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The Neighbourhood Saga – Season 2 Episode 6

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*(Chrisham My Neighbor’s Wife)*






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( This story Contains Adult Content (AC), Strong Graphic Language (SGL) which might be disturbing to minors and in some parts Graphic Violence (GV). Reader’s discretion is advised. Suitable for persons 18 years and above. )




It was Chris, Chrisham’s husband. I ignited the engine and began driving towards the gate. Chris moved to the center of the gate and stood there. I stopped the car and got out with my right fist folded firmly.


“Where do you think you are taking my wife?” He asked rudely.



“I don’t see any wife of yours here, Joy is not here so go and look for her where you left her.” I replied equally rude.


He got pissed off and came charging at me angrily. He threw a punch at me but I blocked it then grabbed his arm and twisted it.


“Chrisham is now mine and if you don’t stay away from her you will have it rough. If anything ever happens to her, I will personally find you and kill you.” I said to him as he knelt with one knee because of the pain in the arm I was twisting.


I then released his arm and got back to the car and drove off. I knew Chris was a go getter, he went for everything he desired but I was not ready to let Chrisham go again; not after all we had been through together. I took her to the hospital to see Mekhi but I never told her that he was Mumo’s son neither did I tell her that Christine was in the same hospital. I excused myself and went to check on Christine; I left Chrisham there admiring Mekhi.

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Christine was just the same as I had left her earlier; lying on the bed with breathing tubes in her mouth. When I set my eyes on her, I felt guilt for lying to her that I wanted her to be my wife. I said to her a lot of things which I never meant just to convince her not to commit suicide. She was a beautiful lady any man would want to be with and being like any other normal man, I had grew some feelings for her but deep down my heart, I knew perfectly well that Christine would be the last person I wanted to marry.

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Having known her family background, it was not the kind of family I would want to get a wife from. I just did as usual; said a prayer for her then went back to Chrisham. We spent some time with Mekhi then Chrisham asked me to take her to her attorney’s office so that she could file for a divorce. She filled in the divorce papers and I accompanied her to Chris’ house to give him the papers so as to sign.


Chris refused to sign the papers hence Chrisham had to file a case in court so that the court could grant her the divorce. The court ruled in favour of Chrisham and she officially becomes a unmarried lady. Chris was not pleased by the ruling but there was absolutely nothing he could do about it since the ruling was final. I knew he was a malicious man so I beefed up my security around the house and every



time Chrisham wanted to go out, I would accompany her so as to protect her from Chris.


Time passed by and Chris had not reacted yet; Mekhi was now ready to be discharged and come to live with us. We decided to go and get him together. That particular morning I was the one who woke up before Chrisham and I made her breakfast. As usual we fed each other like any romantic couple would, went to shower together and had some fun in the shower room before getting dressed.


Whenever we were going out, I would dress Chrisham and she would dress me; that became like our culture. After we were all set, we got to the car and drove to the hospital. The doctor gave us the adoption forms to fill before officially giving us Mekhi but after we had signed; she asked me to accompany her to her office as Chrisham was finishing up the clearance.


“A guy came by today and claimed to be the elder brother to Christine.” The Doctor said as she closed the door after I had walked into her office.


“Did he say what his name was?” I asked.


“He said his name was Chris. He accused the hospital of being responsible for the death of his mother so he took his sister to another hospital. We had no choice Haman since he had all the legal documents to prove that he was her brother.” The doc replied.


“Yeah, he is Mumo’s firstborn son.” I said shaking my head.


“So he is Mekhi’s brother?” The doc asked puzzled.


Before I could answer her, someone knocked at the door then I heard it crack open followed by soft footsteps.


“Who is Mekhi’s brother?” I heard Chrisham’s voice ask as she walked into the office from my back.


“Another boy who was recently adopted just two days ago.” The doctor quickly lied to Chrisham.



To my surprise, Chrisham bought the lie and we cleared all the paper work and officially Mekhi was our firstborn son. I looked at how beautifully Chrisham held him and how Mekhi lay on her chest like she was her biological mother and just smiled because I could see The Mother’s Love in Chrisham. It was just by Chances of Destiny that Chrisham and I were together once more.


I took them to the car, opened the door for her to sit on the front seat next to me then helped her fasten her safety belt and we drove off heading back home. When we got to my gate, we found a parcel left just outside my gate. I pulled over the car and got out then slowly walked towards it in a cautious manner. It was an envelope which was well sealed and had my address on it. I was sure that it was not a post mail because my mail box was just next to the gate but the envelope was on the ground.


I took it up and cautiously opened it up; there was a handwritten letter inside. I carefully got it out and unfolded it; all along Chrisham was just watching me with Mekhi in her arms.


“Dear Haman,


I know that you no longer love me like you used to before and the truth is, I still do love you so much and I cannot stand seeing you with another woman, especially Chrisham, so I have decided to leave town and vanish. The baby I am carrying will be my reminder of you and I promise to take good care of him.


I am so sorry for all the evil things I did to you and I hope that one day you will


find a place in your heart to forgive me.


Goodbye my love.


Yours Loving




Joy Nyash.” The letter read.


