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Adventure With The Slay Queens – Episode 15

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Episode 15

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

It’s seems like I’ve lost it all…

Johnson stared at me with a puzzled face.

I felt a lost in balance,but I quickly grab on something which held me on.

Johnson was in darkness of the horrific situation, so I brought him into the blazing light.

” your sister has been kidnapped ”

I broke it to him silently.

Even has a ghost, I felt his pain and fear. He opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out.

I felt weak and defeated, I had a feeling of a failure. But I know I need to rise and be strong again.

“Johnson, I’m going to do all I can to ensure that your sister is recuse from the blood thirsty humans, that’s a promise ” I said then I pick my phone and ran a call to Desmond.

Me: hello Desmond

Desmond :yea?

Me: I got a job for you

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Desmond : go on. I’m with you.

Me: those two kidnapped girls, I want you to track down their location

Desmond : that’s seems quite impossible for now.

Me: make the goddam thing possible!!!

Desmond : I said that because we don’t have a satellite here in this country to do that, tracking their location can only be possible through that.

Me: so what else can we do?

Desmond : they can be trackable if one of them have a tracking device on, or if they are with their cell phones. Wait why are you so mean about tracking their location ?

Me: because another two were kidnapped along. One of them is my best friend and the other is a close one.

Desmond : oh I’m sorry bro… I didn’t know…

Me : I know, and that’s why I need your help.

Desmond: you got it bro.

Me: I will send the cell number of those two to you now. There’s a possibility that one of them might have a tracking device on. But I will have to confirm that first. I will also want you to work on the other two kidnapped girls. Try to get their full profile.

Desmond: send it and let me get to work.

Me: right away.

I quickly texted Agatha and Janet number to Desmond then I ran another call to Elizabeth.

Me: Hello Lizzy.

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Elizabeth : hi…

Me: where are you?

Elizabeth : I’m at the crime scene

Me: Ok, I wanna know if Janet have a tracking device on?

Elizabeth : No, the tracking device was fixed in her car. Unfortunately,the kidnappers didn’t take her car along.

Me: shit!!! What about her cell phone, is it with her?

Elizabeth : It was smashed into pieces. It’s quite a professional work.

Me: so what are your moves now?

Elizabeth : I’m with the police, but they seems quite unreliable here. Concerning the kidnapping, it was done by some ladies. And I think it’s the Queen girls. Yemi have something to do with this.

Me: Lizzy, listen to me. We need to link up. We need to have a lead on this case. We need to find and get our friends back. If we rely on the police, they we all be dead before we know. So I need you to link up with me at bebo lounge, I will be there in 10 minutes. Come with all the information and gadget you have. I also have someone working with me, so are we meeting there?

Elizabeth : hell yes, let me pack some things then I will be there.

Me: OK then.

I ended the call then ran another call to ope.

Me: hello

Ope: yes yes yes

Me: calm down, how did it happen.

Ope:I was inside when she went out to get an airtime, I heard her screaming and before I could reach out, she was dragged forcefully by some girls into a car, and they zoom off before I could raise an alarm.

Me: OK, do you know if her cell phone was with her?

Ope: no, they pieces the phone on the floor. Ay I’m so scared.

Me: now I want you to be a man. If you really care and love Agatha as you said, then it’s time she needs a help.

Ope: I’m ready to do anything for her.

Me : good, I want you to contact mayor and Ben. You guys got work to do.

Ope: I will do that right away.

Me: await my call. I will tell you what to do.

Ope: OK OK.

I ended the call, then shift my attention towards Johnson ghost, I can feel his pain, even as a ghost, I can read clearly his fear. He’s just a mere ghost with no but a little power of possessing.

” I understand how you feel Johnson, but I need you to help me find your sister too, now go and search where ever you know she might be or held captive ”

I said assuredly to him, he nodded then he disappeared.

I entered my room and pack some little stuff into my bag, including my laptop and a soft copy of honourable lawal profile, then I head to bebo lounge. On my way to bebo lounge I ran a call to Desmond.

Me: hello Desmond.

Desmond: yes bro

Me: Anything?

Desmond: not really, the number you sent to me, didn’t work out. So does any of the two have a tracking device?

Me: no, what do you have ?

