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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 27

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Celine’s Pov


I happily bit into the fifth vanilla cookie, letting out a little moan of delight, I finally had something delicious to eat after working all day for Julia’s wedding preparation.


“Hey Celine” Anita greets and nudges me, the last bite of cookies falling down as a result of the contact.


“Heyyy” I let out a gasp after watching my cookie fall to the ground, the last bite they say is always the sweetest.


“Am sorry Celine” Anita apologizes sincerely. To be honest I wasn’t expecting that, she already proved herself to be rude and snobbish and if she wasn’t here for Julia’s wedding I would have done a lot of things to her.


“It’s okay” I smiled and got up looking out for Julia, she should be probably resting somewhere.


“So what’s up, I don’t see your boyfriend anywhere” she asks furrowing her forehead. I knew she was talking about Adrian but I decided to play ignorant.


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“Who are you talking about?” I asked and she chuckles and clears her throat subtly.



“I knew you would play that game, I mean Adrian Vandermir” She says and I fake a smile.


“I I don’t know” I replied and walked away but it wasn’t a long distance before I met Anon.


Oh Jesus.


“Hey Celine, danm you are so beautiful. You know if you were not with Adrian and if I was a little bit older. I won’t waste time to make you mine”


I smiled trying hard not to laugh, a 20 years old boy hitting on me isn’t something you see everyday. He’s so cute and besides age is just a number.


“Oh Anon, you are so cute” I pat his cheeks and walk to the house.


I got in Julia’s room, she was lieing on the bed all exhausted and tired, it was late and I wonder where her 39 years old fiancee is.

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“Hey sis” She smiles and sits up, I sit on the bed beside her and tap her thighs.


“Mother would be so proud of you” I said and I was right, she was the exact replica of mother. She possessed the same features mother possessed and if Mother was more of a mother to me I would be seeing her in Julia’s eyes but she wasn’t.


Adrian’s Pov


“Game set” Romeo yells, lobbing the ball across the net to me. I watch the ball arch towards me, every of my muscle tend and ready to spring but I wasn’t concentrating. My mind was far off this game and all the way to Celine. It’s 7pm and she hasn’t called or text, girls got some guts but I’ll let it pass.


A triumphant grin spread over Romeo’s face as I missed the shot.


“Tired Adrian?” Romeo mocks and walks over me, watching as I clear the sweat over my face with a towel.


“Nah” I grinned and walked to get a glass of water.



“You distracted bro” Romeo tells me and I huffed, I was distracted distracted by that stubborn brat but I wasn’t going to admit it.


“I see what’s wrong, no wonder you called me all of a sudden just to play Tennis. Tell me where’s your Cinderella”


“Dude shut up”


Romeo snorts and pours himself a glass of water in a different glass.


“Are you guys having your first fight. How cute”


I frown at Romeo’s cheekiness.


“She went to Julia’s wedding against my will”


“Julia’s getting married?” Romeo exclaims, eyes widen.


“That’s not the point. Julia has been a bitch to Celine and for no reason in the world Celine chose to go to her sister’s wedding even after I warned her to. Her life might be in danger” I explained, the image of Celine walking out of the door even after I warned her not to plays in my head sending waves of anger and amusement.


“Fuck” I mutter silently, forcing the image out of my mind.


“If her life’s in danger shouldn’t you be there” Romeo suggest.


“I have an eye there, she won’t be able to harm Celine for now”


“Julia is one hell of a woman” Romeo says, I rake my hand through my hair easing myself of every tension.


Celine’s Pov


Julia was asleep and Anthony was no where to be found, I just hope he isn’t standing Julia up.


I look through the window in Julia’s room, old memories filled my mind. The window was the limit I could go out, Julia and I shared a room until she clocked 18 and requested for hers.



This room was the one room Julia and I shared. Every time I would look out the window and watch Julia go to school while I stayed back, it wasn’t something I liked to recall.


