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Sophie’s Quest – Episode 6

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By Tess




Episode 6




“Got anything yet?” Paul’s voice sounded from my laptop. It’s mom’s laptop actually. I borrowed it. I and Paul were on a video call and he was watching as I flipped through the pages of my brother’s diary. We’d decided we would sort out the issue with Zoe later.



“Not yet” I replied and turned to the next page “Third frat party happening tomorrow. I’m kinda loving this frat thing” I read out,then turned to the next page



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“Yunno,Soph. I still can’t believe your brother kept a diary” Paul said and yawned “Boring stuff for most boys”




I smiled and shot him a playful glare before turning to another page


“Truth or dare. I’m so not gonna play that game again. How am I supposed to sleep with Brielle Parker and make a video?. Good Lord. I wish this party never happened afterall” I read out, then snapped my head up at the laptop with a gasp “That’s it,Paul!. This must be the clue to everything!”




“Brielle Parker? Who’s she?” Paul asked, grabbing his phone from his bed. I watched as he typed on his phone for a while,then fetched a sheet of paper and scanned through it “Brielle Parker. Former senior at Mark-Bedders”




“When did she leave?” I asked as I hurriedly turned to the next page. It was just a small diary so few sentences could fill up a page

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“January 29” He replied. Somehow,he’d gotten access to the class’ data




“January 29” I repeated,staring at the next page “It’s empty” I turned to the next page…and the next “All


empty” I tossed the diary on the bed beside me and carried the laptop to my laps where I’d placed a


flat,strong pillow ” Austin had been given a dare to sleep with Brielle along with a video as evidence.


Brielle had left the school on January 29. Austin had been stabbed on January 31. Gosh…it all makes


sense now” I shut my eyes as my heart pounded “Oh no. Austin had probably carried out the


dare…and…the video” I stopped and placed the laptop back on the bed before standing to pace around


the room.


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Oh God….No….It can’t be.




“So that’s it then?. Brielle had most probably sent attackers to Austin that night…for revenge” Paul said, breathing out as he rubbed his temples “You think it’s necessary for the officer to know this?”



I faced him on the laptop again “No. This part of the story is mostly irrelevant to him now. He’s still on with his investigation about who’d carried out the attack. There might be more to this yunno?”




Paul spent few seconds before speaking again “Yeah. You’re right”




…… MITCHIE …….




I looked slowly from Emily to Dylan and then back to Emily before breathing out and rubbing the sides of my face




“Ok so…I was the only one who noticed at school but Jace had always wanted Brielle. You all know Jace is like a sex lord. He has a different girl every single night” I paused as Dylan nodded in agreement while Emily breathed out and leaned back on her seat. I caught Emily’s gaze for a few seconds before I looked away. Fact is…Jace had also slept with Emily. I’d personally ran into them while in the act. I was furious with Emily…but she had begged..and I haven’t told anyone else till now. I’m still not going to. I promised. “He’d once asked me to help him get a letter to Brielle. I had suspected the content of the letter was for Brielle to hang out with him or something. I’d gotten the letter to her,quite alright…but she’d thrown the letter at Jace’s face and cussed him out. Now we all know Jace and we very well know that stuff like that pisses him off. He’d sworn to get back at her and also get what he wants at the same time”




“So he’d waited for Truth or Dare?” Dylan asked..but it was more like an observation than a question




“Exactly” I replied, nodding “And turned out Austin chose dare that very dare–His very first time of choosing dare. It was only when I noticed the mischievous smirk on Jace’s face that I realized what he was about to do and true to my thoughts,he dared Austin to get Brielle Parker,lure her to his bed and make a video”




Dylan scoffed “Bad,smart Jace”




“Knowing Austin wouldn’t hurt a fly,Jace had gone ahead to get Brielle. I really don’t know how he did it.


Jace has connections with a lot of bad dudes so it must have been more like a kidnap and


then,rape…and…yeah…they had it on tape. Dude’s image was blurred perfectly,yunno. Most people had


seen the video”



“So why didn’t Brielle tell her crazy brother that it wasn’t Austin’s deed?!” Dylan asked, obviously angry as he hit his fist on the armchair




“I’m guessing she was blindfolded and yunno,those in the party knew that Austin had been given the dare and so everyone simply thought it was him when they saw the tape.. So Brielle must have heard”




“Does anyone know the date Brielle left Mark-Bedders?” Dylan asked, looking from I to Emily




“January 29” Emily finally spoke




“So I’m guessing the rape must have happened between January 27 and 28. She left the school on 29th probably after hearing of the dare that had been given…and Tony had come for Austin on January 31” He concluded




“Everything had happened pretty fast. Austin hadn’t even had the slightest chance to sort himself out of it and try to process the whole situation. No one would have calmed down to listen. The heat was much” I added. Just then,I remembered the main reason for our gathering here…. About Sophie having


Austin’s body with her. We haven’t told Emily yet. About Sophie,I’m thinking she must have suspected something and wanted to protect her brother. Just then..I remembered. Amidst the wildness and screaming and dancing in the last frat party,I’d seen someone who looked exactly like Sophie heading to the door. It had been her!. She had been there and had probably been the one who took her brother away after he was stabbed.




“So what are we gonna do about crazy Tony Parker now? He’s literally after us four!”


Dylan’s statement was followed by the ringing sound of Emily’s phone. We both watched as she took her phone out from her purse and glanced at the screen




“It’s Jace”




I and Dylan exchanged looks before he turned back to Emily “Answer it”




….. EMILY ……



I wasn’t the least bit comfortable throughout the entire conversation. The fact that I was one of the girls that had slept with Jace kept tugging at my heart…and the information Mitchie had just given made my entire skin feel cold. Jace was actually the real culprit and not Austin? . It wasn’t very much surprising because that is the kind of thing Jace would do.. but everyone including me,had all thought it was Austin since the dare had been given to him.


My phone suddenly rang just as Dylan ended his statement and slowly,I opened my purse and took out my phone. The name ‘Jace’ was on the screen




“It’s Jace” I said,still looking down at the screen. Few seconds passed before Dylan spoke




“Answer it”




“We need it on loudspeaker,please” Mitchie added and I nodded and swiped my thumb across the screen, answering the call. I put it on loudspeaker and placed it on top of my purse. A shuffling sound came first before Jace’s voice came up




“Emily? Call the damn group” He spoke..more like groaned in pain




“What’s happening?” I asked, suddenly alarmed




“Tony. He had the shitty guts to attack me with some crazy dudes. He tried to stab me but I’d managed to fight him off. That dude’s psychic!. He’s gonna kill us all if we don’t act fast” He coughed severally before speaking again “I got injuries in a few places. I’m heading to the frat house now. Call the rest of the group and y’all should meet me at the frat house. We don’t know who he’s coming for next” There was another cough before Jace ended the call.


Mitchie was on her feet already and Dylan had his palms over his face. This is getting messier by the day




“So are we heading to the frat house?” I asked, looking up at Mitchie while putting my phone back into my purse




“Trust me,I don’t want to…but we have to. We don’t want Jace getting suspicious” Mitchie spoke, moving to get her house keys


“You got your car,Dylan?” I asked, standing




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“Let’s go” Mitchie said as she came out with her house keys. We headed to the door and were soon in Dylan’s car. I gotta act fast or Tony is gonna kill me too









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