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Sophie’s Quest – Episode 4

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Episode 4




…… Emily


I took off my lab coat after Chemistry practicals and then headed for my locker. I folded the lab coat and dropped it in just as I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I already knew who it was even as I closed the locker and slipped my phone out of my pocket





‘Where you at?’



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I’ll be there soon

…I texted back. My phone buzzed again almost immediately with a new


incoming message




Where you at?.. It read again. I sighed and rolled my eyes. How did I get involved in this shit?


Still at school. I’m about to leave. I’ll get a sick leave “…I sent.



Another message popped in the next second


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.. Smartass bitch huh?


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… Damn you!!” I almost typed but deleted it and sent an “I guess” instead. I angrily stuffed my phone back into my pocket and leaned against my locker, sighing tiredly with a pounding heart. I gotta get myself out of this shit with Tony Parker. That guy’s way too dangerous. If he could send people to stab Austin to death,I wonder what he’ll do to us four. Well…them three..’cause I’m untangling myself out of this mess. That guy’s a shitty gangster. I closed my eyes and then opened them again before leaning away from my locker. I made to turn to walk away but bumped into someone.


“I’m sorry”



“Well you should look where you’re going!” I snapped, pushing the guy aside at the same time. I turned to give a brief look at his face angrily. Who else would it be if not Russell Conner?. The guy who’s always all over Mitchie even though I have a tiny crush on him. His blue eyes are perfect and his dark hair is gelled upwards today. His laughter has this amazing rhythm and when he does little things for Mitchie who he’s still trying to befriend,I get these needle pricks all over my heart. Why does Mitchie always get to have the good things at her disposal?. That was the same way I’d fought so hard to get Austin to spend more time with me but he always preferred chatting and laughing with Mitchie.


I huffed at Russell before storming out. I got a sick leave from Principal Newton after playing terribly sick and also got some tablets from the nurse at the school’s clinic, promising I’d take them once I got home. Another text came in from Tony when I got outside the school gate




I can see you now. Come towards the restaurant by your left




I looked towards my left but didn’t see any Tony. I began to walk towards the restaurant anyway and a yellow cab stopped in front of me. The passsengers’ window rolled down to reveal Tony sitting on the passengers seat. I mentally sighed. Perfect disguise just in case someone was watching from the school. They’d think I’d flagged down a cab. I got in, sitting beside Tony Parker and another guy with all the courage I could muster. I glanced at the other guy and he had the same tattoos and piercings as Tony. I gulped. Goosebumps appeared on my skin and I shut my eyes very briefly as the cab started moving. To say I was scared was a huge understatement.




“Want some?” The guy beside Tony unexpectedly asked. I turned to him and looked at the cup of red wine he stretched to me. The bottle was in his left hand




“No,Thanks” I said, almost inaudibly




“What?” He laughed, drawing his hand back “You think it’s poisoned?” He laughed again and then drained the wine from the cup.


I could feel Tony’s deadly eyes on me and I moved my gaze to the window. I don’t want to look at him.


The rest of the ride was quiet and after moving metres away from thr school,the cab stopped and the driver got out,leaving I,Tony and the other guy in the cab. Ok… now I’m terribly terrified. For a second,I began to regret ever tracing Tony after that store incident and giving him my contact just so I could sort myself out of this…But like I said,I gotta sort myself out of this




“You wanted to talk” I slightly jerked as Tony spoke. He heaved a chuckle at that and turned me around to face him. His palms felt rough and scaly as he turned me around




“Yeah” I replied, clearing my throat a bit before looking up to meet his eyes,then averting it almost immediately




“Let me guess” He spoke again, leaning back on his seat “You don’t want me coming after you for revenge on my sister,huh?”




“I don’t wanna die yet. It was all Jace’s idea”




“He said it was a general bet”




“No..At least it wasn’t a general dare in the first place”




He chuckled again and rubbed his chin


“I see” ..He turned to me with a little smile “You wanna know where Brielle’s at now?” I gulped as he continued “Reputation’s messed up and all…so I sent her off to England…alone. She’s starting a new life there…alone”..I didn’t know where this was getting to but his tone was hard “As far as I’m concerned,Emily..Your group’s involved in this..All of you. You just have to calm down and wait for Tony Parker”




“You’d wanted Sophie for revenge!’ I interjected,almost shaking after he dropped his last sentence.


He leaned out of his seat again slowly and smiled




“Still do. You gonna help me get her?” He asked, smiling and I resisted the urge to turn my face away as his scaly fingers rubbed my chin slowly. Sweat broke out from my skin. I’d wanted to get myself out of Tony’s trouble but why does it feel like I’m only getting deeper into this shit?. I could feel his breath on my cheek and the smell of pot and liquor filled my nostrils as he brought his face closer to my ear “Help me get her and you’ll be out of my bad books. Yeah?”




The urge to push him away from me was terribly strong now and the smell of pot and liquor that was filling my nostrils made things even worse




“Yeah?” He asked again




“Yeah. I’ll lead her to you” I finally replied and felt very thankful..more than I’ve ever done in my entire he leaned away chuckling




“Good girl”












By Tess



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