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Isabella – Episode 47

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“Morgana you are amazing.”



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I had managed to get up from my bed and was pacing around the room. She had managed to give me strength and I was increasingly grateful for that. While Sophia paced nervously back and forth while we awaited for our mates to join us.



I had told a maid to have Roland in the next room, just incase ray wanted to end my life. I did not want him to do it in front of Roland….even though he will not remember.



“Human Queen and Sophia, you need to calm down! I will not let anything happen to you two. Well I will try my best….you know those two dogs are very strong.” Morgan explained as I gave her a nervous smile.



At least she would attempt to help. Sophia looked ready to run out of the room and down the hall. I was increasingly becoming nervous too. What would he say before killing me? Or will he be too disappointed to say anything…..hopefully disappointment was what he will feel.



A knock at the door had all three of us jumping….of course Morgan was


jumping in excitement.


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“Come in.” I called.



The door opened slowly, in strolled Kelly. He seemed to look, well awful really. His eyes glanced to Sophia before looking at me …..and averting his gaze.



“What is the meaning of this? The guard told me there was trouble….”



Sophia claimed that was the only way Kelly would somehow go near me….if both her and I were in trouble.

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“Oh you filthy dog, you look awful! I suppose the past has battered you up. Do not worry, at least the woman is not alive to tell us how it all happened.”



Kelly’s eyes gazed over as he snarled. Making his way over to morgan. She stood from her stool, and snuck behind Sophia snickering.



“Do not touch her.” Sophia growled out, watching Kelly pace around the room and snarl.



He seemed very upset. Maybe because his cousin was upset with him and


so was his mate….



“Sophie, why am I here? Is this some kind of…..” His voice trailed off as the


door slammed opened.



Shaking the paintings on the wall.



Raymond barged in,his eyes meeting my own, sliding over my body before turning to Kelly. A cruel smile on his lips.



“Cousin, you really wished death for yourself and I will make it quick.” Ray promised through clenched teeth as he slammed Kelly to the ground.




“Stop it, you two animals! You are here because we are in harms way, not to kill one another! If both of you did not want to die, listen to what I have to say!” I stomped



My blood boiling to the point where I had to grasp at the bed post. I suppose Morgan has not given me a lot strength.



Raymond paused, as he stared at me worriedly.



“Are you alright?”






He sighed before moving his gaze to Kelly.



“Tell me how we will all die if we don’t listen to you, Isabella.”



His eyes were completely crimson now and I cleared my throat…..feeling a


rush over myself.



“Ummm…I have…. You see….” I stuttered



I don’t know how I will tell him. I know my husband very well. He will be so pissed off. He will surely get angry.



I ran towards Morgan back. She should tell him. I can’t tell him. She look at me while I gave her a pleading look in return.



“Isabella….what is going on?” Raymond asked



“Your wife, the queen, has been sending message to her old suitor Alexander.” Morgan blurted.



Why did she had to say it that way!



Ray looked at me suspiciously.



“Are you planning to leave me? ” he asked



I shook my head. He is misunderstanding me! Morgan should explain this better!



“Calm down king. Your wife loves you too much to commit such atrocity. Well, she find out he has an evil intention towards you. We found out that he and the vampire king are alliance. Both have same goals to kill you.


Isabella has entrusted me with this knowledge and letter by letter we have been gaining informations. Granted this was a very poor choice and your wife is an incompetent woman. She has find out the information you would have never known in your whole life. So do not kill her.”



Kelly snarled.



“Take the letters. Read them,dog king.” Morgan spat.



Both Ray and Kelly were reading the letter. They were shaking with fury. Sophia held my hand tightly as we walked over to the stool where Morgan recently sat. She stood in front of us.



I bitterly chuckled. At least I am not dead, but I would have never guessed that Morgan would be protecting me.



I glanced up at Raymond as he passed the rest of the letters to Kelly. They had forgotten their differences so quick? I suppose I should be happy the feuding cousins are at bay.



“They are on their way!” Raymond bellowed,as everyone in the room flinched.



“Yes ,dog king” Morgana sighed.



Kelly took the letter, reading it.



“This letter was received early this morning…..they didn’t say anything


about the battle strategy. ” he snarled glancing at Kelly who shook his head.



“I will take my men….”



“We must do this with tactic not violence.” Morgan explained.



“Sophia and I have spoke and we believe that we need Sophia to pretend to be Mirabel. Lead them into the castle and that is where you will end them. ” Morgan explained as Kelly nearly shifted into his beast right then and there.



Sophia stood.



“Kelly, they do not know what I look like nor Mirabel! I do not like you my king….no disrespect your highness….”



