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Se.x Partners – Episode 18

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Chapter Eighteen



James pov


“Why are you leaving?”


“I have to, it is personal”


“Can you not leave, I get the fact that I rejected you, I wronged you, but if leaving is one of the way you want to make me suffer then please just stop. I have suffered enough” I pleaded.


“Am sorry but I have to leave, if I don’t then I…. I just have to leave this is not


about you but me. Am sorry”

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“Oh,” I said trying to hold my tears back like a real man.


She seems to have made up her mind, there is no going back.


“I get it, it is ok”


“Guess this is the last time, we’ll see each other?” I asked.


“Am going to resign tomorrow, we’ll see if you come to work tomorrow” she said as tear rolled down her face, tears also threatened to fall but I held in.


“Ok Jas, I will say my goodbyes tomorrow then” I said.


“Sure” she said.


“Ok, I’ll get going you don’t have to see me out” I said and walked to the door, opened it and left her house.

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She is leaving, I get they were right.


I made a wrong decision and am regretting it, I let her go, I pushed her away myself now am regretting it and it all hurts.


I was so addicted to her and I didn’t see how it affects me.


How badly I want her, not only because of her body but because my heart beats for her, I guess that is why it hurts.



Everything hurts, I pushed her and now she is leaving, I can’t do anything to stop her.


I was such a fool not to see how much pain it will bring me, I hurt her without


noticing I was hurting myself now am not only addicted to her but my heart…….

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She is not my sex partner, my heart beats for her also.



Jasmine pov


I collapsed on my chair as he left, can I do this?


Can I leave him?


“Can I handle the pain, it hurts a lot” I said rubbing my chest.


It all hurts, but I have to. I have to leave, there are people trying to kill me if I stay I might put him in danger and that I can’t handle.


Leaving is l probably the only right thing to do, yes I have to leave and not come back.


I stood up and went to my room, packed my stuffs and looked at my passport, after reading through my resignation letter I packed up my stuffs.


Am going to leave, once and for all.


Leaving is the best for us all, am going to leave and never come.


I will forget everything as soon as I leave, I will forget about you and everything once and for all.


Am sorry James.



The next day


I got to work and head to my boss office with my resignation letter.



I knocked on his door and entered when he instructed.


“Jasmine, what are you doing here?” He asked in an unpleasant way.


“Here, this is my resignation letter. Am quitting”


“Why?” He asked.


“I think you know the reason”


“I see, it is ok” he said.


“I will getting going” I said and left his office.


I went to mine and packed my stuff, i went out and saw Vivian’s spot empty.


I wonder how she is doing, I thought she was my friend but I never knew she was my enemy.


I waited for a minute in front of James office, hoping to see him but I noticed people’s presence.


I guess it is best to leave, it is only for the best anyway.


I head out the company, I didn’t bring my car, I walked slowly out of the company hoping to see James but I couldn’t till I got to the street, I was waiting to cross the street when I suddenly head my name.


I turned back, delighted. I get to see him before I leave.


“I thought I missed you” he said.


“Same here” I said and stayed silent.


“Guess this is it, it was nice meeting you Jas” he said and offered a handshake which I took.



“Same here” I said as tears threatened to fall “I guess this is the end of us” “Yes” I said.



“Take care if yourself, don’t get hurt, live a happy life, be happy and Smile everytime” he said.


“I will” I said and sniffed trying to hold my tears.


We looked at each other as people passed, still shaking hands.


“I have to go now” I said and he let go of me


“I understand” he said.


“Goodbye now for real” he said.


“Goodbye” I said and turned to cross the road and be apart from James.


The traffic light turned to red which means I can pass.


I walked slowly, trying not to cry.


I don’t know if I can do, it is hard.


“Jas” I heard James voice and I turned to his direction.


I saw a big truck heading to my place and saw James running to me.


I couldn’t move as my leg stayed still, due to the shock.


Is this the end of everything, I thought as I felt a force pushed me away but still heard a crash.


“Ah” I stood up from where I floor.


My arms were bleeding but not much.


What happened?


There was an accident, I guess the crash sound I heard were the cars.


“Where is James?” I thought and saw people gathered at a spot.


I move closer to them and was shocked at what I saw. “No” I said and moved through the crowd in horror. “James”


I pull him on me.


“James?!” I said terrified. he was bleeding from his head.


“James” I said as tears rolled down my face.


He opened his eyes.


His hands went to my cheeks.


“James, are you alright?” I asked but he couldn’t talk as he tried to.


“I…lo….” His hands fell from my cheeks and his eyes were shut.


“No, James pls don’t do this to me”


“James pls, don’t”


“Someone call an ambulance”


“Someone please help us”









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I hate him, but my body wants him Pain and love

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Genre: Romance, betrayal.


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