Desmond: the profile of the other two virgin girls .

Me: okay, good. I want you to meet me at bebo lounge .

Desmond: on my way bro.

I ended the call, then I board a bike which conveyed me to bebo lounge. I paid for a room then I waited for the rest to arrive.

After we are all settled in the room, I brought out my lapto then I show then the secret video of hon lawal and yemi to them.

They were both shocked after they finished watching the video, I can sence from their facial expression. Elizabeth was the first to speak up.

” this is all we need to free the girls. If we can get this video to the police, then we can use this as an evidence to get yemi and that man arrest. Since he was requesting for 3 virgin girls in the video… This is all we need. ”

She said. I look at Desmond for his own point of view.

” I wouldn’t agree to that, I will say it’s because you didn’t know the man in that video, view days ago, Ay brought me the picture of that man, whom I figured out to be Honourable Ogunseye lawal, by name, he’s a very powerful politician, going up against him with the police will be a waste of time, cos the police also work with him. Don’t forget he’s still in power, the D. P. O will never give an arrest warrant. I think we should fight this war without involving the police For now.”Desmond said.

They both spoke well, but considering the person we are going up with, involving the police will be equivalent to killing our friends. So we all agreed to Desmond decisions.

” so Ay, what are we to do now?” Elizabeth asked.

” yes, right now we know who the kidnappers are. And we know who they are working for. The kidnappers are the slay queens. Under the leadership of yemi. They are working for Hon lawal. I have all his profile on my laptop. Now we need to start with the slay queens …”

” how are we suppose to do that? ” Desmond cut in with a question.

” leave that to me, I got some friends who will help me with it. ”

I said then I pick up my phone, I ran a conference call to ope, Ben and mayor. Putting the phone on speaker for Elizabeth and Desmond to hear.

Me: hello guys, I got a work for you to do.

Ope: yea.

Ben : all ears

Mayor: go on.

Me: we know the kidnappers, they are the Queen’s girls. Right now, I want you 3 to go out there and create one or two groups each. I need a searching squad. I also needs sleeper cells all around the campus and beyond, I need them to bring me all information they can get about the where about of the missing girls. And I also need a very good spy.

Ope: ok

Me: after this call, I will send the profile of the missing girls to you. 3 of them are virgins including Agatha. And the fourth one is Janet. I will send you guys all the information you need to carry out the task.

Ben: OK, speaking about the searching squad. Let me handle it.

Ope: and about the sleeper cells. I will take that.

Mayor: I will work on the last one.

Me: now get to work, we don’t have much time. I need a report from you all in the next 3 hours.

Ope: am off.

Ben: 2 hours 59 minutes left.

Mayor : Roger that.

I ended the call then I face the rest.

” Desmond can you track someone location through calling ?” I asked.

” yes, if the phone location is on” he said.

” very well then. I’m going to call yemi right now, and I want you to track her location ” I said.

” let’s do this ” he replied then he entered the hacking site.

I picked up my phone then dial yemi number. She picked up after the second ring.

Me: hello dear.

Yemi: how are you.

Me: I’m not fine.

Yemi : what’s wrong?

Me: some girls are kidnapped…and my friend is among. You didn’t know anything about the kidnapping did you?

Yemi: what if I do?. I know what you are capable of, but I will advice you to stay away from this particular one . You might lose your life and I won’t be there to help you bye.

She ended the call before I could make further statement.

I look sadly at Desmond and Elizabeth, then I shifted back my gaze to Desmond.

” did you? ” I asked anxiously.

” hmm… I couldn’t track down her full location, due to the fact that she didn’t stay long on phone. But I’m able to know where she is. She’s not in the school vicinity. She’s at the outskirts of the town. But I don’t know her exact location and place” Desmond said. I looked up only to see Johnson spirit at the door way.

” I got something to tell you guys, it may sound weird but it’s actually happening to me. I do see things normal people can’t. Things like ghost and some spirit creature. I’ve met with Janet brother, Johnson ” I stopped to see their reaction, which is exactly what I expected. Telling them he’s here with us my send them both shaking.

” so you do see ghosts? ” Desmond asked. And I nodded in response.

” I don’t believe in superstition ” Elizabeth added. I smiled then I replied.