Morgan burst into a fit of laughs. Raymond just stared at her.



“I am only this for the sake of my friend. I know the castle..when we get to a certain part of the castle you two will be there with swords in your hand.”



Kelly shook with fury.



“No! No ! Ray no! Is this your punishment? I am sorry Sophia. I have been sorry for half of my life but I will not allow you do this and kill yourself because you are angry at me !”



I have never seen Kelly loose his calm demeanor. It was fascinating…. In


an awful way. Now I see the similarities between Raymond and Kelly.



“If you allow Sophia to do this and she dies, you have the permission to kill me. Is that recompense?” Raymond spat.



“You become king.Is that more appealing?”



If I had the strength of a were, I would stab Raymond. Is he planning to die and leave me and our son alone in this world? Well it will be better if we all die together! No one is dying!



“If Sophia dies, I kill you. I won’t take over your kingdom. Your son will take over from you. ”



The both of them grasped forearms as Morgan hobbled up to both of them.



“Ah I will kill both of you if Sophia dies


How about that? No one will kill my little pup child. I have raised this smelly thing and she will not die.”



Sophia smiled as I stared at the four of these insane people. We had more pressing matters than death pacts!


“What Is the exact plan?” I questioned.



“Just as we have said. The guards at the border of our land we will alert them of some lie, distraction and I will lead them into the city.”



“Guards will be placed around the city to ensure your safety.” Kelly added in as Sophia briefly smiled at him.



“Then you will lead them into the castle… To the foyer and….”



“And that is where I will end the both of them.” Raymond finished.



“Sophia if they have many men, tell them only three may accompany you into the castle. Any more than that will cause suspicion. While you are in the castle with them, the men that they left at the border will be killed by the soldiers. If anything is out of this plan as you walk through the city to the kingdom you will alert one of the soldiers and they will kill them instantly. Do you understand,Sophia?”



She nodded confidently.



“Kelly go pick fifteen of our most trusted guards and tell them this plan.” Ray ordered as Kelly gave him a look of distress.






Kelly cleared his throat.



“Well the fifteen that you and I have chosen before….you killed seven of






Raymond snarled.



“Just find seven that you trust!”



Kelly grabbed Sophia….much to her protest and they quickly stepped out.


Ray looked to Morgan who began to hum and look around the room.






She knocked over a chair before she did so, slamming the door shut. I glanced at Raymond as he approached me. I looked away from him.



Why did they leave me alone with me? What if he is angry with me? What do I do now!



He bent down as he held my fingers, rubbing them and planting a kiss on them.



“Why didn’t you tell me?”



I looked at him not giving him a reply.



Don’t blame me, I don’t know what to say!



“Why didn’t you tell me about all this? You have been sending letters pretending to be Mirabel, what if he found out you were just pretending? You were risking your life to safe me Isabella and you didn’t let me know!”



I flinched as he moved the hair from my neck.



“I told you, but you didn’t believe me.”






Seriously? Is he asking me when?



“When I told you Mirabel was plotting against you and our child! You thought I was insane.!”



I was getting angry. He didn’t believe me then. He didn’t trust that I was telling him the truth!



“I thought…..”



“Thought what, Raymond? ”



“I thought keeping Mirabel in the cell will make the plan fail.”



“Well it didn’t. They are so bent on destroying you. I couldn’t just sit down and watch them plot against my husband and my child.” I said as I rolled my eyes.



Raymond looked at me closely. I could see his wolf showing in his eyes.


He nodded slowly, as he watch me take my time in standing up.



A look of guilt on his eyes…..considering how he had not believe me.



“Stay here and don’t leave this room. I will have a few soldiers flanking you.














“Elsa,I will kill any man who stands in my way of having you. I will kill one thousand men!” I snarled, anger getting the best of me as her frightened eyes widened.



Tears now slipping from her perfect cheeks. How could she not understand that? I don’t like the way men keeps flocking around her! She knows I hate it! She sees all men as her friends! Don’t she understand? She is mine alone!



“I do not want that. ” she whimpered



Her body shook as she wiped at the flushed skin of her cheeks.



Gosh, I hate when she cries. My arms instinctively going around her body, pulling her into me.



She shook softly as she cried.



“Elsa, I didn’t mean to yell at you. I just didn’t like the way you were too close to him. ”



“Leave me, Arden.” She sobbed out as I pulled her closer to me.



Her weak attempts at fighting my embrace were futile. I turned her around and held her on her waist from behind. I didn’t want to press on her stomach because of the pregnancy.



“I’m sorry my love. I just can’t help being possessive of you. I love you Elsa.”















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