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Johnson's Dickson – Episode 6

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Episode 6
I was determined to suck and ride it and
even though I already knew it was
going to be one of the most
difficult tasks in the world, I was
more than pleased to execute it. In
fact, I started frequenting his
bathroom window each time I
knew he was in there. Just to see
his d–k again and again and how I
poured c-m from my p—y for
mere ogling him. I wasn’t going to
let him go. I still believed in my
body. Even though I had just
turned 32, I still had an amazing
figure. My a-s was still very round
and my curvy hips made it even
more obvious! I was going to use
this body to get the handsome
man! I felt bad for Chike but I just
couldn’t help it. Even if Chike were
around, it wouldn’t have changed
a thing. So one can imagine the
feeling now he isn’t. I was going to
f–k Mr. Johnson and that was just
My plan? Simple. My plan was to
seduce him into accepting me.
While I know it may sound wicked,
I just needed to take advantage of
his softness. He has always
appeared calm and soft-spoken to
me and shouldn’t easily cry
danger if I began to eat into his
manly-urges. I never cared if his
wife always satisfied him or not. I
never did. I was more concerned
about how my body would
definitely appeal to him more. My
large boobs with puffy areolas. My
wide hips and my always
deafening a-s! They were the
weapons and I was going to strike
with them. So without wasting any
further time, I set out a period to
pick up new but old cloths I will
begin wearing around the main
house in those odd hours when he
was usually left at home alone. I
amended some while reducing
some to show more body parts. In
less than two days I was set to
give my body to Mr. Johnson and if
not for Chike’s return the following
day which was a Friday, I had
already wanted to get going that
very day. Chike was still my
sweetheart and the air that I was
breathing but even as we f—-d
that night, all I imagined was Mr.
Johnson’s fat big d–k buried
inside of me.I wish you had seen
the magnitude of o—-m that
rocked me that night. Chike
himself was completely stunned!
Daniela the snobbish arrogant lady was now
next to being on her knees, just to be f—-d!
It is still something I never thought was
possible some years ago. Back then, despite
my obvious extreme libido, I was always very
happy to see guys beg to even have a chat
with me. I would ‘post and post’ them
endlessly but yet refuse to grant them an ear!
The ones who ever did f–k me, were the ones
I chose to give my body to – maybe because
of their size or how good they were with their
tool. While they were really many, they didn’t
even make up a one-third of the number that
couldn’t get a chance with me! I was that hot
and I am still hot!
If you are just getting to read my story then,
you should start from part 1. I am Daniela
Chucks and I’ve been telling a tale on my
mingling with the Johnsons. They offered me
a job of a Housekeeper in their residence and
even provided my family an apartment within
the same compound. While you might be
disappointed at the role, just try
understanding that it was only back then.
Some 5 years ago. I am no more a
housekeeper and I cannot be one anymore. On
the general, Mr. Johnson who was a very
handsome but devout Christian and a deacon
was nice to us and soon we forgot we were
once strangers to each other. However, an
(un)fortunate incident happened, and I got to
see his d–k. A probable 9inch mallet which I
never stopped pouring c–t juice for! I still
went ahead to voyeur on him a lot more
times after that, but soon decided that it
wasn’t enough and that the solution was
simply to get to f–k him, come what may! It
was just too bad he had a wife who also
stayed in the same house with him, but that
wasn’t going to stop me! I had already
concluded my plans, and was now set to
On the morning of Chike’s return to Lagos, we
both walked the kids to school before
returning back to pack up his bags. A part of
me felt sad that he was leaving but I still felt
what seemed a greater part, jumping in
gleeful happiness! Chike was still my
heartthrob but it was just unfortunate that he
couldn’t offer me anything close to what Mr.
Johnson could potentially do! Mr. Johnson’s
d–k was just putting my world on a halt! I
needed to have a taste of him, 50 year old or
not! I was desperate for sure! So when we
were done packing and set, I put on one of
my casual tops and a denim pant and walked
him to the garage which wasn’t very far from
our place. All the time we walked, I did the
usual things. I held his hands, hugged him
countless times and gave him a peck here
and there. I was going to miss Chika after all.

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