“you should be, cos right now Johnson ghost is here with us” I said.

It’s like I trow a bomb, they both ran towards one angle with their head under their pants.

“tell him to go away!!! ” Elizabeth screamed.

” I thought you said you don’t believe in superstition ?” I asked suprisely.

” just tell him to go please ” she pleaded.

I stood up and move to Johnson, but it seems he got something to say, so I hear him out.

” you found a trace of your sister? ” I asked.

“no, but I know that lady. She’s Janet friend and also my girlfriend when I was still alive. She can help us. She’s an undercover agent with alot of experience. She’s a good specialist, don’t underestimate her ability. She’s good. ” he said then he disappeared.

******* ****** ***** ***** **** **** ****

It’s been 5 hours since the kidnapped of those girls and we are yet to receive any update from the police concerning the case. That shows that we are on our own.

Exactly 6 pm. I picked up my phone and call ope, Ben and mayor putting them in a conference call.

Me: so guys, what do you got?

Ope: My works are on the sleeper cells. Now I have up to 50 people working with me. They are out there monitoring and giving me every detail and movement on the slay queens girls. According to the information I’ve received so far. The kidnapping happens at exactly the same time. By some girls armed with AKs. 4 different government car ware used for this act, with the plate number LND956Hj, AK368JJ, OSN211BU, and ON653LZZ respectively. I still got my people out there working for me.

Me: thank you, Ben what do you got.

Ben: yea, I organized a searching squad. With the information we obtained from the sleeper cells. We raided and search all the queens hide out. But we found nothing there. We couldn’t bang in into the queen’s villa due to high security on guards, but I got my boys monitoring every in and out movement in the Queens villa. But it’s seems they’ve been keeping their heads low. There are no car movement either in or out since the past hours.


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Me: good job. Mayor what got you?

Mayor : well, I tried having a spy in the queens villa. But it seems quite difficult, so I work on the crime scene searching for witnesses. And here I met with one person who recognized one of the kidnappers. Whose name is Lydia…

Me: wait did you just say Lydia?

Mayor : yea, you know her?

Me: kind of, I met with her at a hotel. You got her profile there?

Mayor : yea I do, her full name is Igoni Lydia, a 300 level student in the department of Economics. Her parent lives in this town, and she have 2 other siblings…

Me: I’ve gotten what I needed you can send her full profile to me after the call, now I will work on getting a spy myself.

Mayor : OK.

Me: good work friends. I’m proud to have you guys as a friend. Remember we are not just rescuing our friend here, but we are also saving life’s. Now let get back to our duty.

Ope: yea

Me: mayor are you still there.

Mayor : yes.

Me: someone will be meeting with you at the school gate. Her name is Elizabeth, There’s a task you will be carrying out together, you will know it when you meet with her

Mayor : OK.

I ended the call then I shifted my attention to Elizabeth .

” right now, we need to be cruel. They have pushed us against the wall and we need to fight them with all we got, Elizabeth I need you to meet with my friend mayor at the varsity gate. You are going to kidnap Lydia family, that’s the only way to make her comply with us. That’s the only way Lydia can corporate and be our spy.” I said.

” why giving a lady a man job?” Desmond asked.

” she’s not just a lady, she’s an agent. She has Been an undercover agent for many Years. She’s a specialist in criminal case. I’m sure I’m sending the right person. Isn’t it? ” I asked looking at Elizabeth.

” how did you know all this? ” she asked surprisely.

“someone closed to you told me” I replied with a wink.

“I’m off ” she said, then she head out.

I waited till I got a confirmation response from Elizabeth and mayor before calling Lydia. After I’ve confirmed that her parents are being held captive and also a video was being sent to me which includes Elizabeth pointing a pistol gun at the forehead of one of Lydia siblings. After this I picked my phone and search for Lydia number, I remembered collecting it from her at the hotel.

I ran a call to her which she picked on the first ring.

Me: hello pretty.

Lydia : yea, who are you?

Me: I’m Ayo. We met at an hotel some days ago.

Lydia : what is it?

Me: I was thinking if we can see today at evening.

Lydia : get lost, I don’t need you again.

Me: not so fast, if you ever want to see your parent and siblings again .meet me at global restaurant today at 9 pm. It will be advisable to come alone.

