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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 18

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“you didn’t call last night” I told Dexter when he visited me at the office


“I was really tired when I left my parent’s house, I even slept off in my car” Dexter replied

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I chuckled but it wasn’t funny to him.


“You weren’t happy last night. Why?”


Dexter sighed “there was nothing to be happy about”


I understood what he meant and he was right. There really was nothing to be happy about.


“it’s about Daxton and I” I said


“it’s not anyone.. It’s me” Dexter said



“I’m as worried as you are Dexter. Your parents think Daxton and I are really together. And we can’t break up without telling them the truth about Daxton. If we decide the conceal the truth, then…” I paused and added “the two of us can’t be together”


“That’s why I blame myself for everything. I shouldn’t have suggested you act as Daxton’s girlfriend”


“it’s not your fault, you were just trying to help your brother”


“and I can’t help myself”




“I’ve taken a drastic decision Chloe”


My heart skipped a beat. What was he going to say?


“I’d be leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow”


“Why? You said you wouldn’t be leaving till a month time”


“I can’t stay here. Not with everything that is happening. Not with everyone thinking you’re Daxton’s girl”


My felt my heart ripping. Tears welling up in my eyes and my heart racing uncontrollably.


“What about me?” I asked


“it’s for the best, this would be easier for you. I wouldn’t want to see you in a condition you can’t handle. Trying to decide between what you want and what you can have..


I can’t bear it”


“Dexter?!” a tear drop escaped my lid and I hugged him “we can try”


“We can try, but we shouldn’t” he said, his voice broke in a whisper


“Are you giving up already?” I was disappointed as I pulled from the hug “if you really love me then you shouldn’t just give up. Daxton doesn’t want me and I don’t want him either. The only problem we have are your parents”


“And that’s it” Dexter pointed out “they’re the greatest problem. They want you and Daxton to get married, and even if neither you nor Daxton wants that, it’s not going to help matters.


When I came up with the idea, I didn’t think of what the outcome would be.


If you break up with Daxton, what would people say when they find out there’s something between us. It’s gonna be like you left him for me”


I also thought of that but it wasn’t true at all. “What about Los Angeles? No one knows us there”


“you said you didn’t want to go with me”


“What if I change my mind, would there still be room for me?”


Dexter peered into my eyes “are you sure of this? I wouldn’t want to stay and get disappointed”


I swallowed a lump in my throat. I didn’t plan on disappointing him.


“Are you promising me Chloe?”


I just stared at him. I wasn’t even sure of what to say. I wouldn’t want to keep his hopes high and shatter it.


“If you’re not sure then….”


“I promise”











Later in the day, I entered Daxton’s office to remind him of his meeting with a target. He was going through a file when I walked in and he quickly closed it. “You have a meeting in the next fifteen minutes” I informed


“call my driver, I’m not in for driving” Daxton said and leaned into his chair


“Okay” I nodded and proceeded to leave


“Have you seen Dexter today?” Daxton prompted


I stopped on my track and turned to face him “yes”


“he talked about leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow”


“we already talked about that”


“are you going to let him go?”


I looked at Daxton intently and heaved a sigh. I was utterly confused. I just wanted to get away from everything.


“He isn’t leaving” I managed to say


“It’s a good thing you talked him out of it. He wouldn’t listen to me”


“Don’t you think Dexter is right?” I began “If we announce a break up and I suddenly show up dating Dexter, what would your parents think about me?”


“I also thought about that.. I’m going to talk to them. Tell them you’re actually Dexter’s girl but Dexter volunteered we used you to clear the rumour”


“Then they’ll think the rumour is true”


“I know but I care less”


“you care so much about Dexter and he cares about you, why don’t you two get along?”


Daxton scoffed and looked away “and who says we don’t get along?”


“I’ve seen it”


“And have you bothered asking him?”


“I don’t think so” I didn’t want to tell Daxton what Dexter said


“then you should ask him. He’s in a better position to tell you if there’s a dispute between us cause I don’t think so”


I sighed “alright.. I’ll be in my office” and I walked out






After work that day, Daxton and I drove home. Henry had insisted we go on a date but Daxton hadn’t said anything about it yet. I just prayed he said no cause I planned on spending the evening with Dexter.


We got home and went up to our various rooms. After freshening up, I laid on my bed to rest while I waited for Daxton to decide.


Few minutes later, Daxton interrupted my nap with a knock on my door. I stretched on the bed then went to get the door.


“Daxton?!” I called a bit sleepy, leaning on the door for support


“did I interrupt your sleep?”


