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Sophie’s Quest – Episode 5

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Episode 5




…… ZOE ……..


I stared at Officer Thomas sitting directly opposite me. We were alone in a small,quiet park, sitting with only a round table separating us




“Do you recognize the knife,Zoe?” He asked again and I stared down at the knife once more




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“I’d seen it on the floor of our porch. The blade had been wrapped with a black cloth” I spoke as I finally began to remember




“Did you see who’d kept the knife?”




“Not at that time”







“I’d picked it up, wondering where the knife had come from. I knew it wasn’t ours but I’d asked mom anyway”

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“Had she touched the knife too?”




“No. She’d just looked at it and said I should throw it into the small bushes outside” I stopped and watched as Officer Thomas wrote down something on his small jotter




“Did you?” He asked, looking up from the jotter




“No” I shook my head ” When I got outside,a neighbour had seen me with the knife and had stopped me, saying it was his. He looked relieved and thanked me, saying he’d been looking for it and one of the street kids must have taken it and dropped it on our porch”




“Did he take the knife from you?”








Officer Thomas leaned forward and placed his arms on the table,looking at me intently




“With his hands?”




“Oh. No. He’d brought a bag with him and I’d dropped it in” I finished, returning the officer’s gaze. I’m too weak to try to figure out why he’s asking all these questions. Is my neighbour Austin’s murderer?




“One more question,Zoe”



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I nodded and rubbed my fingers absently as I waited


“Do you,by any chance,know this neighbour’s name?”


“Mr Ben?”




“Ben what?”




“Ben Logan”




……. PAUL …..




“C’mon,Zoe. I’m sorry” Sophie pleaded, putting her palms together in a pleading manner “I was greatly confused and….”




“And what?! You’d thought I’d possibly killed Austin?!” Zoe literally yelled. Her palms shook and her eyes glistened with unshed tears yet her face was red with what?…Anger?. I’ve never seen Zoe like this. Never in my wildest imaginations would I have thought that Zoe could and would ever yell at Sophie




“Zoe” I called and tried to reach for her hand but she slapped mine away.


We were outside Sophie’s house. Officer Thomas had just dropped Zoe off here few minutes ago and we’d spilled everything to Zoe. About Officer Wilson’s first visit…The night of the frat party where I and Paul had been witnesses.. and finally, about Austin that Sophie had in the basement. Officer Thomas had helped us transfer Austin to somewhere else though,till investigation is all over. It’s more like a private treatment centre..And we told Zoe all that




“I can’t believe you two” Her voice broke as she spoke again and the tears finally rolled down her cheeks




“If you would just listen to me,Zoe. Yes, Officer Wilson told me you were a suspect but we never believed him” Sophie spoke




“You did!” Zoe interjected “If not,you wouldn’t have been doing stuffs at my back and you wouldn’t have kept everything from me!. You even had your brother and you both didn’t even tell me!. I thought we were supposed to be in everything together. I didn’t even know you’d been there when Austin was stabbed. You both hadn’t trusted me. That’s why!!”



“She wouldn’t even have told me, Zoe,if I hadn’t followed her that night” I said, trying to make Zoe understand




“I doubt that,Paul” She said and turned to me. Her voice was suddenly calm now and she wiped her tears “She would have still told you ’cause she trusted you..but not me, because to her….to both of you,infact…I’m a blabberbeak and a tattletaler”




“Zoe…” I called but she sped down the sidewalk and we both watched as she boarded a cab from a distance and entered. This is all messed up




……. DYLAN ……


I kept watching from my car as a girl,who I assumed to be Sophie’s friend,ran down the road and boarded a cab. I’d been driving down this road when I’d seen a police car stop in front of the Andrews home and I’d decided to park at a close distance when I’d seen a girl climb out of the car and then I’d seen Sophie and a guy standing outside the house as the girl approached. An argument ensued soon and at first,I couldn’t catch the words but when the girl’s voice rose,I could catch every single word from where I was. Her words replayed in my head over and over again.


Sophie has Austin? Does it mean Austin’s alive? Or is he dead?. Why would she keep him?. This is all so confusing. I gotta call Jace…and Mitchie… and Emily. I gotta call the cops..


Jace first..




“Hey man” Jace’s voice sounded from the phone




“I’m parked at Austin’s street. Just found out something. Sophie has Austin’s body in her custody”




There was silence before Jace’s laughter sounded




“Drunk again,huh?” He laughed again




“I’m not joking, Jace!. I just over-heard Sophie and her friends. She has him. I’m serious”





“Austin’s alive?”

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“I don’t know about that. I gotta call Mitchie”




“What?… Wait….” He was saying but I cut the call. I’ll call him back later. I started the car as I dialled


Mitchie’s number. I’m heading to the station. Austin’s probably alive. I want to cry and scream in happiness at the same time. He might be dead…but again,he might be alive. I don’t have time to start figuring out why Sophie would even keep his body. This is crazy




“Mitchie” I placed the phone on my ear. There was ruffling at the other end before she spoke




“Hey, Dylan”




“I know where Austin is”








“Austin…Our Austin Andrews. I know where he is. I don’t know if he’s dead or alive. Sophie’s got him”




“Is this a prank?”




