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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 16

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He pulled up just in front of the old abandoned building, if the directions were right then this is the place where he was supposed to be. Oswald had worked hard enough to get to where he was, he knew that his father was supposed to be President when his best friend the current President had joined a different party and later been elected. Oswald’s father was devastated, he had worked so hard for his party. Sacrificing not only his time but money and energies as well.


He felt his bile rising at the thought of his aging father who had refused to be seen in public again after that betrayal.


He waited a while before a car came from the middle of the old building. He waited for the driver to come out.


The light tap on his tinted window made him open it.


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‘I thought you would never come.’ The man said


Oswald almost laughed but he chose to be above this man, so he just smiled. A fake smile


‘Why did you ask me to come here?’


‘Can we at least talk from my car?’


‘No you come into my car.’ Oswald responded


The man went to the other side of the vehicle and got in once the door was unlocked.


‘I don’t have time for games, tell me why you asked me to meet you in the middle of nowhere.’ Oswald demanded


‘I want to help you.’ The man began


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Oswald had read all he had to on the man, he knew damn well the things he did to get to where he was. He was not a dangerous man but with the resources he had he could sure make an impact in society.


‘You want to help me?’ he asked intelligently


‘You and I are so much alike.’ The man said now looking Oswald in the eye Oswald raised a questioning eye brow


‘How so?’


‘I know you want power, I know you want to be in the limelight. Just like me you don’t want to be in the shadow of your boss, I know a way to make you be the man that everyone will recognize.’


Oswald laughed


‘I don’t make deals with people who haven’t used their theories into practice, why


would you want to help me when you are still in the shadow of someone?’ he


asked starting the ignition


The man kept quiet.


‘Now get out of my car and never call me again.’ Oswald warned


He got out of the car, Oswald immediately drove off without looking back but stopped half way.


‘I know about your father.’


The text on his phone read and he looked back at the man




She served me the hot chocolate and I got it graciously, we were just talking about random things when Smith walked in. He didn’t look pleased to see me but didn’t show it to his wife.


‘Hey baby.’ He greeted kissing her lightly on the lips ‘Super man.’ She responded with a smile


‘You have a visitor, I will leave you two alone.’ She said then I watched her disappear


‘What are you doing here?’ he asked without even shielding his anger ‘I had to see you.’



‘Jason you are welcome in my office but never in my home and I won’t take this lightly.’ He said


I knew he knew something so I stood up putting the cup down.


‘Are you working with Azure?’


He didn’t flinch, the same composure that she had is what he was showing me as well. I guess she learnt from the best.


‘Whatever she told you is enough, you work for the President and let me warn you that; that man has the power to make you disappear. So if you know what is good for you, you will not dig what is buried.’


I almost laughed, he sounded just like her except in a male version.


‘Now you listen to me Smith, I have worked really hard to get to the position that I am. I won’t sit and watch as all of you make me a puppet in your little games, I will find out what is happening here and I won’t hesitate to bring you to book.’ I said


‘Do whatever you can.’ He told me


Inside I was burning up but I wasn’t going to let him see it so I just walked away. ‘And Jason.’ He called when I was half way to my car


I turned to face him


‘Stay away from Azure, she is addictive and a lovable person. I haven’t stayed married this long to my wife without putting in work.’ He warned


I clicked my tongue and got into the vehicle. I needed answers but the more I was trying to find them, the more I was getting confused so I decided to let it slide.


I drove straight home and it was just after fifteen when I got there, the boys were in the pool and Melisa was watching them from the shade. She smiled when I got out of the vehicle


‘Hey beautiful.’ I said kissing her lips


‘Hey baby.’ She responded


‘You smell like sweat.’ She said putting her hands on my chest ‘I do?’ I asked winking at her


‘You never grow up.’ She said laughing as I went into the house


I went straight to the shower, took a quick bath then later joined her. I had brought with me wine glasses.


‘Thank you.’ She said getting it from me


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We engaged into conversation and she kept telling me about how her day was and how guilty she felt about not telling about Kafue hence staying back.


‘You know I don’t like it when we fight.’ She said holding my hand



‘Babe we didn’t fight, we disagreed on something.’ I corrected ‘I know, but I just think that I should have told you about it.’




‘Babe.’ I began ‘Yes hubby.’


‘Have you ever thought of getting a job, or maybe doing something for yourself?’ I asked


She looked at me weirdly before laughing


‘Jason I have nothing against working, I mean; I am an accountant by profession. I have good papers, I had a job before you married me but being your wife and the mother to your children made me choose where I had to belong. I mean with your job, I couldn’t continue working. One of us had to stay home with the kids.’ ‘Yah.’ I responded


‘Don’t you want to know where all this is coming from?’ I asked


‘No, what I don’t know won’t kill me. And trust me, I am not ready to die today.’


She said kissing my forehead


I watched her walk away and disappear into the house.


She picked up her phone and called the only person she trusted.


‘I need you to keep me in the know of things.’ ‘Why?’ he asked


‘Oswald I think Jason might be cheating on me.’


He laughed


‘Come on, you can’t lose sleep over such assumptions. Jason adores you, he literally worships the ground that you walk on.’


‘Oswald don’t bullshit me, you know I have a dark past and I won’t hesitate to resurrect my dead bones should anyone try to break my marriage apart.’


He felt goosebumps on the other end of the line, he knew what she could do.


‘I will get you everything you need.’ He said and the line dropped dead.

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