The car horning was what broke my thoughts, I watched as Andrew, Joanne and Anon rushed to the car.


A man walks out, he was a tall guy probably 6’2 ft with a bald head, I couldn’t make out of his face from the window but I assumed him to be Anthony.


I walked out of Julia’s room and head downstairs to welcome the supposed fiancee.


Everyone was hovering around him, his mom complained how much of weight he had lost and scolded him.


I cleared my throat subtly and got the attention I need.


“Hi am Celine” I greeted the well built man, he smiles and engulfs me in a hug my body shakes in the turn of event. I was expecting a handshake not a hug.


Julia’s Pov


I take a deep, fortifying breath as I watch Anthony hug Celine through the window, one minute she was here watching me as I pretended to be asleep and the next minute she’s hugging my fiancee.


I open the closet and look at the different dress choices I had. It was going to be difficult picking one but since I looked beautiful in any dress I would just pick anyone.


My hands reach out for a blue spaghetti gown.


“This should do”




I walked down and my eyes met Anthony’s, he had a wide smile on his face obviously impressed in what he saw. His family on the other hand looked at me degradingly, Joanna whispers something in Anita’s hear which makes her to laugh out loud.


“Bitch” I mutter silently under my breath and walked to Anthony.


“You look breathtakingly beautiful” He compliments, I blush and chuckle lightly.



“Thank you” I said and got his hand in mine. The night was definitely going to be a long night.


Mary’s Pov


The morning was one of my worst, Celine was at Julia’s place and I really needed someone to talk to. Adrian wasn’t the type of person I would just sit and talk to.


I was having terrible mood swings needed someone to vent my frustration on. I still have to go to the doctor’s in the afternoon. I just hope it’s not what it is,

that’s going to be end of me.


My glaze slid over the car keys lieing on the table, I would probably go for a ride to cool my nerves.


Julia’s Pov


It’s 8 in the morning and I can’t wait for this wedding to be over, the priest would be here by 2 and before 4 this would all be over.


I can’t keep on cooking for Anthony’s family, those people are whales and it disgusts me, the fact that I would have to get used to them disturbs me.


Few of my friends made it, Sonia was present and the feelings we both have for Celine was mutual.


“Look at her, dressed like she’s the bride. Are you sure she’s not trying to steal your place” Sonia tells me.


I snort and scoff


“She wishes” I reply trying not to feel threatened but deep down I was.


“So what did you daddy do?” I asked.


“He canceled all business deal with Adrian but he didn’t seem to care”


“That’s my Adrian” I said proud of the man I was in love with his.


“Buuuuuuuutt” She drawls.


“We tried putting Celine on a condition but Adrian stopped it.I just want to humiliate that brat”


I sigh and roll my eyes, I knew she was talking about the porn business.


“Don’t worry about that, that brat would soon be history” I said and looked around to be sure no ones listening. Everywhere was clear.


“You see that car over there” I say pointing at the wine colored SUV.


“Yes” Sonia replies, nodding positively.


“Well that car has no brakes and my sister would be in it soon” I said and smiled wickedly, she looks at me confused but when she gets it she widens her eyes.


“Julia are you crazy, your sister may end up dead” She snaps at me.


I scoff and shrug.


“So… She’s been an obstacle to my life. Death is just the little payback I can give her”


“No no look Julia that’s absurd, I can’t believe you are going to do this. Yes I don’t like your sister and I want to humiliate but Julia I would never kill somebody”


“You are not killing okay, none of us is doing anything. It’s the car” I say placing my hand on her shoulder and already regretting telling her my plan. Who knew she was just a chicken.


“Okay fine, how is she going to enter the car”


“Wedding rings” I say and chuckle out.


Mary’s Pov


I walked in the doctor’s office, I was a nervous wreck. I feared the worst to happen. S.T.D wasn’t something to joke with and I just hope the doctor has something else to tell me.


“Good afternoon” Doctor Ethan greets as I walked in.


