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Sophie’s Quest – Episode 8

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.By Tess




Episode 8






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“Did you know about him taking the knife?” I asked,gazing directly at Officer Wilson who sat before me in an empty room




“No. I can swear it”




“So you didn’t know he was involved in the murder of Austin Andrews?”




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“I didn’t”




I placed a printed black-and-white paper on the table in front of him. I’d just received it this morning. In the paper was a portrait of the officer’s twin brother and below the portrait, the word ‘WANTED’ was inscribed in capslock




“Did you know he was a wanted criminal down in New Jersey?” I asked,narrowing my eyes as I placed both hands on the table. I watched as Officer Wilson closed his eyes and swallowed








I chuckled a little “You’re an ally,then?”




He kept his eyes closed as he drew in a lungful of air and then breathed out before opening his eyes




“I really didn’t know about his involvement in Austin’s murder”




I chuckled again before standing “The police department will look into your case soon enough. For now,I have a criminal to track down. I got Ben bugged and from all the phone calls he’s made that I’ve listened to, they’re out to murder a certain Dylan plus another guy,Jace. I’ll see you later….Officer” I emphasized


the last word before leaving the room “Gather a few cops, Shelton” I spoke to one of the cops as I moved down the corridor “We have a criminal to track down”




…… DYLAN ……



I placed the groceries I’d purchased on the counter and waited as the cashier summed up everything. I turned back again to look at the two guys that I’ve caught looking at me several times. They both wore hoods and were right now, walking around the shelves closeby. I breathed out and collected the grocery bags after handing my credit card over to the cashier. I stuffed it into my pocket after she was done and headed out of the grocery store,well aware of the two guys who followed me out immediately. Ok, this is not funny. These must be Tony’s guys. I increased my pace and hurried to my car,threw the grocery bags inside and entered, shutting the door. I dialled Mitchie as I quickly drove out onto the road. From the rearview mirror,I could see the guys enter a black car and then,they followed behind me. I groaned and brought the phone down from my ear. She’s not picking!. I tried again and again… Same result.




I sighed and tried again but got her voicemail instead. Alright I’m going for a voicemail…




“Hey,Mitch. I hope you listen to this soon. Like… pretty soon. Obviously,Tony has sent his guys to get me. They’re after me now. Please call me and get whatever type of help you can get” I ended the voicemail and put the phone in my shirt’s pocket. I increased the gear of my car and was soon speeding down the road with the car giving me a hot chase. I swerved into another road and that was when I felt and heard the back tyre of my car deflate as the car came to an abrupt stop.


They’d seriously shot a bullet into my car tyre?!…


I pushed the car door open and made to come out when one of the guys came over and pushed me back in




“What do you want from me?!” I yelled just as he slipped out a small gun and pointed it at me




“Be good and follow us to the car”




I sighed and rolled my eyes before raising my hands in surrender.




“Can you at least move out of the way? I’m not supposed to pass through you,am I?” I said dryly as I got out of the car




“You’d better shut it” He moved out of the way, slipping the gun back in his pockets.




I rolled my eyes again and moved to the car “Puppets” I muttered under my breath.



The car pulled into a quiet street with hardly any houses. They drove awhile before bringing the car to a stop in front of a lengthy bungalow. Very unexpectedly,one of the guys pulled me out of the car and pushed me against the nearby wall. A punch followed and then,a knee-kick on the stomach which sent me crashing to the floor. I put my hand over my stomach and groaned in pain. Another punch on my jaw followed and this time,it was heavier. Damn it!…


I rolled over in pain and weakly turned my gaze to the new person who’d joined the party. He was tall and had tattoos all over his arms. Tony Parker. I spat out blood as he squatted beside me and brought his hand to my chin




“Now what’s the name again? Dylan?”




“You’re a jerk!!” I yelled and sent him a hard kick on the chest. He cussed and lost balance before standing on his feet with his hand over his chest.




“Damn you!” He raised his leg and smashed the boot on it down on my legs.


I screamed and rolled over again as I felt the pain move up my entire body.


“You’re so lucky,dude” Tony said spitefully,looking down at me ” I would have given you a thorough beating but I gotta save my strength for something else…Like having Sophie this evening…and of course,with a video”




Is he crazy?!.. Sophie doesn’t even know this place…and why would she even agree to meet him?




“Have you been informed of Jace’s death yet?” Tony’s voice sounded again with a smirk on his face and this time,his words were like a bombshell.








“Yeah,man. Your Jace is dead. I made sure of that” He chuckled and played a video on his phone, turning it for me to see. From the floor,I could see the scene clearly. There was Jace, breathing hard with a hand over his stomach. There was a figure before him and very slowly, the figure pointed a gun at Jace and released uncountable bullets into his body. Oh no. “See that?” Tony’s chuckle turned into laughter as the guys joined “He’s gone!!” He put his phone back into his pockets,still looking down at me. He turned to the two guys “Tie him up. After that,you’ll go for Emily next. That she helped me get Sophie doesn’t mean I won’t have her too. I just feel like having a double” He laughed out again and then,entered the building




The two guys started moving back up to me




“Get off me!” I yelled and collected a handful of sand in both hands each “Have that!” I threw them straight into their eyes before kicking the closest one on the knee. He screamed out and staggered back, pushing the other guy to the floor in the process. I pushed myself forward and got on my hands and knees, grunting. I reached for the nearby wall and placed my palms on it, helping me get on my feet. I began to limp away in an attempt to run. I gotta get out of here.


My phone buzzed in my pocket as I moved further away from the building. I put my left hand over my stomach and leaned against the wall of another building, breathing hard as i slipped my phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen. Finally!. Mitchie.








“Emily’s a betrayer,Mitch. They’re gonna get Austin’s sister”




“Huh? I don’t get you”




“Emily’s a betrayer and a snitch. I don’t know how but according to Tony,He is expecting Sophie over at his house today and it was all with Emily’s help. I really don’t know how she did it or whatever it was she did to get Soph. She must have done it so Tony wouldn’t hurt her. It was a bargain”




“Oh my God” Mitchie gaspe “Are you okay yourself? Your breath is ragged. Where you at?”




“You didn’t listen to my voicemail?”




“No. I saw the missed calls and voicemail but I ignored the voicemail”




I resumed my movement towards the bushes, with the walls of the building as a support. I just have to get past this house and cross the narrow road and I’ll be there



“Tony sent his guys after me” I resumed talking while I moved “They got me,Mitch but I’ve managed to escape. I’m not too far away from the building, though. Get help. 12 Roseville Street”




“On my way”


She ended the call and I put the phone back in my pockets and limped across the road. I entered the bushes and reached out for a tree,then another as I moved further down. These people are gonna kill me if I don’t get out of here











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