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ICE – Episode 5

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“I will not allow Maren to do any harm again….. I will look for the chosen one and


the sword and help fight the witch”.


Elma said.


Ivy stood up and smiled.


“Am proud of you darling”.


“So what will I do now? ”


Elma asked.



“First of all you this barrier will be broken”


“Really? ”




“Of my goodness”


Elma said happily.


“Finally I will get to meet the outside world”.


She looked at Eliza, “when are you doing it”


“In some days time, I will only cast a spell to make it weak, so that it will be easy


to break”.


Eliza said.


Elma smiled.


This is the moment she have been waiting for.


Now she will get to meet the people outside.










Alexander chauffeur stopped the car in front of a building. A security came to open the door for him.


He was looking hot as ever in his black jean trouser and black shirt with a blue jacket. He wore a speck and a earring in one side of his ear, with a black mask. He walked into the building.


Sandra ran to him.


“Welcome sir”.


“Where is he? ”


He asked.



“This way”.


She said gesturing at his left.


Alex followed her until they got to an office.


Immediately he entered, the two men there stood up and bowed.


“Welcome Mr. Alex”


They said with a not so clear English accent.


“Sit down please”.

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He said.


The men sat down.


“The file”.


He said to Sandra.


She gave each men a file.


“In that file is the document concerning my next research. Its a rare animal. A special breed of snakes. It lives in the southern part of this country. I will like to research on it to know if it is a threat or not”. Alex said.




“Don’t worry sir, we will help you. We will just call a very good zoologist”.


Mr. Han said.


“I will need everything in two days time. I wanna go back to California”.


“We will try our best sunbae (senior) ”










(Its a week both on dark REALM, south Korea and the unknown world)





Ivy, Elma, Vanessa and Freda all stood behind Eliza who was chanting a spell.


The ground shook like there was going to be an earth break.


The break cracked and broke into piece.


Vanessa smiled.


“Finally, going back to civilization ”


Eliza looked at them.


“Welcome back”.


She said.


“So where are we going to stay”.


Elma asked.


“In a house I rented”.


“What about our old house? ”


Freda asked.


“Maren gave her men to look after the mansion. So immediately any of you go into


that house, she will be notified”


Eliza replied.


“That Maren…… ”


Ivy said angrily.


“Now close your eyes “.


Eliza said.


They all obeyed.


“Open it”.


She said.


They all did and found themselves in a living room.


“Wow!! How did you do that? ”


Elma asked.




“The house is ok”.


Ivy said.


“The rooms aren’t much. I will be staying with you from now so that we can teach


Eat more of the things we know”.


Eliza said.


“Don’t worry you are welcome”.


Freda said.


“Can we meet father? ”


Vanessa asked.


“Maren still got her eyes in him, so it wouldn’t be safe”.










Carlisa sat on her bed in her room waiting for the time.


Its fifteen minutes to ten.


Its time for the deal.


And less she forgot, its now a month to her birthday.


She was dressed already .


She stood up from the bed immediately the time was ten.


She looked through the window and the ladder she always use for sneaking out was there.



She threw her bag to the floor and came down.


She looked at the front door and no one was there.




She said and ran out of the house.


She ran to the place Mr. John told her to go and like he said she saw two of his men there with a car.




One of them called.


“Ne (yes) ”


She replied.


He threw the car key at her.


“Kaja (let’s go) we don’t have time”


He said and they all entered the car.










Imogene stood looking at the big gate.


It was so huge, like really huge.


“My lady how are we gonna enter this portal? ”


A guard asked.


Imogene use her eyes to scan the building for a way.


“I guess I will just have to use magic”.


She said removing her glove, but before she could, a ball of fire out of no where was thrown at her hiting her on her chest. She fell off her horse and lost consciousness.










Carlisa drove the car in a normal spped to avoid suspicion.


Suddenly, she heard the sound of a siren.


She looked through the rear mirror.


“Police? ”


She asked.


“Just go, they might not be coming after us”.


One the men said.


Lisa took the nearest turn an the police did the same.


“They re definitely coming after us”.


She said and increased the speed.


“I can’t be arrested, not today”


She thought.










In an apartment.


A man sat on his massaging chair relaxing when his son ran in.


“Dad, the dictator just blinked, a beast is close by”.


He said.


The man opened his eyes. “Then go and investigate on it”.


He said and dismissed his son.


His son, Jay entered his room mumbling.



“Dad wants me to check for the beast, is he crazy, have never done that shit”.


He said.


He took his bag and kept some weapons in it.


Jay Jason jnr is the son of Jason Gold a beast hunter.


Jay is also aspiring to be one and is under the super vision of his father who is teaching him to be a hunter. Jay although is strong and smart but he is crazy. He is cute and hot with sexy abs which he is so proud of.


He left the house with the bag of weapons at his back. He took his bike and left.








Imogene slowly opened her eyes .


She looked at her surrounding which look strange.


“Where am I? What is this place? ”


She asked.


“How did I get here? ”


She asked standing up.


Just then she remembered she was hit with a blast.


“Gosh those guardians “.


She cursed.


She tried moving but a voice stopped her.


“Don’t move……. ”









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