I got so relieved after reading the letter because another burden in my life had offloaded itself and now I had Chris to worry about. I opened the gate and drove into the compound.


I had already began having the fatherly mentality, I offered to prepare everything for my lady as she took care of our adopted son.


The following day I took them shopping since Mekhi needed more staffs and Chrisham being a mum now and a wife to be required more things. About a week



later, I woke up early in the morning to do my morning exercises and I happened to glance through my window.


I saw four huge trucks in Chris’ homestead being loaded with staff from his house.


I quickly woke Chrisham up and showed her what was happening.


“Did you take your belongings from the house?” I asked her.


“He refused I get into his compound after I won the case; but it’s okay love, we shall acquire others, even much more.” She replied.


“No way, I am not standing here and watch him take what’s yours. Let’s go you take your things.” I said.


“No hun, just leave it.” Chrisham replied timidly.


My word was final, Chrisham could not convince me otherwise. She got dressed and we walked together to Chris’ homestead. Four men stood on our way then Chris appeared from one of the trucks.


“We are here to take whatever belongs to her and let any fool who believes he is a man enough stand on our way.” I said as I folded tightly, my right fist.


Chris knew what I was when provoked; he looked at me in the eyes and saw the anger burning in them then he told the four men to step aside. Chrisham took every single thing that belonged to her and her property was singled out on one corner as the rest was being loaded to the trucks.


From the look of things, all my problems were just solving themselves one by one. First Mumo, then Christine was solved by Chris, then Joy left and now Chris was leaving; it was like the Chances of Fate were giving Chrisham and I a second chance in life.


After all his property was loaded in the trucks, I began transporting Chrisham’s property to my house using my cargo loader. Chrisham went back to the house to be with Mekhi as I took care of her property. Later I came to learn that Chris had sold the house to a white man and the neighborhood was now calm once again.



Life went on smoothly and an year later, I proposed to Chrisham asking her to marry me.


I woke up one morning very early before she could wake up and decided to surprise her. I knew that day she was taking Mekhi out so she would apply some make up. I went to her make up table and took the wall ink painter then wrote on the mirror “WILL YOU MARRY ME LOVE?” I also sprinkled some roses on the floor and on the table and placed a heart-shaped cake at the centre of the table with the engagement ring on it and after all was done I went back to bed.


Chrisham later woke up and when she walked to the make up table, I could hear her shout so excitedly. She came back holding the ring shouting a million times ‘Yes I will baby’


I took the ring from her and went on my knee;


“Chrisham Darling, will you be the Queen of my humble palace?” I asked her.


I could see how happy she was as she said yes and gave me her left hand, her face was all lit up. I slowly put the ring on her middle finger and she hugged me excitedly. I turned and saw our son staring at us.


“He is too young to know what is going on.” Chrisham said excitedly after she saw me staring at him.


We set our wedding to be six months later so that we had an humble time to plan for it. I wanted to give her the best wedding ever so I planned everything to be exclusive and unique from all the other weddings. Two months to the wedding, I came home one evening from a conference and found Mekhi in the house all alone.


When I got to the bedroom, I found Chrisham’s closet empty and there was a note on her make up table, exactly where I had placed the proposal cake.


“Baby, I know this will break you down but I had to leave for the sake of us. I was so willing to be your wife but right now it is impossible. If we ever meet again, I will explain everything to you but a sorry love, I had no choice.” The note read.



I dropped my briefcase to the ground and went to pick Mekhi from the dining room. On my way out, I stepped on something; a unused pregnancy test kit. Immediately it struck my mind that there was a possibility that Chrisham was pregnant.


I had no idea for how long she was gone but I quickly grabbed my car keys and took Mekhi with me to the car. I fastened him on the baby seat at the back seat and I drove off hoping to find Chrisham before she vanished.


I drove around the city for two hours looking around hoping to see her but there was no any sign of her, I decided to take a rest so as to get Mekhi some food. I pulled over outside a restaurant and together with my son, I walked in and sat on a table next to a glass wall hoping to see Chrisham passing by.


I placed the order for our meals and we ate. Mekhi was way too smart for his age, he would feed himself at that tender age but only snacks since his hands were not strong enough to hold a spoon with food and put it in his mouth. I got him his favourite snacks and he ate excitedly.

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While seated there, I got a call from a client wanting to purchase my scripts. The place was a bit noisy so I got up and asked Mekhi to stay there and not move then moved just a few metres away to answer the call. We spoke for about two minutes then we were done.


When I turned and looked towards our table, my son was not there. A chilly fear struck across my spine and made me stand there rooted to the spot, I didn’t feel my phone fall off my sweaty hands.


“Sir are you okay?” I heard a lady ask but my mind was kind of in a hibernation mode.


The lady bent to collect the phone then softly patted my right shoulder; that brought me back to my senses. She was a waitress since she was wearing the service uniform.


“Are you okay sir?” She asked again.


“Have you seen my son?” I replied desperately as I tried to look around and see if I


could spot him…….





Continues in the next Episode.


©Author George Haman






*(Chrisham My Neighbor’s Wife)*



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