I nodded


“I’m sorry” Daxton apologized “it’s about what Henry said earlier”


The date


“mom called, she said she wants to see you”



“you should come up with an excuse and tell her. I wouldn’t want to spend much time with her”


“I understand. I’ll just tell her you aren’t feeling well”


“she’s gonna storm here to know what’s wrong with me”


“then I’ll just tell her we went on a business date with a client”


“Alright” I agreed and Daxton turned to go


He stopped and turned to me “you don’t mind– going out do you? But I’ll understand if you’re tired”


A date?


I thought I already escaped that.


“Henry told me” I sighed “I’ll go get ready” I entered the door and slammed the door shut.


Spending the evening with Daxton wasn’t my idea of a good time. I planned on going to the @ again with Dexter. I got dressed and braided my hair in a pigtail then went down to meet Daxton.


“I’m ready” I said and we walked out.


Daxton and I walked to his car and I didn’t notice Dexter’s car that was parked in a distance. He watched us get into Daxton’s car and remained there until we drove off. I didn’t see him and neither did Daxton. I had no idea he was also calling me on the phone so we could go out.


Daxton pulled the car to a halt in front of a restaurant.


“we should eat first” he said as he unfastened his seatbelt. I don’t usually fasten my seatbelt so I just got down.


Daxton and I found a vacant table and I sat down while he went to place our door. I looked around and saw the numerous eyes looking at me. I got nervous and



brought out my phone as a form of distraction. I saw my missed calls and realized they were all from Dexter.


I didn’t even hear my phone ring. I called him but he wasn’t answering.


“what’s wrong?” Daxton asked when he returned with our order


“It’s Dexter.. He’s not taking my calls”


Daxton placed the food on the table then sat down “did you two have a fight?”


“No. we’re good”


“maybe he’s busy, he’ll give you a call later”


“he called earlier”


“and you didn’t take his calls” Daxton arched a brow


“I didn’t hear it ring”


“maybe he thinks you ignored him on purpose, he’ll come around”


I hoped so.


We hate our food in silence then drove to @. I continued calling Dexter but he still wasn’t answering.


“Chloe you have to stop worrying already” Daxton snarled when I wouldn’t drop my phone even when every other couple in the room were dancing.


I sighed and shoved the phone into my purse. We just sat on our seats and watched others. Daxton didn’t ask for a dance and I wasn’t even in the mood to dance.


“Hey! Daxton?!” We sighted Henry walking up to us with a woman clinging on to his arm “Chloe?!” he added when they got to us “wasn’t expecting you two here”


“Hello!” the woman greeted us. Daxton didn’t reply but I did



“This is Chrisella” Henry introduced her “Chrisella, meet Daxton and Chloe, my friends”


“It’s nice meeting you” Chrisella extended her hand for a handshake


“The pleasure is mine” we shook hands and I winked at Henry


“it’s definitely not what you’re thinking” he whispered to me


“Mr Salvador am I right?” Chrisella extended her hand for a handshake Daxton barely touched her fingertips with his then took back his hand.


“see you around” Henry grinned and they walked out


“Shouldn’t we get going?” Daxton suddenly said


“but we just got here?”


“I’m tired already. This place sucks”


“That’s cause you’re not dancing” I was already nodding to the beat of the music.


One invitation from anybody and I’ll be swirling on the dance floor.


Daxton looked at me and chuckled “you want to dance don’t you”


I threw my hands in the air when the music changed to one of my favorite jazz “if only I came to someone competent enough to dance”


“That’s a dare”


“if you see it as one” I chuckled and before I knew what happened, Daxton grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor.


All the lights turned off in my head when he wrapped his hands around me and dragged me indecently to his body.


“Let’s see how much of a good dancer you are” he smirked



I wasn’t expecting that at all. I only wanted to tease him. I didn’t expect a quick response. Nevertheless, I danced and danced, so much that Daxton couldn’t keep up with me again.


“you need a year’s dance class to keep up with that” I heard Henry’s teasing voice and turned to see him dancing with Chrisella


“you’re a good dancer” Chrisella commented


“oh thanks.. I want to show Daxton how much of an incompetent dancer he is” I laughed


Daxton laughed too. To our surprise. And next, he was dancing much more better than before. I guess he picked up the challenge. we danced so much that I don’t really know who danced best.









Daxton and I returned home really really exhausted. We couldn’t even come out of the car.


“you go inside first” Daxton yawned


I nodded sleepily “alright, see you inside.. Goodnight” but I didn’t move.

























I stretched and yawned loudly and opened my eyes but shut it again when the sun’s ray hit me. I wasn’t lying on my bed neither was I in my room.


Turning slowly, I tried getting up but I couldn’t. It was like something or someone was holding me down. I opened my eyes wide realised I was still in Daxton’s car.


“I slept outside” I shouted and jerked up. I was lying on Daxton’s legs and he sleeping on my back.


So much for staying out late.


Daxton rubbed his temple and fluttered his eyes open. He saw me and gasped then stared at me like I had developed a second head over night.


