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Married And Still Single – Episode 14

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I staggered up as someone pushed me down, I looked up and saw her looking at me with a stern look.


“Tasha why?” I asked pointing at my injured knees.


“Shut up, you talk too much” she walked from where she was to the other end of the room.


“Now let’s set you right” she drew out a syringe and gave a wicked smile.


“Please” I begged.


“No no I don’t want to hurt you, I want to set you right so you’d leave my man” she came closer and I quake with fear.


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“Please stop, I’ve got cancer” I shouted and she stopped.


“Oh well, isn’t that a good thing! guess nature wants you outta the way. Does Ryan know you’d die soon?” She asked and I shook my head negatively.


“Good, so this kidnapp is gonna be our little secret. You let my secret out I let


yours out. Understood?” She came closer putting her face closer to mine and I


could feel her breath on my face.


“Okay” I breathed out nervously.


“But wait you wanted to kill me?” I asked and she hit her hands on her head.


“You are cute but dumb. Of course I wanted to end your miserable life” she walked away and one of the guys came to release me. *


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I got home and spoke nothing about the kidnapp, I lied to Louise that I spent the night with Tasha for a girls night out.


“You are crazy, how can you stay a night with your husband to be girlfriend?” She folded her jeans into her box and stopped a little to look at me “No, we just hung out and talked about a lot of things” I scoffed.


“Things like? “She raised her brow and I swallowed the big lump in my throat.


“You know, girls stuff” I smiled nervously and she smirked.


“Okay Ryan came to pick you up earlier for some sorta trip or something” Louise reminded.


“I totally forgot” I half-yelled tapping my forehead. I rushed to the wardrobe to pick out some few clothes and shoes tucking them in a box hurriedly.


“Dang it! I don’t have Ryan’s number” I stumped my feet on the floor repeatedly fustrated and Louise had a puzzled look on. “What’s going on?” She asked.


“I’m suppose to meet up with Ryan so we could go to Australia to see his dad” I rolled my eyes.


“You are meeting his dad?!” Louise exclaimed.


“Yes” I replied dragging my suitcase and heading towards the door.


“I’d go over to his hostel to check if he is in” I dragged the suitcase out and waved Louise bye real quick before dashing out and heading towards the boys hostel. .


I was about entering the hostel when I saw Ryan coming out and I smiled.


“I’m so sorry we missed our flight because of me” I begged.


“I haven’t booked a flight, I know girls like you have a tendency to disappoint” he


said giving me one of his stern looks.


“Hahaha so funny” I laughed dramatically.


“Thank you, are you ready now?” He asked and I nod.


“Okay let’s go” he helped me with my suitcase and he rolled it into a white limousine packed right out front.


“Wow Ryan, this is beautiful” I complimented.


“Don’t get too comfortable miss” he shook his head and the chauffeur opened the door while I got in and he did also.


The drive to the airport was a quiet one because neither Ryan nor I altered a word, we remained silent till the driver pulled over at the airport and then opened the door for us to step down.


“Thank you” I smiled to the driver and he did the same.


Soon hostess flooded out of the airport and took in our bags. We were about going into the airport to check in when I heard a familiar feminine voice. “Going somewhere?” The voice came.


“Tasha” Ryan said running towards her and hugging her tightly.


“Please save your hug, you are about leaving the country without me” she nagged and Ryan tried kissing her in a romantic way of shutting her up but she resisted. “Ryan what’s up with you? You can’t tell me anything” she yelled. “Tasha…”


“Save it!” She interrupted raising her hands up.


“Good thing I came prepared, I’m going with you guys” she pouts like a baby and it was now I noticed the suitcase she carried.


“I’m going to see my dad” Ryan said and she faced me with a smile.


“Aaliyah darling don’t you think it’s an awesome idea for me to come with you guys?” She raised her brow and I knew instantly that she was blackmailing me. “Or I can tell him about you know can…”


“It would be a fantastic idea” I cut in and faced Ryan with a smile.


“You guys are acting weird” Ryan chipped in and we both released a smile. “Okay, good thing it’s a private jet, I guess we have a seat for one more” he added and walked ahead of us.


“Good girl, you know you’d be dead soon and I’d have Ryan all to myself” she whispered in my ears and ran forward to meet up with Ryan. Wow I’ve got myself in a really hot mess.


We got into private jet and I made sure I didn’t have anything to do with Tasha or


Ryan because Tasha was all over Ryan and I got uncomfortable and I don’t know


why I felt that way but I felt bad.




We touched down Australia after a very long trip, Australia is indeed the end of the world as they say.


We had a limousine take us to Ryan’s father mansion not too far from the airport. We stepped down from the car and soon we were right in front of heaven; okay I think I’m exaggerating but maybe not because this is heaven, gold rays, sparking tiles, beautiful garden. I mean if this is how heaven looks like I’m not scared to die, Lord take me now!


“Ryan! Aaliyah and…” a young girl said looking at Tasha because she doesn’t know her name.


“Tasha” she stretched her hands out and the girl ignored her looking at Ryan weirdly.


“You didn’t tell dad and I that you are getting married to two wives” the girl raised her brow.


“No…no way and you didn’t tell me you’d be around ” Ryan said with a smile. “C’mon Ryan don’t act stupid, you know I follow dad everywhere” she rolled her eyes and looked at Tasha again.


“I’m Aaliyah’s sister” Tasha lied grinning from ear to ear. Tasha is such a good actor and the award for best liar definitely goes to her.


“Oh Aaliyah sister, I see so you coming to your in-laws house with your sister” the


young girl said looking at me.


“I…you” I stuttered


“I’m just kidding” the girl laughed tucking her hands under my arms.


“I like you already, hi I’m Ryan’s sister Lala” she introduced herself walking me into her home.


“Ryan didn’t tell me he had a sister” I tell her and she shrugged.


“I know, he never does” she rolled her eyes.


“But he is such a cranky inhuman asshole” lala whispered to me.


“You have no idea” I said.


“But we both love him, don’t we?” She smiled and I returned the smile nervously.


“Yes we do” I replied.


Damn I think I like this Lala already, she is amazing.



We got to the dinning room and the table was flooded with different type of food ranging from cakes, pies, soup, salads and so much more and don’t forget my delicious cranberry pie, it was there also.


“So guys go freshen up and join me here” Lala smiled and I did also.


“Let me guess, dad is not home and he’d be back in the night” Ryan asked and Lala nods.


“I’d go freshen up now” I announced and Lala smirked.


“Mel please show miss Aaliyah to her room” Lala ordered.


“What about me?” Tasha asked and Lala groaned. I can tell Lala don’t like Tasha for some reason best known to her.


“Maybe the dog cage would be perfect for you” Lala gave off a mischievous smile. “Lala!” Ryan exclaimed


“What?” She groaned.


“Maggie show Tasha to her room” Ryan ordered as he walked away I guess to his


room also.










[Broken vows]


by berlie







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