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The Scientist’s God : Episode 40

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© Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde



“ If God says he wants to destroy the world… Can he change his mind…?” Rejoice asked Ella…


“ Sure …because He is a loving God. The word of God tells us that if God’s people will humble themselves and pray to Him, He will forgive them and heal their land…” Ella responded.


“ Has God forgiven us…?” Rejoice asked.


“ I think so… Let’s keep our fingers crossed.” Ella said.

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A myriad of men who looked like Angels wearing beekeeping suits flew over the world and released water been sprayed out from pipes all over the place and the water was killing the fireflies and little objects that looked like the Picture Of Islingbee Virus…


Rejoice tapped one of the Angels…


“ What are you doing?”


“ The praises of the people was heard by the Most High and the Most High has forgiven the inhabitants of the earth. He asked us to extinguish the fire on the earth. This water is the purifying and cleansing water from the waters of the Lord. It will purify the earth…” said the Angel.


Rejoice snapped out of her short nap at the sound of a loud thunder.


Followed was a downpour of rain…


“ Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus! Mummy God has forgiven us and He is purifying the Land…” Rejoice said as she tapped her mother from sleep…

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Ruth’s video had been released online by the Christian aged couple she met. They were people who decided to stay off civilization. They accepted Ruth into their house and the journey of her restoration began…


The aged man sent Ruth’s Confession video to his first daughter who released it online. That further made people reverence God as the Greatest.


He was God Over the high & Mighty including the intelligent scientists.






“ It is no longer news that everything is gradually going back to normal. It seems like the Fireflies have returned to wherever they came from. No new cases of Islingbee Virus has been recorded anywhere in the world. Most people are attributing this to the Mercy of God. It seems God has finally smiled on his creation.” Said a T.V reporter…


“ Yes, you can say that again!” Massai said.


Massai was the one watching the news as Wendy was packing up their clothes. The government had opened the airspace and people were allowed to fly back to their home countries.


“ This was a great time…” Wendy said




Xavier found out about the death of his wife and daughter. During the praise challenge held on Bribia Island. He became closer to God and this gave him the strength to approach Henry…


“ Henry, you have lost your family, so have I, I will like you to be my new family as my son..”


“ This is an answered prayer!” Henry confessed. “ Thank you! Thank you Sir…”



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Seun and Smart were packing up their clothes as well…


“ I can’t believe I will see my kids after so long… Thank you God for keeping them safe during all the ups and downs…” Seun said


“ And Most importantly thank you for helping me fall in love with my wife


again…” Smart said and Seun compensated him with a kiss that landed him on his back on the bed…


The result was a beautiful girl named Mercy, nine months later.




The trip back to Nigeria was smooth…


As soon as they got out of the airport, Stone was the first person they saw at the entrance. He had depreciated in size but he had a big smile on his face. He came with a young lady and two boys. Folabi’s heart did a flip flop on seeing the young lady who accompanied Stone. His heart warmed towards her and something gave him peace that she was the ONE.


The love and respect for Ella was obvious on Stone’s face. Folabi could see that nothing could break them apart. Folabi knew Ella’s sister in law was going to be his wife…




Priye as a Scientist wrote a book describing God as the greatest Scientist. The book sold in millions…




Juliana and Naito started an online show “ SISTERS IN LOVE”. The show was a gospel show that drew many to Christ.


To be continued









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