“You’ve known me since Junior High, Mitchie. You know when I’m joking and when I’m not”




“Oh my God” Mitchie gasped”How……Sophie?”




“I still can’t believe it”




“Where are you at?”




“I’m heading to the station”


“Shit,Dylan. Turn around and head to my place”








“Turn around, Dylan. Sophie can’t just hide her brother for no reason!. Think,dude!!”




“Ok,Ok.. Alright. I”ll head to your place” I replied and diverted to another path away from the straight road




“Dial Emily. Tell her to meet up at my place”




“Alright…and Jace?”




“Trust me, Dylan..Jace shouldn’t know about this”




“What? Why not?. I’ve dialled him already. I called him before I called you”




“You…. didn’t” Mitchie gasped in slight horror




“Anything wrong with telling Jace?”




“Everything’s wrong with telling Jace! He’d slept with Brielle Parker,not Austin!!”




“Wait,What?” I asked,my phone almost falling from my grip. Mitchie took a deep breath and I knew she was pacing up and down even though I couldn’t see her




“I’ll explain everything,I promise. Just get here and tell Emily to come over too. No Jace, okay?. It’s bad enough that you’ve told him the news about Austin. You don’t wanna worsen things by inviting him over too. Catch you later”



…Click…The call ended and I stopped the car,then stared at my phone’s screen. Jace had slept with Brielle,not Austin?. I felt relieved despite my state of shock. I’d never thought Austin could be that callous to sleep with Brielle and make a video of it…but the circumstances surrounding it had made me believe, though with surprise. I’m so relieved. I quickly dialled Emily’s number and waited as the phone rang






I dropped my phone on the table and turned around slowly. Sophie has her brother’s body with her?. I rubbed my palms over my cheek. That only means one thing—–He could be dead or alive. I’ll have to talk to Sophie Andrews soon.


I walked back to the living room where I and Russell had been seeing a movie. Don’t ask me how Russell and I ended up seeing a movie together in my house. It’s a long,long story but Russell’s sweet and funny and ….well…kinda cute. Alright,he’s cute!!…and I think I kinda like him . I settled back down on the couch and sighed




“You alright?” He asked, munching his own popcorn. Mine laid beside me




“I don’t wanna lie right now, so, No”




“No?” He leaned off his seat “what’s wrong?”




I stood from the couch and put on my flip-flops “Trust me, Russell. It’s nothing to worry about” I stood before him,then sighed “I’m sorry,Russell but…. something’s up like I said,and…..” I rubbed my right cheek in nervousness. How am I gonna say this?




“You want me to leave?” He asked, looking up at me




I sighed “I’m really sorry. I’m glad you came over today and it was fun and I’d like you to stay some more but…..”




“It’s okay,Mitch. I totally understand” He said,smiled and stood, immediately towering over me





“I’m really sorry,Russ”




“No, really. I understand” He chuckled, flicking a popcorn at my forehead,making me chuckle too “You can call if you’d later need my help” He added, flinging his backpack over his shoulder




“Sure” I replied, smiling as I led him to the door




“Thanks for the popcorn. It’s been ages since I had this” He raised the bag of popcorn and then put a little into his mouth




“You’re such a terrible liar” I laughed, totally forgetting that I was not supposed to be laughing considering what I’d just heard from Dylan few minutes ago












“Can I do something?”




“What? Flick another popcorn at my face?” I asked, folding my arms as he laughed




“No, not that”




“Alright” I sighed, rolling my eyes. I took a sharp intake of breath as Russell unexpectedly came closer and placed his lips on mine in a kiss. I froze and literally remained like that as he drew back and squeezed my palm lightly




“Thanks” He whispered, then let go of my hand and took few steps backwards before finally turning, opening the door and leaving.


I remained rooted to the spot as seconds passed,then finally blinked once. What the hell had just happened? Just then,the shrill sound of my phone’s ring tone sounded and I jerked a bit before turning. Must be Dylan. I shook my head as if to shake it off its clouded state and then placed my palm on my forehead as I headed for the phone




…… SOPHIE …….


I banged the door close once I got inside. I leaned against the door and sighed,closing my eyes. How am I ever going to get Zoe to stop being mad at us? How am I going to get her to listen to me and forgive I and Paul?. I sighed again just as the sound of mom’s ring tone sounded across the room. Mom’s out. Did she leave her phone?.


I leaned off the door and picked the phone from the sofa,then stared at the screen. It was an unknown number but I knew that number and would recognize it anywhere. Dad. I thought of declining the call but on a second thought,I answered the call. Has dad been reaching out to mom since? Since when?. I waited for him to speak first and he did




“Hello? Grace?” That’s my mom’s name “Please let me see Julie. It hurts to know that I haven’t met my own daughter since she was born. I really didn’t know you were pregnant at that time. Please,Grace. I’d like to see my children. I made a mistake. Grace?…. Grace, are you there?”




I swallowed. Is he tired of his damn high school love already?






“This is Sophie….and you’re officially not allowed to call this line ever again. Good day,Mr Jacob


Andrews” I said all in one breath and tossed the phone back on the sofa. Right now,I’ve got more important things to do….Like finishing up Austin’s diary…









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