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Sophie’s Quest – Episode 1

By Tess   .   Episode 1..   …… ZOE’S P.O.V ……   “Name: Sophie Andrews   Age: 16   Nationality: African-American   School: Mark-Bedders….” I paused and snorted in slight amusement and curiosity, turning the book I   held in my hand over to glance at the beautifully-designed pink and blue cover once more …

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Topster Stories

Sophie’s Quest – Episode 3

Episode 3   Silence reigned in the air before Dylan spoke   “Who’re you,man?”   “Tony Parker. Does that name ring a bell?”   Dylan sprang up   “That’s right. Brielle Parker is my sister. My favourite sibling, even” The guy continued, smiling coldly at Dylan before returning his gaze to the rest of the …

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