“Did we sleep here?” he asked


“It seems like”


Daxton sighed and leaned into his seat. “we’re late for work”




















We walked into the house and prepared for work. No breakfast. We just showered, got dressed, and drove to work.


I was in my office when Henry walked in, grinning sheepishly.


“Good morning” I greeted, trying to ignore his grin


“Boss and secretary both late to work. What were you up doing last night?”


“Henry not now. I’ve got works to do”



“everyone is always busy” he shrugged and took a seat “I never knew you were such a great dancer. And you brought out the dancing talent in Daxton” he laughed at his own joke


“Your girlfriend is pretty” I winked. That was the only way to get back at him


Henry frowned “she’s not my girlfriend”


“you don’t talk about last night and I won’t talk about Chrisella”


“is that a blackmail?”


“you leave me with no other choice”


“Daxton was happy last night. A happiness I haven’t seen in him for years”


“why are you always telling me this?”


“cause I want things to go well between you and Daxton”


“I was right all along”


“I was trying to play love match but it isn’t working”


“it’s definitely not going to work so you should stop trying”


“if you remain in Daxton’s life, then he’s gonna change completely. Everyone is gonna be happy. You get the loving and caring husband you want and….”


“Daxton isn’t who I want” I interrupted


“it’s Dexter isn’t it?”


I heaved a sigh “yes”


Henry let out his breath slowly and looked away “I should’ve handled this from the beginning”



“as much as I want Daxton to change, I can’t try to force him to love me”


“you won’t be forcing him, he’s gonna learn to.. He’s already enrolled in your school”


I laughed “What about Dexter?”


“Chloe?!” Henry called softly and leaned forward “do you think you really love Dexter?”


I was thrown aback by the question.


Do I really love Dexter?


All my life I’ve never felt the way I feel when I’m with Dexter. Those crazy butterflies. The way my heart lifted each time he smiled at me. That day he kissed me, I couldn’t be more sure what I felt.


“Yes.. I love him”


“are you certain?” he searched my eyes like he thought I wasn’t saying the truth


“I love Dexter.. I’m sure of that. I can’t be confused, Daxton doesn’t even like me”


Henry shoved his chair back and got up “alright.. If you’re certain of that. I just thought you’d be the perfect person to make Daxton change” and with that he was gone.


I was thorn apart. I fell back into my seat and swivelled around.


What I felt for Dexter. What did I really feel for Dexter?


I couldn’t risk my happiness and Dexter’s happiness too to make Daxton change. If he’s going to change, then it’s definitely not going to be me. But I wasn’t really certain Daxton wanted a change.


















Henry met with Dexter later in the day. I had called Dexter earlier to meet him for a small talk.


“What did you want to talk about?” Dexter asked him


Henry looked at him “it’s about you and Chloe”


“what about us?”


“Chloe loves you”


Dexter looked at him in confusion “So?”


“and you love her too right?”


Dexter scoffed “where is the conversation heading to?”


“I just want to know if you really love Chloe or you’re just trying to use her like other girls”


“Chloe is not like other girls” Dexter said “she’s different and what we feel for each other is different”


“you’ve never really felt anything different for a girl”


“Not Chloe” Dexter stated pointedly “I wasn’t serious at first, I just wanted to try her like every other girl but it didn’t work that way.. She’s different and she made me love her in a different way”


Henry sighed “How do you intend on keeping her when everyone thinks she’s your brother’s girlfriend?”


“that’s what they think but It isn’t true” Dexter spat out “I know you want her for Daxton but it isn’t fair at all”


Henry just looked at him but didn’t talk.


“Daxton gets to get everything right from when we were little, no one ever paid attention to me, it was Daxton because he was born with a little star in his palm. I was giving the last things after he had made a choice. I wasn’t regarded in the family. We’re twins but he was made the president and I wasn’t given anything in the company. No one ever cared about my interest”


“Dexter you gave up the company even before Daxton was made the president, you chose to be a singer”


“I did that because you wanted the company for Daxton, you and dad. I overheard your conversation. You told dad that Daxton would make a better president than me, you both said that he always did better than me and he had a star whereas I didn’t. I didn’t to fight with him. He’s my brother and no one was in support of me, not even mother. Then I gave up the business with the excuse that I loved singing. I just didn’t want you to know I found out how useless I was to the family. And that was why I left home” Dexter scoffed “and now it’s Chloe, you also want her for Daxton and you know I love her. Daxton doesn’t even love her and she doesn’t want him either. You just want everything for Daxton and you called me here thinking I’ll let go of her like I always gave up everything for Daxton. Not this time Henry, Daxton’s little star isn’t going to take Chloe from me. I met her first and I’m not letting her go. Not now, not ever.. Unless she wants me to, but she doesn’t” .





















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