Sophie's Quest: Episode 1 - 13 : TOPSTER STORIES

Sophie’s Quest – Prologue

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By Tess








I placed my hand on the brick wall and tried to catch my breath as soon as I succeeded in dragging my drunken self out of the party room filled with a good number of dancing bodies. There were still people hanging around outside,but at least,the air outside was much better. The smell of Cigar here was much lighter compared to the one inside the party room. The air in there very heavily smelt of Cigar and Pipe smoke mixed with the smell of liquor and sweat. I could still hear the banging of the loud music coming from inside the room and I closed my eyes, immediately regretting stalking my brother to this crazy party. I’ve never felt like this my entire life. My head hurt badly… Terribly,infact. My vision was starting to get blurry and my legs could hardly carry me independently. I felt hot in my baggy trousers and blue Jersey. I was drunk, with no idea of where my brother, Austin was. Regrets filled my head. Regrets of ever agreeing to join in that Truth or Dare game. I had wanted to pass time with it while keeping an eye on my brother who was ignorant of his stalker-sister. But then,I’d gotten the first dare to drink a cup of some unpleasant-smelling liquor…and then another…and another. By the time I’d decided to opt out of the game,I’d consumed more than enough liquor and Austin was nowhere to be found.


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I began to move forward, holding the walls for support. It was dark outside. Perhaps,it was almost midnight. It felt like I was moving to the backyard of the house but I didn’t care about that. I needed much better air anyways. I began to hear faint voices as I kept moving with the support of the wall. I winced a little and held my tummy as I felt a little discomfort in there. Just as I made to take another weak step despite the discomfort, the sound of Police sirens began to blast all around. Blue and red lights flashed all over the place and the whole place turned chaotic. Sounds of crashing bottles, tables



and chairs rented the air as people scampered for safety. The voices in the backyard got louder and I pushed myself towards the place, finally catching sight of the owners of the voices. My heart leapt for joy as soon as I sighted Austin standing in the midst of obviously arguing boys. None of the boys saw me as their voices got louder. Though drunk,I felt something wasn’t right but before I could process anything,one of the boys pulled out a small, shiny knife and very swiftly, pushed it into someone’s stomach. It took a while before my blurry eyes could see that the knife had been driven into Austin’s stomach. The boy stabbed him again before they discarded the knife and scampered for safety as the sound of the police sirens got louder and louder, leaving Austin’s body to fall to the floor. I screamed in pain and horror just as someone ran into me from behind,making me stagger before finally falling to the floor.







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