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Daring Faith – Episode 13

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It was a sad and solemn day, the mood was somber even the clouds were dark and there was a cold wind in the air.


Georgia was sitting in the front row with all of Liam’s family members and his casket was just in front of them.


It had been four days since Liam had been gruesomely murdered and Georgia had not yet come to terms with his death.



The past few days she had been praying and hoping that this was a bad dream that she would eventually wake up from.


But today looking at all these people and seeing the casket in front of her, the reality of his death was slowly kicking in.

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Liam had been everything and more to her, he had loved her with a kind of love that only existed in movies and he proved his love for her to the end. Georgia was filled with guilt for causing his death.


Liam didn’t deserve to die like that but Kendrick just had to cut his life short. Speaking of Kendrick, Georgia didn’t even want to have anything to do with him she loathed him with a passion. And even if it was the last thing she would do, she vowed to avenge Liam’s death.


When the casket was finally lowered into the ground, Amber squeezed Georgia tight, Georgia was crying softly but eventually her cries turned into screams and everyone looked her way.


When all was said and done, they left the graveyard for the funeral house where mourners paid their respects to the family.


And there she heard the whispers, the lies and the accusations.


Later in the evening, Amber drove her home and for the first time in days, she


managed to fall asleep.



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Days turned into weeks and weeks into months yet Liam’s death still haunted Georgia, the memories of the life they had shared together were still vivid in her mind. She saw him in her dreams and most times when she was alone, she felt like he was standing next to her.


And to make the matters worse everything around her seemed to remind her of Liam, she had tried as much as possible to keep herself from thinking about him but she couldn’t, it felt like his blood was crying out to her and she knew he would not be able to rest in peace until justice prevailed.


Over the past few months, Kendrick had tried to reach out to her but she had completely shut him out of her life.



Though she couldn’t deny that she still had feelings for him and the thought of him awakened desires in her, she knew if she saw him even just for a second she would lose control.


But she knew it was finally time for them to meet so she could settle some old scores. For months now, Georgia and Amber had been thinking of a way to get back at Kendrick and now that they had finally gathered enough information about werewolf’s maybe it was finally time to face him.


Meanwhile Kendrick was miserable without Georgia he had been restless and agitated for months, he had tried to get through to Georgia but she had shut him out completely, she had even threatened to call the police on him.


He missed the time he spent with her, he making love to her he missed her so much it hurt. He had tried to get over her but it was near impossible. He remembered how perfect she looked when she undressed and how her body melted to his touch.


Without Georgia, Kendrick was vulnerable and Sadie had used his vulnerability to her advantage. She had offered her body to him over and over again so he could release his tension because that was what best for him and in the end she had gotten exactly what she wanted.


Sadie was pregnant with Kendrick’s child, at first Kendrick had been upset with Sadie for trapping him but now he was excited about being a father. He wanted a little boy that looked just like him.


And to own up to his responsibility he had promised to marry Sadie as soon as their child was born, he didn’t love Sadie but it was the least he could do. Kendrick and Sadie were lying on the bed talking about random stuff when his phone rang. Sadie grabbed the phone and was about to pass it to him when she saw Georgia’s name flashing on the screen.


‘’Why is she calling you?’’ he asked still holding on his phone.


‘’Give me that,’’ he said


‘’Why is she calling you?’’ she angrily asked.


‘’Just give me the damn phone.’’ He said but before he could get the phone from her, the call cut.


‘’See what you have done,’’ he yelled.



‘’She shouldn’t be calling you, I thought we are past this stage.’’ ‘’What do you mean?’’


‘’You said she isn’t part of your life anymore.’’


He was about to respond when his phone rang again, seeing Georgia’s name flashing on his screen made his heart race.


‘’Leave!’’ he told Sadie


She looked at him and shook his head then she stood up and walked out of his room.


‘’Hello!’’ he said.


‘’Hey,’’ she responded.


Her voice was sweet and warm as usual and it sent shivers down his spine. He had not talked to her for months this felt like a dream.


‘’How are you?’’ she asked.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen



‘’I am fine, you?’’


‘’I am okay,’’ she responded.


And then after that they were both silent and all that could be heard was the sound of their breathing.


‘’You called?’’ he finally said, breaking the silence.


‘’Yes,’’ she responded.




‘’I miss you,’’ she said. ‘’It’s been so hard without you, I can’t stand it anymore.’’






‘’I missed you too so much,’’ he said.


‘’I need to see you.’’


‘’Are you sure?’’




‘’When and what time?’’


‘’Today and now.’’


‘’Okay, I will pick you up in the next thirty minutes.’’ ‘’Cool.’’


Kendrick was excited that she had contacted him perhaps there was hope after all, if only he knew what awaited him on the other side.


‘’It’s done,’’ Georgia said when she ended the call.


‘’Great,’’ Amber responded.


‘’I better get dressed before he gets here.’’ ‘’Do you think he will trust you?’’



‘’I know what to do to make him trust me.’’ ‘’Okay.’’


Georgia walked towards the closet and pulled out a black short dress that Amber got her a month ago for her birthday. Then she got dressed and Amber did her make-up and hair, at least she had to look good to do what they had planned.


Precisely an hour later, there was a knock at the door and Georgia knew who it was though she was a bit nervous, she hoped everything would work in their favor.


‘’Take care of yourself and please don’t let your emotions get in the way of our plan. Remember we are doing this for Liam.’’


‘’I won’t mess this up I promise,’’ she responded. ‘’Okay. I will do my part here, text me when it’s time.’’ ‘’I will.’’


With that she was out of the house.


When Georgia and Kendrick stared into each other’s eyes, the moment was magical it was as if they had just seen each other for the first time. ‘’Hey!’’ he said.


‘’Hey,’’ she responded her voice barely audible.


Just staring at him brought back some feelings she thought she had buried deep within her.


‘’You look beautiful,’’ he said.


‘’Thank you.’’


‘’I got you something,’’ he handed her a small box she opened it to reveal a diamond necklace.


‘’I can’t accept this,’’ she said.


‘’Please accept this, it’s just my way of thanking you for agreeing to see me.’’ ‘’Fine.’’


‘’Can I put this on you?’’




He moved her hair to the side, he slide the necklace around her neck and sealed it. She sucked in her breath trying not to be conscious of his fingers brushing against her skin.


‘’Beautiful,’’ he murmured after fixing her hair.


She smiled, ‘’Thank you,’’ she hadn’t smiled in months and he managed to make her smile.



He led her to his car and as usual he opened the door for her and when she was inside, he closed it and went round to his side. They were on the road a few minutes later.


The drive to the hotel was quiet, both Kendrick and Georgia had a lot on their minds. Kendrick couldn’t wait to her in her arms and Georgia couldn’t wait to get her revenge so she could be over and done with.


When they got to the hotel, they had lunch and talked about a few things and after that they headed to the room he had booked.


‘’We need to talk,’’ she said after kicking off her shoes.


‘’Can’t the talking wait?’’ he asked pulling her to him, inhaling her scent. He wanted to inhale everything about her so he could feel her always.


She slightly pulled back and looked at him, ‘’we need to talk.’’ ‘’I know we have a lot to talk about but I miss you,’’


He pulled her close to him again and kissed her passionately, it was so hard to control herself she kissed him back.


And as the kiss got heated, desire came fully alive within her and in that moment, she brushed thoughts of Liam aside.


To be continued…

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