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Sophie’s Quest – Episode 11

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By Tess




Episode 11




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…… MITCHIE cont’d…..




I dropped the chair and made a run for it, pushing people out of the way as I ran. I noticed an open wooden door and ran in, banging the door close immediately. My hands searched for the latch and I found it,then pulled it left to latch the door. Just then, lots of fists began to bang the door from the



other side and I moved back, then turned and ran down the dark, narrow corridor with nothing as my source of light. I should have come with a torchlight or something!…


It wasn’t long before I got to the door at the other end and I pushed the door open, immediately putting my hand over my eyes to shield it from the sun’s rays. As soon as my eyes adjusted to the light,I walked out and latched the door before turning to survey my environment. It was an open field from where I could see the road. It wasn’t long before I noticed the single house on the field. If Sophie’s there, escape will be easy. The field stretches out to the road. I strode towards the house and slowly entered the open door. Immediately, the sound of whimpers reached my ears.


Sophie ….


The room was pretty dark and I regretted not coming with a torchlight for the second time. Hearing no unusual movements,I hurried to the door by my left where the whimpers were coming from. The room was bright and my eyes flew straight to the bed. Sure enough, there was Sophie Andrews… Hands tied to the bed and a tape over her mouth.


I slid out my phone as I entered and tapped on Paul’s number

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“You guys should get the cops” I said,then cut the call immediately before running to the bed.




Her whimpers increased as soon as she sighted me and she shook her head at me, kicking her legs around the bed




“Hey,Soph. Shhh. You gotta be quiet. I’m here to help” I whispered and placed my index finger over my lips, motioning her to keep quiet but she kept humming loudly and shaking her head violently with widened eyes




“Soph”.. I held her at a place and took out the dagger I’d brought with me “Shh” I whispered again and cut off the ropes holding her hands before removing the black tape on her mouth




“Run!!!!” She screamed as soon as the tape left her mouth and before I could process anything,rough,scaly hands grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back,making me land on the hardwood floor. The intruder hovered over me and smirked. God…Tony.


Behind him,I watched from the corner of my eyes as Sophie rolled off the bed and grabbed the small gun lying on the bedside drawer. Must be Tony’s gun.




“Move away from her. Now!!” She yelled and pointed the gun at him, breathing hard. No matter how tough she tried to look,I could still see the fear in her eyes.




Tony chuckled and ignored her, then grabbed me up from the floor like I weighed nothing




“I’m waiting for you to shoot,Sonie”




“It’s Sophie!!” She yelled again,still pointing at him.




He chuckled again and pulled me forward while I grunted,trying to hit him off. My back hit the wall as he pushed me against it and then grabbed my hands,raising them above my head with one hand and working something on the wall with the other hand. Soon,I felt the iron hand-cuffs attached to the wall land over my hands. Gosh..He’s got me hand-cuffed!




“Get your filthy hands off me!” I yelled as he tried to bring his rough hands to my face




“Feisty,huh?” He smiled, revealing his artificial golden tooth




“Shoot the damn gun,Sophie!!”




…… SOPHIE ……




My hands were shaking as I kept the gun pointed at Tony Parker. I’ve never touched a gun in my entire life and holding one now,it feels like I literally have a live snake in my hands and I very much want to drop the gun but I just have to hold on to it




“Shoot the damn gun, Sophie!” Mitchie yelled, turning her head to me. How’s that even done?. I gulped as Tony chuckled again and moved away from Mitchie,now coming towards me




“Step back” I ordered but ended up stepping back instead as he kept coming forward




“Chill,Soph. I’ll help you put a bullet” His hands grabbed mine and I yelped out of impulse. He took the gun, maintaining eye-contact with me as he brought out a bullet from his pocket and inserted it into the



gun “Here you go” He placed the gun back into my hands and patted my hands,then broke into laughter as he moved back and sat on the bed,taking off his boots




“Sophie’s a sweet, little soul, Mitchie. Don’t you get it?” He threw the boots aside and took out a stick of cigarette from the pack before taking out my new camera from my backpack which lay on the bed beside him “Look,Mitch” He raised the camera for Mitchie to see “Our dear Sophie even brought us a camera for the show. Yunno,for the whole taping stuff. How sweet of her” He laughed lightly, checking out the brand new camera “We just have to wait for Emily, though. She has to be part of the entire show”




I’d already figured out everything before now. Tony had personally told me. Jace was dead and Emily had tricked me




“You’re wrong,Tony. I’m not weakling” I mumbled to his hearing and pulled the trigger only for a metallic stuff to shoot out,hit him,then bounce off. It wasn’t a real bullet!. Tricked again!!.


I threw away the gun as Tony grabbed me, laughing




“I think you’ve had enough time out of ropes” He muttered and threw me back on the bed,grabbing the ropes nearby.




I tried to roll off the bed but he held me back




“Get off me!!” I kicked his jaw hard and he loosened his grip on me. I rolled off the bed and almost immediately someone began to bang on the door.


More of Tony’s guys..




“Check my pocket!” Mitchie yelled and I ran to her,dipping my hand into her trouser pocket. I pulled out a silver gun




“Use it!”




I shut my eyes tightly and pointed the gun at Tony as the banging on the door became louder and stronger. I flung my eyes open again just as Tony sprang up and began speeding towards me




“Sophie! Pull the damn trigger!” Mitchie screeched.




There was no sound made,but I felt the force push me back a bit as soon as I pulled the trigger. I didn’t know where exactly I’d shot him but Tony stopped in his tracks and fell to the floor,then placed his hands over the side of his stomach in pain. I dropped the gun hurriedly on the floor and stepped back.The door yanked open and immediately I sighted Paul barging into the room,I fell on my knees and let my sobs out




“Sophie!” Zoe screamed behind Paul as both ran to me. Paul got to me first and knelt on the floor too,pulling me into a hug. Zoe followed




“Are you alright?”




“Did you get hurt?” … Questions came from various angles but I kept sobbing in the arms of my best friends.




Officer Thomas and other cops walked in. Some walked up to Tony and hand-cuffed him while others freed Mitchie from the cuffs on the wall.


Getting outside,all of Tony’s guys were hand-cuffed and led to the police vans. I watched as Mitchie ran to a guy standing in front of a black car with Dylan who looked injured.




“Russell” She called,throwing her arms around him while he hugged her back. I couldn’t hear the rest of their words..but Mitchie was crying on Russell’s shoulder while he stroked her hair continuously.




“C’mon,Soph” Paul said softly,leading me to one of the cars. I turned to him and soon,I,Paul and Zoe were engaging in another round of hugs.




I’m glad..




We’re all safe…







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