but we can finish this after work,’’ she smiled.


‘’Fine,’’ he chuckled.


‘’Later babe,’’ she said.


He tapped her butt as she walked away.


‘’Babe,’’ she laughed.


‘’I can’t control myself,’’ he winked.


She shook her and head and headed for the bathroom.


She took a quick cold shower and walked out of the bathroom several minutes later wrapped in a clean white towel.


As she was drying herself, she a tap on the shoulder, dropping her towel and turning around, there was no one but she was sure someone had touched her. Suddenly she heard that loud ear piercing sound again, she gasped and she felt a chill run down her spine.


‘’Babe! Are you okay?’’ Liam asked, she jumped at the sound of his voice, she had not heard him walk into the room.


‘’Yes,’’ she lied.


She finished drying herself and walked towards the closet and pulled out some clothes. She kept most of her clothes at Liam’s house.


After she got dressed, she walked to the living room and had her breakfast.


‘’Thanks for the food babe,’’ she said when she was done.


‘’You are welcome, I also packed something for your lunch,’’ he handed her a small lunch box.


‘’You are such a darling,’’ she responded.


‘’And here is money for your fuel,’’ he said.


‘’What did I do to get this lucky?’’


‘’It’s the other way round,’’ he said pulling her close to him.


Then he quickly kissed her before he walked her out to her car.


‘’Take good care of yourself,’’ he said after he opened the car door for her. She slid into the seat and started the car.


‘’Call me when you need me.’’


‘’I will,’’ she said before driving off.


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