Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 7) Episode 1 - 32

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 179

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“ Chaiiiiii!!!!!!!!!”

“My secrets are finally exposed!!!!!!!!!!’

“How did she found out sef?”

“What do I tell her now?”

“Should I lie to her about the pictures?”

“Even if I decided to lie, what would be the content of the lies?”

“Finally, Adebimpe has implicated me”

“She had succeeded in ruining my happiness”

ME: Betty, please!!!!! It’s not really what you think

BETTY: ***frowned***** yes I know it’snot what I think, that is why I need an explanation

ME: Betty, please!!!!

BETTY: Onihaxy, why are you begging me?,can’t you provide the explanations again?

ME:****silent and looking confused*******

BETTY: Onihaxy!!, if you know that you have nothing to say, I will carry my bag and walk out of this place right now and this is the last time you will ever see me, it’s over.

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ME: *****held her legs and I went down on my kneels***** baby, please!!!!!!!!!!, ok, let me explain

BETTY: **** folded her two hands on her chest****** ok Mr.Man, I am listening….

ME: ****silent and looking totally confused****

BETTY: Mr.Man, I thought you said you wanted to explain something just now?

ME: Betty, I don’t know where to start.

BETTY: ok, start explaining from how you both met.

ME: ok, please sit down

BETTY: No, I am not sitting down. I am fine like this on my feet. All I just need is the explanation.

ME: Betty, please sit down, I’m not too comfortable with the way you are standing up. Please for God’s sake, kindly sit down Betty.

BETTY: ok, if that is what will make you to provide the explanations, let me sit down then.

ME: ******stood up and sat down with her on the bed******* thank you so much Betty. Please before I say anything, can I beg you for something?

BETTY: what is that?

ME: please Betty; kindly find a place in your heart to forgive me after this my confessions. I ought to have explained everything to you right from the day we met but I was so scared of losing you.

BETTY: Onihaxy!!!! Forgiveness or no forgiveness let me hear the explanations first.

ME: ****started sobbing**** ok dear. It all started some years back when I just graduated from the university and I was waiting for my call up to NYSC

BETTY: ok, go on. I’m listening

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ME: there was this online chatting website then where I registered and I met a lot of people online of which Adebimpe was inclusive.

BETTY: which online chatting website was that?You mean Facebook?

ME: no, I think it was wap2chat, not Facebook

BETTY: ok, go on

ME: I saw her profile then and I sent her a message which she replied some days later and that was when we started relating with each other.

BETTY: ooooh, just as you met me on badoo too right?, so your ministry was to always hook girls online and sleep with them?

ME: no dear, I was never involved in something of such and would never do such. You can check my profile on badoo, it became dormant after I met you. The case of Adebimpe was just a case of idleness on my part when I was yet to get a job that would keep me busy and occupied.

BETTY: ok, go on. I am listening.

ME: ok dear, it all happened that after hooking up with her online, we exchanged contact and we became friends.

BETTY: ok, I’m listening.

ME: one thing led to the other, we started dating online then and that was when we began to exchange photos.

BETTY: ****raised up her fingers**** wait Onihaxy, exchange photos as how?, the pictures I am seeing here doesn’t look like something that was shared online as a soft copy. These are real hard copy photographs. So, tell me another lies.

ME: I’m not lying to you Betty. Then, I couldn’t afford phones with high resolutions as the phone I was using was a poor nokia phone with a camera of 1.0 mega pixel. So, what we do was to scan pictures and send on the internet through cybercafé. She scanned and sent those pictures to me which I later printed from photo studio and that was how I got them.

BETTY: ok, go on. When and how did you guys later met face to face?, and how many times did you have sex ?

ME: ***chaii!!!, see questioning*** we never met face to face neither did anything sexually related happened between us.

BETTY: Onihaxy!!!!!, don’t just try to lie to me ok!!, do I look like a kid?

ME: I’m so serious Betty. It all ended in a tragedy as Adebimpe scammed me. Why do you think we really hate each other up till date?

BETTY: ***surprised look on her face***** scammed you as how?, in what way?,

ME: ok, after three months of online dating, I suggested that we should see each other face to face and I decided to invite her over to Akure, we made enquiries about transport fare and I was told that it was 6,000 naira from Akure to portharcout as at that time. So, Adebimpe said I must send her transport fare to her before coming over, both to and fro.

BETTY: ok, go on please.

ME: I begged her then to accept the transport fare that would take her down to Akure first and I promised to pay the return fare when she was about to leave Akure, but Adebimpe refused and insisted that I must send 15,000 naira to her that would cover all her transport and preparation expenses before she could come down to meet me in Akure. I was so broke then because I was jobless. But out of love and the urge to really meet her face to face, I decided to borrow 12,000 naira from my friend Segun while I added the remaining 3,000 to it from my purse. My Dear, you won’t believe what happened after then.

BETTY: ok, what happened?

ME: Immediately after sending the money to her account, I called her to confirm the deposit and that was the last time her number ever went through. She changed her line and her number was never available till date.

BETTY: ***** busted into laughter******* Onihaxy!!!!! Are you serious?, you don’t mean it? ****** continued laughing******

ME: ******chai, I don get am, she don laugh. Thank God say my lies really worked******* yes ooooo my dear, I never set my eyes on Adebimpe again neither did I heard anything from her again until the day I was going through your phone and I saw her pictures on your phone while we were in my room in Ado Ekiti back then.

BETTY: ******still laughing********* very funny Onihaxy. As in, I so much love what she did to you. Seriously, some guys really need to be taught a big lesson that it is not every girl you meet on the internet you should invite over, Kudos to mummy Daniella.

ME: that was why I told you that day that her face was a resemblance to someone I knew.

BETTY: oooooooh. Yes I remember. You said so.

ME: I never believed it was really her despite the fact that you mentioned her name and it was a perfect match to the name that I knew, but I was so surprised when you said she was a nurse. Because she told me then that she was a student of Uniport studying mass communication. I had to wait until the day I saw her in your house at Lekki the first day I visited your home in Lekki, which was when I realized and believed that she was the lady that scammed me. And that was why I hated her so much till date.

BETTY: hmmmmm. Onihaxy, are you really sure of all what you are saying?

ME: yes. I swear to God. Segun is my witness. You can call him and ask him, he will explain everything to you better.

BETTY: can I ask mummy Daniela too to confirm?

ME: *****my heart started beating faster***** no problems dear,You can. Just that I hated her so much and I will hate her till my last breath.

BETTY: haba, stop that jor. Let me confirm from uncle Segun first. ******picked up her phone and dialed Segun’s number*******

ME: ******chai!!!!!!!, and Segun is not prepared ooooooooo. Won’t there be any fu.ckup now??”

To be continued

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