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Teens’ Heart – Episode 78

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Chapter 78



[Alex POV continues] Gosh!


I was happy.. I brushed my teeth and took my bath.


I can’t believe Steph wanna go with me.


I pulled on my clothe..


Blue jeans, a white shirt and a baseball boots.


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But ugh! I wonder if Jeremy is gonna like this..


Steph coming with me.


But I can’t help it! I really want those two to stop hating each other.. And this


might be a chance for her and Chris..


I really want those two together.


Oh, I just wish Chris would be there and I really wish Jeremy’s dad would be awake now.


Everyone would smile.


I miss Jeremy and I miss his hug and us holding hands..


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I wish to get all that today again..


Ohh Alexxxx! Stop wishing too much!!





I went to the dressing table and tried to fix my hair but ugh! So bad! I can’t… So I


went out to the sitting room..


Steph was watching Zeeworld Tv.

“Steph..” I called.


She turned to me.“ Yea?”

“Can you help me out in my room? Im finding it hard to fix my hair.” I said.


“Sure.” She said and got up.


We walked back to my room and she helped me fix my hair and it looked so good.

“Thanks Steph.” I said.


She smiled.

“You so beautiful.” She said.


“Awwn, just like you are.” I said..


Steph is sure so beautiful..


With brown hair that fits her skin and eyelashes that fits her small eyes..


She wore a blue jeans as well with a blue top and blue sandals.


She has blue ribbon on her hair.




Blue girl, I guess that name fit her today.


I grabbed my phone and we walked to the kitchen.


Lili is mopping the kitchen.


I should be the one doing that not her.


But I gotta go to the hospital to see Jeremy.


I don’t know, but I just think that he needs me.


That he miss me.


That he need someone close to him, to talk to..


Someone to hold her hand.. And that person is mee..


Argh! Stop thinking Alexxx..

“Im not hungry Lili… I might eat at the Hospital Eatery.” I said.


She looked at me.

“It’s okay dear. Lemme go get you some money.” She said.


“No Lili. I got some money with me.” I said.


“Will that be okay?” She asked.


“Sure.” I said.


She hugged me.

“Be the best friend you can to him. He needs that now.” She whispered to me.


Im sure, Steph didn’t hear it.

“I will.” I said.


She pulled away.

“Alright. Bye. Take care ok. Be careful.” She said to both Steph and I.


“Bye Lili.” Steph said.


We left and headed down the road for a Cab..


I wanna let Jeremy know im on my way, but I felt like just letting him see me there..


A cab came by and we entered.

“Washington Hospital, Grandel.” I said.


I still can’t believe Steph was going there with me.


We soon got to Washington hospital and I paid the cab driver and he zoomed off..

“I feel kinda nervous.” Steph said as we headed down the hallway.


“Why?” I asked.


“Jeremy might be get annoyed to see me here.” She said.


“It’s fine. I don’t think he will.” I said and took her hand.


We walked to the hospital hall and sat down at the lounge.


I then called Jeremy.


For the first time, I called him.


He picked up like he’s been expecting my call.

“Hello Jeremy..” I spoke first.


I don’t want him to be the one to speak first.

“Andra..” He said. His voice sound really bad and gloomy.



“Im here in the hospital..” I said.


“You are??” He asked like he’s suprised.


“Yeah.” I said.


“Oh… Andra.. You make me wonder alot.” He said.


Arghh! My heart


Why did it jump now?


I can’t wait to see him.

“I’ll be out now Andra.. Chris is here.” He said.





“I got something to tell you.” I said.


“What?” He said.


“Steph came with me.” I said and looked at Steph.


She was looking at me too.


The line went silent for a while, then he spoke.

“Im coming.” He said and dropped the call.


“He’s coming.” I said to her.


She inhaled.



#Jeremy’s POV


I turned to Chris after the call.


He was at the window, looking at whatever..


My dad is not yet awake.


But he moved his fingers again.

“Andra is here…” I said to him.


He turned.

“She’s just too good.” He said.


“Yeah.” I said and walked out.


I don’t wanna tell him Steph’s here.


I’ll just send her back once I get there.


I hate that brat! Why’s she here??


And why are they friends again!


I got to the hospital hall and Saw them sitting at the lounge area.


I hissed and walked to them.


The bitch couldn’t look at me.


She had her face down.


Andra smiled at me and her smile just found a way to my heart and made me my


smile as well.


I missed you.

“Andra..” I called as I took her hand, pulled her up and pulled her into me.


“Please, don’t send her away.. She’s changed. I know you’re annoyed she’s here.” She whispered to me.


I looked at the brat she hadn’t looked at me.


I withdrew our hug and took Andra’s hand.

“Hey..” I called to the brat.


She then looked up.

“Jeremy?” She said.


“Great. You called me by my name. Ain’t you acting all bitchy today? Are you


acting now dull and dummy all of a sudden huh?” I asked her.


Andra squeezed my hand.


understood. So I inhaled.

“Well, I don’t really need your bitchy self here bitch. But Im gonna do that


anyways.” I said.

“It’s fine. I’ll go back. Bye Alex.” She said and stood up to leave.


“Steph.” Andra said and rushed to her.


“Steph..” I heard another voice call.


It was Chris.


He just came out…













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