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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 22

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Chapter 22



The Talk



Claire’s POV






Mum?….. Sweet baby Jesus! So this woman is Killian’s Mom. But how come


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she’s slandering her own son like this?



I remember Killian once told me, that he wasn’t given love in his family….


He said his family doesn’t have normal relationship like other families… I think I kinda know why now…. having a bitchy mother isn’t at all sunshine and rainbows.



I looked between Killian and his mother…. Killian is glaring daggers at his


mum…. while she on the other hand, just stood there,….. Speechless.






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“What a pleasant surprise Mum?”



“Killian.. my son.. I swear I didn’t mean to hit you, I never thought of hurting you” she turned to me with a disgusted look on her face. ” I wanted to hit her…this slut”



What?? I just gave my virginity to a man I love….does that makes me a






What did you just say?” Killian asked, his shoulders tensed and his fist shaking…. it’s as if he’s holding himself back.


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“CLAIRE IS NOT A SLUT!!” He roared at his mother…his mother and I flinched.


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“Not everyone is like you Mum…. And I can fall in love with whomever I


want…I’m not my dad. I love Claire, so don’t think she’s just some slut I brought here to! Dad can bring as many girls as he wants home….he


can them in front of you, I don’t care… But I can never and will never do that to Claire!”



I looked at his mother and saw a lonely tear running down her cheeks. I guess want Killian’s saying is hurting her….


I don’t know how to tell him to stop…so I just wrapped my arms around his waist… hugging him from behind. Just like magic… His tensed shoulders calmed immediately.



“Killian you’re hurting her with your words… please that’s enough” I whispered in his ear.



He glares harshly at his mother.



“I’m late for work… See yourself out” he grabs hold of my hand and begin to head towards the door.



I…I actually came to tell you something important” his mother said almost in a whisper.


“I don’t care” Killian said bluntly.



“It’s about your dad”



Killian stops in his tracks… His body tensed. He clenched his jaw and clenched his fist that his knuckles turned white…



“I don’t care about him, he should get his shit together…. Mum I don’t want


to hear about him”



” But…”



” Come on, Claire. Let’s go”.



I was following behind him, when his mother pulled me back.



“Have lunch with me today, I have something to tell you”



Hmm, I don’t mean to pry…. But something is definitely not okay with


Killian’s Mom…I understand she doesn’t like me.. but I can tell something is bothering her. It won’t hurt to have lunch with her… And know who she really is.






“Meet me at Debby’s Cafe”



I nod and head out to catch up with Killian.






I arrived at the office… though I rode with Killian, he drop me off two poles away from Knight Gaming.



I head to my desk and immediately Charlotte rushed to me… Her face serious than ever.



“Claire, I held Derrick was fired because he assaulted a female intern”



What?” How in God’s name did she know about it! Only Lucas.. Killian and I knew about it…so how…



“Yeah, I made friends with one of the security guys…they saw it on the CCTV footage from yesterday”



Did they saw the face of the female intern?” My heart beating fast….


please say no.



No they didn’t… Her back was facing the camera…”



Phew! Thank God… At least nobody will ever know it was me, I can’t have people talking about it and treating me differently…



“But I never thought Derrick something like that…he looked like a descent guy to me” Charlotte said shaking her head in disbelief.



Well, sister I was shocked too…



“Raven’s coming” Timothy whispered loud enough for Charlotte and I to hear…



Charlotte quickly skip to her desk and pretended to be…. seriously focus in


her assignments…



But Raven didn’t approach us…. She went straight to her office…







Time flew by quickly….. Right now I’m at the cafe waiting for Killian’s





“Have you been waiting for a long time, Claire?” Killian’s mother pulls out a


chair opposite me and sat down… A surprisingly smile on her face. Weird….



“No ma’am.. I just got here” I replied.



A waiter came by and ask if we’d like to order anything… We just ordered an orange juice.



“So…. I wanna apologize for my behavior this morning… I am not always like….. You know….? ”



Bitchy? ” I asked.



Yeah! ” She laughed a little. “it’s just that a lot has been on my mind lately…. With everything happening between Killian’s dad and I”



The waiter came back and placed our glass of juice in front of us.