I didn’t wait for her to reply back before I hang up the call.

Immediately I ran another call to Ben.

Me: hello Ben.

Ben: yes bro.

Me : I want you and your boys to be on a lookout for me at global restaurant. I got a mission there.

Ben: Consider it done.

Me: thank you.

Exactly 9:30pm I head out to the global restaurant. I saw Lydia sitting impatiently on a seat, so I approached her.

” what will you like to take? ” I asked assertively.

” you fool!!! I want to see my family!!! ” she shouted.

I maintained my calm as I ordered for a cold malt drinks, then I brought out my phone and show her the video Elizabeth send to me . The video melted her anger as she reduced her voice.

” what did you want? ” she asked slowly.

” it’s simple, I know you work for yemi and I know you are among the kidnappers that kidnapped the missing girls. I want you to tell me where you guys keeping them” I said slowly studying her reaction .

” we are responsible for kidnapping the girls but I don’t know where the girls are” She said .

“Lier” I muttered.

” I swear, the orders giving to us by yemi is to kidnap the girls, then we brought them to the Queen’s villa were we held them captive before yemi drove the girls out alone by herself, she didn’t tell any of us where she’s taking them to. I swear that’s all I know please ” she said with a remorse.

” why should I believe you? ” I asked looking at her with a rage.

“you got to believe me, please ” she replied.

“I’m sorry, you won’t see your parents if I don’t see those girls. So are you in to help me find them or not? ” I asked pointedly.

” I will. just don’t hurt my family” she said with a tears on. I stood up them made to leave.

“go back into the queen’s villa and get me all I need to find them” I said then I head out.

I couldn’t sleep the whole night the fear of unknown kept moving to and fro in my head.

Exactly 7am at dawn Lydia call came in into my phone.

Lydia : hello?

Me: yes.

Lydia : I found from one of the girls that yemi is hiding the girls at the outskirt of the town.

Me: address?

Lydia : unfortunately known of them know the address. I got to hang up. Someone is coming.

I lied down back on the bed with my thoughts wide open. Outskirts of the town could be anywhere ranging from North, east, west, and south. Searching the four cardinals point will take days. Just as I was thinking, something struck me and I remember something, immediately I shifted my gaze towards Desmond.

” Desmond, in the list of Hon lawal property, does it say that he have a house at the outskirts of the town?” I asked eagerly. He seems unsure as he quickly Scan through the List. His expression changed after a while, as he screamed out.

” Hell yes!!! He have a safe house at the outskirts of the town ” he let out loudly.

“yes!!! That’s it!. That’s where they are. I want you to fetch me the address now” I said then I quickly pick my phone and dial Elizabeth line.

Me: hello Lizzy.

Elizabeth : yes Ay.

Me: we’ve know where they are.

Elizabeth : for real?

Me: yes. I want you to rush down here with all the ammunition you have. Please be quick

Elizabeth : I’m on my way.

Immediately I ended the call, Desmond presented me with the home address.

Few minutes after Elizabeth arrived with some High sophisticated Guns, alongside with a bullet proof and some tracking devices and chips.

I opened my mouth widely when I saw the guns she brought out, four beretta M9 pistol, one M16A4 rifle and an auto short gun, With 5 smoke grenade. I’ve never use a gun in my life, but there’s always a first time for everything.

I kit myself up with the bullet proof and 3 smoke grenade, then help myself with two M9 pistol. I wouldn’t want to go for the big guns. Elizabeth dressed herself up too, while Desmond watched with an open mouth.

After we are fully dressed up. I look quite terrified cos it’s my first time doing such a thing.

“Ayo are you sure you can do this? ” Elizabeth asked. I looked her with a straight face.

“yes…do you have any hard drugs there” I asked back.

“No, except morphine ” she answered.

” I got one bro” Desmond said as he gave me the drugs. I wasted no time in using the drugs, then I feel a little more stronger.

We put on the tracking device in which Desmond connected to his laptop.

“Desmond I want you to contact the police, 45 minutes after our departure, give them all the evidence we got, also contact Ben, ope and mayor too. Tell them about our moves. ” I said then I shifted my attention to Elizabeth.

“let’s go get our girls back” I said confidently.

To be continued.

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