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Must Read: Lonely – Episode 16

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Episode 16




I experienced so much love and affection like I’ve never experienced before but one thing kept on bothering me; Chine and her mother.


I was in the school canteen with Kamsi one afternoon after lecture, munching our meaty meatpie with a can,when I felt I was being watched. Its being two weeks since I resumed school. I had spent three more weeks at home after I was discharged, perfecting myself and learning to walk and talk like I’m royalty (trust Kamsi ). Gospel had taken us shopping, buying me clothes I’m sure I wouldn’t finish wearing in six months, shoes (combination of heels, snickers, flats and boots), handbags, make up box (I didn’t even know they used to exist), deodorants and so many things. I was taken to a spa where goodness knows the magic they did with my skin and my entire looks. I became a princess in three weeks. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with all that but mummy (Mrs Kalu) and Kamsi always encouraged me. While I was being transformed to Amanda Kalu, Kamsi got admission through the supplementary form and we resumed school the next week. Did I say that Ted and Kamsi were now dating? Forgive me. Everyone approved of



their relationship and they were perfect for each other. He and Gospel took turns to take us out for lunch. Ted had applied for a transfer to one of their companies in the country(I think it was because of Kamsi). His transfer was not granted so he had started making plans to start his own company here. Life was so much fun and back to the present,I felt I was being watched.


Me: Kammy, look behind me please and see if you’ll notice anybody giving me an odd look.


Kamsi: Why?

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Me: I feel like I’m being watched.


Kamsi stylishly looked around before resuming her eating


Kamsi: I see no one. Besides, who wouldn’t stare at you,with all these your hotness.


She was right. I had started receiving more than enough glances and “hi” from girls who I’m sure were from rich homes. It was good to be rich and classy but in all that, I never let it get into my head. I still remembered who I was and I had promised myself that once I graduated from school,I’ll take back everything that belonged to me.





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