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Sophie’s Quest – Episode 10

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By Tess




Episode 10




…… ZOE …….




I and Paul ran down the staircase of Sophie’s house once we heard the wailing of the police sirens outside. We’d phoned Officer Thomas immediately after Sophie left.


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Sophie’s dad was no longer in the living room by the time we came downstairs. He must have left. Mrs Andrews, Sophie’s mum,was already by the door




“Officer Thomas” I called, breathing slightly hard as Mrs Andrews made way for us, revealing the officer




“Here’s the address…12 Roseville Street. I copied the address” Paul said as he handed a paper to the cop where he’d written down the address. We’d found the paper in Sophie’s backpack when she’d gone downstairs to confront her father.




Officer Thomas turned to me as he collected the paper from Paul “I know I delayed in arriving here…but I’ve got news. We finally got him captured”




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“Ben Logan”




I looked outside through the space in the doorway and from there,I could see Mr Ben sitting at the back of one of the few police cars outside. He had his head bowed and even though his hands were hidden below,I knew they were in handcuffs. Beside him were three other guys who were equally handcuffed.




“And you know what,Zoe?” Officer Thomas continued, smirking.




I looked back at him “What?”




“Found out he’s a wanted criminal down in New Jersey, adding to the crimes he’s committed around here. He’d gone to murder a certain Jace Mikey. We’d captured him at the spot of the murder but we weren’t on time to save the guy”




“Jace is dead?” Paul asked and he nodded




“You both did a great job in helping. I’m pleased” Officer Thomas stuck out his hand with a huge smile on his face and I gladly took it before stepping back for Paul to shake him too.


Officer Thomas turned to Sophie’s mum


“Mrs Andrews?”








“Your son is in a hospital”



“What? My Austin?” Mrs Andrews asked,staring at the officer with wide eyes. She sure hadn’t expected that




“Yes. He’s in coma at the moment, though. Sophie and these two knew about it all. His disappearance and all…. I need to explain a lot of things to you now,Mrs Andrews. Let me talk to you outside?”




I watched as Mrs Andrews placed her fingers on her lips that were slightly apart in shock. She nodded as if she was hypnotized and her eyes started getting watery




“Please let me talk to you outside,Ma’am. We still have to leave for somewhere else. Sophie might or might not be in trouble”




Her head darted towards the officer again and she took two steps forward as the second news hit her “What?! Sophie?.. Where’s she?”




“Please,Ma’am” Officer Thomas repeated,gesturing gently towards the door “I promise I’ll explain everything”




She nodded again and quickly followed the Officer out.


I breathed out and turned to Paul as he typed on his phone




“What’re you doing?”




“I could track her with the GPS. The police would use theirs..but I’ll still use mine anyway”




“Oh. Alright” I followed as he moved out of the house,still using his phone. We stood by one of the police cars and watched as Officer Thomas spoke to Sophie’s mum. Soon,they started heading towards us




“We’ll go with you” Paul spoke as Officer Thomas opened the car door for her



“Hop in” He replied almost immediately. We walked to the other side of the car and entered. He put the key into the ignition and started the car “Paul and Zoe?”








“We’ll take Mrs Andrews to where Austin has been receiving medical treatments and then we’ll head to Roseville immediately, Okay,guys?”




“Okay” I and Paul exchanged grins and gave thumbs-ups. The car moved into the streets and the other police cars followed behind.








I looked out the window of Russell’s car as he stopped few metres away from Tony’s building. He’d offered to drive me here and I’d accepted outrightly. I needed faster transportation.


I took out my phone and texted Dylan




Where around the house are you at?




I took a few seconds before his reply came




Come out to the open road away from the bushes. P.S…Check for Sophie








I put my phone back into my pocket and opened the car door.




“I can’t let you go in there alone, Mitch. It’s not safe”





I stopped and turned to Russell “I’ll be fine,Russell. Trust me,I will. Go get Dylan. I’ll check for Sophie”




He didn’t budge and just kept giving me a worried look




“C’mon,Russ. I’ll be fine” I whined “You’re not even my boyfriend and you’re acting all…..” I stopped and


looked at him. Ok that was harsh “I’m sorry” I sighed




He sighed too, then turned towards the road again and placed his hands on the steering








“I get it, Mitchie” He said rather too calmly with no hint of anger as he turned to look at me again “Just go get Sophie. I’ll get Dylan”




He’s hurt. Gosh..






“I’m fine” He turned back towards the road.




Double gosh. I looked at him again,then breathed out and climbed out of the car




“Be careful, Mitch”




I nodded weakly “I will”




He gave a small smile, then closed the car door before driving down the road. I stood there for a moment before the situation at hand hit me. Sophie..




I began to make my way towards Tony’s house,being watchful as I went. We’ll sort this out later,but for now..I gotta get to Soph if she’s here already.



Getting close,I noticed there was a party going on. As soon as I got in, someone tapped me from behind and I turned to see a guy, sipping a drink from a cup




“You’re Mitchie, ain’t you?” He asked,not even looking up at me as he sipped his drink and swiped through his phone




“What? How…..”




He stopped swiping and raised his head to look at me,then looked down at his phone’s screen again before raising the phone for me to see my picture in his phone’s gallery. He kept the cup aside before wiping his lips with the back of his palm.




Tony’s guys.


I didn’t expect to collide with them so soon. He made to grab me while I grabbed a nearby chair and hit his back with it. All dancing stopped abruptly and the party broke into two as more guys appeared from nowhere, all heading towards me. I threw the chair away and made a run for it, pushing people out of the way as I ran.







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