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Unknown Rhythm – Episode 18

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( Chapter 18)


Authoress Dee


Danny’s Pov


I was in my office sorting out some files when I heard a slight knock on my door


Wondering who it was,


“Come in”


“Hi babe” Diana walked in, giving me a kiss in my cheek and making to sit on my Lap…


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“Hey stop, this is an office and this isn’t the right place” I said trying to push her off me but she just wouldn’t adhere


“What are you trying to do” I asked as she brought her mouth closer to mine


“What will you call this, she said as her lips landed on mine”




Diana’s Pov


I kissed him,


He struggled for a bit and finally gave in, gripping his face in my arm, I pulled him to me.


My lips were rough and unyielding.


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Wrapping my legs on his waist, he moaned loudly as he pressed his body against mine.


We broke the kiss and breath as my face went down to his waist releasing his Dick, My body stilled, my hot breath shaky and heavy


And just as I grabbed it and made it way to my mouth, he moaned


“Fuck…..” I smile seeing I have an effect on him


He arched and writted against me silently begging me to stop,


A visible shiver ran through him as my hand travelled upward making me to stand up, our lips met and he devoured it hungrily.


I smiled at my Success…. Just then the door flipped open,


Our lips parting ways and at the door is Mr Thompson, standing Bewildered.


Bad timing…..I thought.


“Sorry…..” He stammered off….


Catching a glimpse at Danny I could see regret visibly across his face, if only this man hasn’t come to ruin things, I would be one way pregnant and one way Mrs Thompson..


I adjust my gown pick my bag and walked out.


I saw Mr Thompson at the reception, probably waiting for me, “Hi Sir” I greeted like nothing happens


“Dia..” he said but broke it off dragging me to a corner


“What are you doing, this is an office for


Chrissake, I have been calling you but you’re not picking, look it’s high time we bring this out, no


matter what you do you can never replace Ella in Danny’s life, its high time those two know the


truth so they could be together and you are not helping matters by trying to seduce him bcoz the


Danny I know can never sleep with a woman he doesn’t love” he blurted out foolishly


I felt drawn to tears but resisted it.


Ella…Ella, on her way to hell I Guess,…


“Its fine Dad, I was just doing what you want I never knew you had a change of heart about it,


its fine let’s help bring them together ” I said remorseful and he smiled giving me a hug



If only he knows his dear Ella is nearer to death or even dead by now, I thought smiling to my self.


He broke the hug


“Ella was involved in an accident and thank God she survived it. Am going to London tomorrow


with Danny, to settle all this.


“What…oh my Ok….so yeah she’s fine right, thank goodness she’s safe…” I said


raising my face up


and closing my eyes like am praising God, I hugged him And walked out still in shock.


As I entered my car, I thought about what he said and burst into tears, Mom. Mom had forsaken me . I brought out my phone and saw Mum and Mr Thompson’s missed call. I dialled her number and she picked up immediately.


“Mum, she’s alive” I screamed into the reciever as I burst into tears


Yes Bby, the fool I sent couldn’t make it happen, but don’t worry she’s still under my nose”


“But Mom, Dad and Danny will be in London tomorrow and you know that will only ruin things”


“What” she screamed “Oh my, lemme call you back Bby” she said and hanged up.


I drove back home in tears.


Few minutes later…




The Sound of my cellphone welcome me as I stepped out of the bathroom “Hi mom”


Hey Dia, have got a plan” Ella’s Pov


“Wow, I exclaimed after listening to my just recorded music


“You are so Good Ella, now I know why your father really want to see you in the studio….moreso one of the best one in London”


“Thanks Arthur, am super excited. Please can you help me get a cab, or do you think the car would have been repaired?”


“Even if it is, I won’t let you take it home, let me call the repairer and then I’ll drop you off”


“Ahn Ahn, thanks Arthur”


He actually asked his car repairer to go take the car for repair.


Minutes later…..


“Thanks for the drive Arthur and for everything you are such a nice person”


“Thanks and please take care and I’ll pick you up at 1pm tomorrow”






“Bye…” I waved till he was out of sight.


Turning back I noticed a movement but no one’s here, “Hello” but no response, I brushed it off thinking it was an imagination.


Can’t wait for tomorrow so I could see my smiling prince
















Unknown Rythm

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