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Daring Faith – Episode 1

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Daring Faith – Episode 1

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Georgia stepped out of the bathroom and went to her room.


She dropped her towel and started getting dressed.


Dressing into a pair of demin shorts that exposed her flawless legs and a tank top with skinny straps, she combed her hair, grabbed a ribbon and pulled it into a loose ponytail.


After that, Georgia sat down and applied makeup on her face.


She was sitting at her dressing table when Amber walked into the room


As usual Amber looked beautiful she was clad in a long floral dress with a long slit going down the side of her dress showing off her leg. And her long hair was flowing down her shoulders.


‘’Girl you look hot,’’ Georgia said. ‘’You will be the hottest one at the party aside from me of course.’’


‘’Thank you my darling, you look absolutely stunning too.’’

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Georgia finished doing her makeup and stood up.


‘’Ready?’’ Amber asked


‘’Yep,’’ Georgia responded.


They took some selfiies before they walked out of the house to the garage. ‘’My car or yours?’’ Amber asked


‘’I don’t feel like driving,’’ Georgia responded.


‘’My car it is then,’’ she replied



They got into the car and Amber started the engine before driving out into the main road.


Georgia and Amber are first cousins and they are also best of friends, they are both running an events management company. Tonight Amber’s boyfriend has invited them for his friend’s birthday bash.

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Within a few minutes, they arrived at their destination, pulling up into the empty slot at the car park they both exited the car and walked towards the entrance.


At the door, the two were welcomed warmly by the waitress who offered them each a glass of wine.


When they walked in, the party had already started some people were holding their drinks up and dancing sweatily to the song that was playing in the background. ‘’Girl! Have as much fun as possible, let me look for my man,’’ Amber said. ‘’Don’t do what I wouldn’t do,’’ Georgia responded.


Amber rolled her eyes,’’ Oh please,’’ she said before she disappeared in the crowd. Georgia took a large sip from her wine glass before her eyes roamed around the room studying the faces of everyone. And then suddenly, she locked eyes with a guy at the end of the room.


The man was very tall and broad shouldered and he looked like he was in his mid-thirties.


And he was probably the most good looking-man she’d ever set her eyes on.


Not even Georgia’s boyfriend Liam could be compared to this walking piece of art. The stranger’s eyes bore into hers and for a moment, time stood still while the rest of the world fell to the side and she felt the butterflies in her stomach dance causing her body to shake a little.


Then Georgia swallowed hard and quickly pulled her eyes away.




Kendrick gulped down his beer as he continued to stare at her.


Her skin was flawless, she was slender but her body was curved in all the right places.


He was not usually attracted to her kind, he knew he had to stay away but he couldn’t.


There was something different about her but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. As he continued to look at her, he felt a pulling more like a gravitational force drawing him towards her.


Finally, he decided to violate his family’s most important rule and walked towards her.


He stopped in front of her and stared intently almost as if he could see through her.


Her heart raced and her throat went dry, she was incapable of movement. Then he leaned in and crushed his lips against hers, she was shocked she didn’t kiss back right away.


A minute later, she kissed him back, he ran his tongue across her lip and she actually opened her mouth.


They kissed for a minute or two before she came back to her senses and pushed him back.


Georgia didn’t know what had come over her, she had a boyfriend and she loved him a lot.


This stranger had no right to come on to her like that.


She felt a tone of emotions wrap around her before she turned and quickly walked out of the room.


She paced restlessly back and forth in the cold, trying to clear her mind.


She was disappointed in herself, this is not how she had been raised, she should have pushed him off her but she kissed him back and the bad thing was she had enjoyed the kiss.


‘’Hey,’’ he said startling her out of her thoughts.


His voice was a deep sexy drawl with a hint of an accent and it sent a cold chill down her spin.


She cleared her throat and looked up at him before asking, ‘what do you want?’’ ‘’I am sorry for kissing you, I couldn’t stop myself.’’ ‘’Do you go around kissing women?’’ she angrily asked.


‘’Only beautiful ones like yourself,’’ he responded


She rolled her eyes at him, ‘’What if I am a married woman?’’


‘’Are you?’’




‘’That settles the matter,’’ he smiled.


She wanted to be mad at him but for some odd reason she couldn’t, she was amused by his character.


‘’I am Kendrick,’’ he said.


‘’Georgia,’’ she responded.


‘’Such a beautiful name for a beautiful queen like you,’’ he smiled pulling her hand into hers.


She blushed, ‘’Are you here by yourself?’’ ‘’Yes. You?’’



‘’I am here with my cousin but she is busy with her boyfriend.’’ ‘’Okay.’’


‘’How about we take a walk or a drive?’’ he asked ‘’I don’t even know you.’’


He laughed, ‘’I thought we are passed that stage.’’ ‘’You could be a serial killer for all I know.’’ ‘’I am harmless.’’


‘’If I decide to go with you, will you behave yourself?’’ she asked.


‘’Am I misbehaving?’’


‘’You just kissed me in there, I don’t know what next you will do to me if I go with you.’’


His lips twitched, ’I promise I will behave myself.’’ ‘’I will hold you to your word,’’ she responded They walked to his car hand in hand.



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