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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 30

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Chapter Thirty



Theme: Kenneth











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Date: 2, April, 2029


Time: 3:00pm


Location: Tamara’s hideout.


Cara’s Pov:


“Evan, you mean to tell me that if not for my body guard saving your ass, this whole mission we worked so hard on would have been flushed down the drain.” I asked Evan with a glare.


“You guys are missing the point here.” Evan whined.


“Which is??” I asked increasing the intensity of my glare.

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“I got sprayed in my eyes with a pepper spray which could actually damage my eyes.” Evan pouts, and I roll my eyes.


“Well I don’t exactly care, at least now you know never to look down in women, we might be weak but we do have a few tricks up our sleeve. Mark welcome to the crew, but have got to ask how did you know about the plan.” I asked curiously.



“Well ma I’ve always followed you from Cheryl’s down to this place for the last few days. And I also was there during the prison rescue.” Mark answers, truthfully.


“Then why did you decide, to show up today.”


“I had to, when I noticed Miss Li, was running away.” He answers.


“Here I thought I was the incompetent one, how could you not have noticed your body guard was hot on your tail, just imagine If he was on Henry sides, don’t you think we would all be fu.cked up by now.” Evan says, clearly trying to put all the blame on me. Idiot.


“If you trying to take the spotlight away from you, it’s not working, and I do agree with Evan I should have been more careful. I need to be more vigilant from now on.” I said biting my lip. What Evan said did make sense.


“Ma, you were really careful, I just happened to follow my gut and got lucky.” Mark said trying to reassure me.


“Any other person could have easily followed his guts and trace us.” Evan says, rolling his eyes. Mark was about to say something in my defence but I stopped him. “It’s okay Mark, and beside we don’t have time for childish behaviour, I need to get back home to my husband.”

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“What do you mean, I’m not childish. I am a fully grown up man and I do not in anyway behave like a child.” Evan argued.


“Yeah, whatever make you sleep at night.” I said smirking at him.


“What I am…” Whatever Evan was going to say was caught shut by my best friend high pitched voice.


“OH MY GOD since when do you refer to Henry as your husband.” Cheryl asked in a very high tone, laying more emphasis on husband.


“Bye see you later.” I said hurriedly and left Cheryl’s house, we all got together today to celebrate the success of the last mission. Now concerning me leaving



Cheryl house in a hurry, that has to do with the fact that I I do not intend in any way to get roasted or grilled, maybe fried by Cheryl today, nope I have no energy to answer any of her question, not today.


But I didn’t get really far, before a certain someone, who by the way, I’ve been avoiding for long caught up on me. “Cara, wait.” Jason says taking a hold of my hand and turned me around to face him.


“What do you want.” I said in a hostile tone. But I’ll be lying if I said his hands on mine did not awake a lot of feeling’s in me. Damn his hand.


“I’ll only take a minute.” He said grudgingly.


“Mark I’ll join you in the car, just give me a minute.” I said to Mark but my eyes is solely on Jason.


“What do you want.” I asked him again once I noticed Mark is far away.


“You know what I want Cara, and you know it’s you.” He says his eyes gazing into mine, searching for any sign on emotion, I gave him none.


“And that’s one thing you’re never getting again.” I said coldly.


“Cara why the hell are you playing with me, one minute you’re all over me and the next you’re giving me a cold shoulder.” He say his voice slightly raised.


“Keep your voice down.” I said in between gritted teeth, once I noticed he has calmed down a little I went on and said. “”That night was the biggest mistake of my life (that’s a lie, a terrible one) I refuse to cheat on my husband who has showed me nothing but care and love unlike other men.”


“Wow. You know I always admire you, I saw you as a smart woman, but I’m disappointed to see I was terribly wrong. So you really think your husband really care for you, that he is genuinely changed. Well your husband hasn’t changed one bit, his still the manipulative bastard he is. If I were you Mrs Williams I would watch my back.” Immediately he was done with his speech, he eyes got wide opened, realizing all what he just said, but before I could ask him about what he



just said, he turned on his heels and walked back inside Cheryl’s house. What the hell was that.






Date: 2, April, 2029.


Time: 8:35pm


Location: unknown.


Author’s Pov:


Kenneth stands on his balcony over looking the city, one of his hand rest on the railing, the other holds a glass of whiskey, his heart and his mind fight over conflict of interest.


He never planned on falling in love with his target, the job was simple, monitor her every move and report back to the boss, it was that simple, but the music had change and he danced to the tune.


His phone rings cutting him off from his melodramatic self brooding. On the screen of his phone displays ‘Boss’ he picks the phone up and swipe the green button up.


“Hello boss.” He speaks into the receiver.


“Ken any update.” The boss asks from the other side of the line.


“No sir, no update boss.” That is a lie. His mind snarls at him.


“Okay, but keep me updated if anything does happen, don’t forget which sides you’re on.” His boss says and cuts the call.


What the hell is wrong with you, because of a woman who doesn’t care about you, you’re ready to sabotaged your job, you better get your act together and do your job efficiently. His subconsciousness warns.



“Just shut up.” Kenneth yells slightly and gulps down every last drop of his drink, and hurls the innocent glass on the wall, the glass makes a shattering noise before coming to an end.


“You’re gonna get you’re act together and get your head back in the game. You’ll stop all thoese damn feelings from escalateing and do your bloody job.” He peps talk himself, punching the day light out of the wall, though his the one who’ll get hurt. He yells and hurls curses at no one in particular, maybe he didn’t notice but his heart is more shattered than pieces of glass laying on the floor.









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