“Evening” I replied and walked in.


“Have a seat” He gestured to the couch before him.


“Thank you” I say as I sit down and put my handbag on the empty seat.


He cleared his throat and pulled out a piece of paper, my impatience growing to the extreme. His face splits into a huge grin.


“Congratulations Mary, you’re 3 months pregnant”


I felt my face pale, my mouth ran dry and my eyes widened. I was sure my heart even forgot how to breath.


“Pre pregnant..?”


“Yes Mary, your nausea and exhaustion explains it all. Did you miss your period?” I nodded positively.


“I thought I was having some P.M.S symptoms”


“Those P.M.S symptoms are symptoms of pregnancy”


I swallowed and looked at the test results, I really wished it was S.T.D. I didn’t want a baby now especially Fred’s baby.


“I want to get rid of it” I blurt out, the doctor’s smile fades away abruptly.


Celine’s Pov


Julia wasn’t ready for the wedding and the priest was here already, I wonder where she could be. Is she having second doubt after this wedding.


I was going to look for her until she calls my name and I look back to see my sister.


“Julia what’s wrong” I asked, she was fidgeting and nervous.


“Celine I have a problem, I I can’t find the wedding rings. I think I forgot them at the boutique where I got my dress. Celine please I need your help” She pleads frantically, it broke my heart to see her like that.



“Tell me what you want me to do?” I said ready to do anything for her. She breathes deeply and smiles.


“There’s a store, miles away from here. You can use the GPS tracker in my SUV to get there. Please just….”


“Did I just hear wedding rings are missing” Anita interrupts smiling widely and showing her set of teeth.


She looked rather amusing smiling that way with her hands behind her back.


“What do you want?” Julia asks, her eyes swam with disdain.


“Ta da” Anita says gleefully and brings out the ring box she was hiding behind her back. My eyes lit in excitement but I didn’t miss the scornful look Julia passed to Anita, it was like she didn’t want the rings Anita brought.


“Oh thank you …. Anita, am so…..grateful” Julia says, her tone laced with sarcasm.


“You’re welcome” Anita replies through her teeth.


“Well that’s settled” I say easing the tension.




Julia was absolutely breathtaking when she walked down the aisle, I must admit it was difficult to know if she had Leukemia.


Her make up artist did a perfect job and the wedding dress was awesome. It made her beautiful but there was something odd.


Nobody was happy with the union, yes they were all happy but you could see right through them.


Those smiles were all fake.


I wouldn’t let that bother me, I was starving and the wedding was almost over, at least now they are married and everyone’s ready to step on the dance floor but there’s no other person I’ll dance with than Adrian Vandermir.


“Adrian Vandermir is here” A voice yelled breaking me off from my thoughts, I looked back to see Adrian standing beside his car. Everyone starts murmuring



while I look at the most handsome man in the world dressed in a black tuxedo which brought out the color of his eyes.


“Is that a Lamborghini Veneno, that shit cost four point five million dollars” Anon says, I nod my head amazed but managed to smile.


Adrian was here.


My smile fades away when the next leg that steps out of his car was a female’s, the apricot ankle strap heels proved so.


She steps out holding a bouquet of flowers dipping her hand in Adrian’s arm. She was a redhead, tall and really hot dressed in a strapless gown which did Justice to her body.


“Kill me, that’s Natasha” Anon says in admiration.


“Na.. Who??” I asked not pulling my eyes away from the lady.


“Natasha Blank, she’s a super model. She’s fu.cking hot” Anon says, I could feel jealousy rush through my body.


They both step forward and Adrian passes me totally ignoring me and moves to Julia who was has fazed as I was.


“Congratulations Julia” He says and Nata bitch hands the flowers to her.


I walk to him and he looks at me scanning me from head to toe.


“Sorry have we met?” He asks, I was taken aback by the question but decided to remain cool.


“Seriously Adrian, real funny” I said frowning at him.




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