Enjoy” and he left. Killian’s mother took a sip from her glass. “I hope you are not angry with me now?”


“Not at all, ma’am”



“You can call me Nicole” she said.” At first I thought you were like one of those gold diggers… That follow Killian everywhere… But seeing you stand up for him…. And him standing up for you… I realize that you are different


from them. I can tell you really love Killian. That’s what I want for him, to be happy and not experience what his father and I are going through… ”



” Nicole… What happened to Killian’s dad? You wanted to talk to him about it”



She lets out a long tired sigh and smiled….but the smile doesn’t reach her


eyes….in fact…pain is evident in the smile.



“Killian’s dad and I…. we’re having a divorce…”






After spending many years together? I can’t imagine my Mom and dad having a divorce…I even wish my dad is alive…I always wished for a complete family.



“It’s not his dad’s fault though….I… I’m the cause of this divorce. I lied to


him and cheated on him….I married him because of his money…and


planned to leave San Francisco with my lover…but something happened and Eugene got to know about my real intentions and my affair….but


before then I had already fallen in love with him, I begged him and promised him that I wasn’t going to go through with my original plan but be wouldn’t believe me… that’s why Killian and Keira never had a normal family. Since then Eugene had being so distant and cold towards me…


always arguing with me over the slightest mistakes…. He brings different


women home every night and when I complained about it…he turns it into a fight..”


By now tears are flowing down her cheeks….I reach out for my handkerchief


and pass it to her…



“Does Killian know about all of this?”



“No… anytime I try to explain things to him..he never listen, he thinks I don’t love him…that I neglected him and his sister” she wiped her tears and reach out for my hand on the table.



Please, Claire. Help me talk to Killian…help me explain this things to him…I can see he loves you so deeply.. he’ll listen to you. I don’t want this divorce, I still love his father… Tell him to talk to his father.. maybe… Maybe his father will listen to him… Please Claire, help me” Nicole told me in a broken voice.



She’s gone through so much…. And nobody wants to hear him


wonder she was kinda acting like a bitch this morning.



“Claire.. please”



“It’s alright, Nicole. Don’t cry… I’ll talk to Killian… Well, I don’t know if he’ll listen to me, but I will try”



Thanks… I really don’t want to lose my family” she said.



I understand”



Glancing at my wrist watch…I gasp. I’m almost thirty minutes late…my lunch


was long over.


I stood up.




“Nicole..I have to go now. My lunch is over”



“Alright, dear. Thanks for meeting me here”



” It’s no biggie”



She gave me a small hug…I picked my bag and step out of the cafe.






Just one pole to Knight Gaming, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket…. I


pulled it out and placed it on my ear without checking the caller ID…..



“Hello” I said.



“Claire, it’s been two months but not once did you call me!” My eyes widen…. Mom?



” Mom…you won’t understand…”



Understand what? That you couldn’t call the woman that carried nine months in the womb, taught you how to sit…walk… speak…and taught you the way of God?”



O! Boy! She’s started with her nagging.



” It’s not like that…”



“Then how is it? Don’t tell me you’ve gotten yourself in trouble over there….wait.. don’t tell me you got yourself pregnant for one of those city boys…I told you not to leave morfield….here I can take care of you…but nooooooo, you are a big girl and wants to make your own decisions”


Mom.. I’m not pregnant!” I said.



Thank God… remember ‘the talk’ I had with you…no..”



No sex before marriage” I cut her off.



It’s a good thing you remembered, so tell me are you still a virgin??”



Oh no, I hate lying to my mom…but she can be a handful…and besides I don’t regret giving my virginity to Killian. Something about him just makes it feel so right…. Like I like I have to trust him…



“Claire? Are you still there?”



“Yes Mom”



Are you still a virgin?” She asked again, this time slowly as if she’s asking a five year old a question.



“Yes” I lied. I can’t let her know I’ve already done the deed….or she might


go into coma.



“Good! That’s my good girl… I have to go now customers just came in the shop” with that she hangs up.



Well…. that’s my mom for you…



I head to Knight Gaming with two wishes at heart….. one for Killian or Raven


not to notice my lateness…..and the other, for Killian to listen to what I have


to tell him about his parents…..




To Be Continued



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