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Daring Faith – Episode 7

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‘’For Bwembya, I hope you find moments that make you smile tonight.’’




She snapped her eyes open and let out a loud scream.


‘’Babe,’’ he held her close to him.


She screamed some more startling him, his heart raced and he wondered what sort of nightmare she had that might had terrified her like this.


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‘’Babe,’’ he soothed her.


Finally she stopped screaming and composed herself.


Then she looked around her and realized she was in Liam’s room.


‘’It was just a dream,’’ Liam said.


How was it just a dream when it felt so real?


And that wolf that almost attacked her looked exactly like the one she had seen on Kendrick’s chest.


‘’It was just a dream,’’ he said again.


‘’It felt so real,’’ she responded holding on to him as if her life depended on it. Georgia was terrified she didn’t understand the strange things that were happening to her -first it was that loud ear piercing sound in her ear and now this terrible dream.


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Who was Kendrick and what was he? What had she put herself into by sleeping with this strange man?


Speaking of Kendrick, her heart raced at the thought of him, she knew she had promised to stay away from him but right now, all she wanted was to be by his side.


There was this yearning within her and a desire so deep that only he could fulfill.


She wanted to be in his hands so he could hold her forever.


She wanted him to bury her nose in his neck and inhale his scent.


Georgia didn’t know what had gotten into her but she needed Kendrick at this moment or she would run mad.


‘’Babe!’’ Liam clicked his fingers in her face startling her.


‘’Huh?’’ she responded when she snapped back to reality.


‘’Are you okay or do you want me to take you to the hospital?’’ he asked.


‘’I am okay,’’ she forced a smile.


‘’Are you sure?’’




‘’Let me get you some tea,’’ he said before he walked out of her room.



Georgia grabbed her phone and dialed Kendrick’s number, maybe hearing his voice would make her feel better. Her call went unanswered she dialed his line again but got no response.


Frustrated, she threw her phone on the couch and lay back on the bed.


Liam walked into the room a minute later and handed her a cup of strong black tea. ‘’This should make you feel better,’’ he said. (More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App) https://generalloaded.com


‘’Thank you,’’ she responded before she took a sip.


She silently drunk her tea as Liam watched her he wondered if now was the perfect time to ask about the bruises on her neck and shoulder.


‘What?’’ she asked, she could feel his gaze burning into her.


‘’ I am worried about you.’’


‘’I am gonna be fine, I have just been stressed.’’ ‘’About?’’


‘’Don’t worry about it, I will be okay.’’


‘’Why does it feel like you are pushing me away?’’ Liam asked ‘’What do you mean?’’


‘’It feels like there is a wall between us and its quiet frustrating.’’ ‘’Babe!’’ she exclaimed.


‘’I love you a lot and I hope you know you can trust me about anything,’’ he said before he walked out of the room.


Georgia felt bad for Liam, he was a great guy and he didn’t deserve to be cheated on. But what was a girl to do? The heart wants what it wants.


She finished drinking her tea and joined him in the kitchen, he was standing next to the stove obviously making them someone to eat Liam always cooked for her whenever she visited.


She walked closer to him, put the cup on the sink and wrapped her hands around him.


‘’I am sorry babe,’’ she whispered.


He turned around and looked at her, ‘what is going on?’’


‘’Just give me some time and I will tell you about it,’’ she whispered.


‘’You are sure?’’




‘’I love you,’’ he held her so close to him.


‘’I love you too,’’ she responded.



First she needed to figure out what Kendrick had done to her and then she would come clean about what she had done to Liam, hopefully he would find it in her heart to forgive her.


Kendrick got out of bed and stared at Sadie, she was sleeping peacefully, his wolf had been agitated when they had returned from the river and he needed some sort of release.


Sadie offered herself to him like he usually did and they had sex.


Kendrick had a lot of girls crawling at his feet always willing to please him but none of them mattered like Georgia did. The sex he had with them was usually fast and rushed, it was by no means human but animalistic fast sex with lots of biting and digging into the skin.


He walked into the bathroom and bathed, when he walked out, Sadie was awake.


‘’Hey!’’ she smiled.


‘’It was just sex,’’ he responded.


She rolled her eyes, ‘’you always have a way of ruining my mood.’’ ‘’You know it’s always about sex why do you catch feelings?’’


She got out of bed, ‘’and you think that bloody human will accept to be with you


when she realizes you are an animal?’’


‘’I am sure she will.’’


Sadie laughed, ‘’Remember what happened to Carol?’’ she asked


He gave her a fierce look but she didn’t stop talking, in fact Sadie was the only one who wasn’t afraid of Kendrick and she always challenged him. ‘’Don’t bring Carol into this.’’


‘’I hope History does not repeat itself.’’


‘’Leave my room.’’


‘’That girl will never be yours, she loves Liam and they will eventually get married.’’


‘’Liam?’’ he gave her a questioning look.


‘’I am always a step ahead.’’


‘’Don’t you dare do anything to her you fool.’’


‘’I will do anything to protect what is mine,’’ she threatened her tone was cold and tone.


‘’ I am not yours,’’ he shot back.


‘’The sooner you accept who you are the better for all of us.’’ ‘’Leave.’’


‘’I am leaving only because I need to get ready for the meeting.’’


‘’What meeting?’’


‘’You better get your act together and put your priorities straight,’’ with that she walked out of the room.

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