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Forbidden Pa*ssion – Episode 41

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Chapter 4 ⃣1 ⃣


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Continuation From the Last Episode:


“We are now mates, so we shouldn’t keep secrets away from each other, River, what did Jeffrey do?” Royal asked her with a pointed look.


“Well if you must know, the day I had killed Queen Floral, I questioned her before I killed her and she told me Jeffrey was her accomplice, he also has a hand in my father’s death.” River finally told him her reasons for being harsh on Jeffrey.


“What?” Royal exclaimed in shock.


“Yes, Queen Flora would give him a potion to add it substance into my father’s food or drink. That was why my father fell ill and no healer could heal him. He died as a result of that poison, Jeffrey punishment has just started.” River told him and went to sit on the bed.


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“Are you sure? What if she just said his name to implicate him so you will begin to suspect him like you are doing right away, huh, what if she lied to you River?” Royal suddenly asked, going over to the bed to meet her.



“She was telling the truth Royal.” River responded. “I can tell when someone is lying or not so I knew she was telling the truth especially when she thinks saying the truth would make me free her but I didn’t.” She added. “Plus I think Floral made the poison not to affect Jeffrey just in case he was bursted.” She told Royal.


“And why do you say that? It may be a plan work to put an innocent person in her crimes.” Royal said.


“Because my father always allows him to eat together with him whenever food is served. My father died, Jeffrey is still alive.” River answered. “My instincts never lie.”


Sitting next to her and placing one of his hands on top of hers, “Just know you will always have me by your side River. I love you.” He told her with a charming smile.


“And I love-” River didn’t get to complete her statement when Royal pushed her to the ground roughly, together with himself, as a long talon fingers- which looks like a bird talon- from nowhere tried to grab hold of River neck.


Royal was up to his feet quickly and was fast enough to carry River and himself on the bed as the long talon magically burst out from the ground which they were before and went back inside.


“What is that?” River asked as they jumped off from the bed together and at the same time the talon fingers magically came out of the bed, shredding it into two and went back inside the ground.

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“Whoever you are, show yourself.” River said as her ears became wolf ears. She rolled herself to the ground as the talon hand came off the wall behind her, barely missing her.


Royal was fast enough to grab hold of the talking fingers before it went back to the wall and with inhuman strength, forcibly dragged out the body which the talon fingers belonged to.



The wall which Royal was dragging the talon fingers cracked and gave way revealing a huge beast who has wings with an eagle face and razor sharp teeth.


River and Royal were surprised when they saw the creature.


The beast roared and disappeared and reappeared behind Royal to grab him unexpectedly with its arms raised and his talons quickly descending on Royal neck.


“Royal watch out!!” River yelled out to her mate but Royal who had been expecting that move didn’t move out of the way rather he froze the beast. The beast couldn’t move at all, the beast tried to bring down it’s two fur hands down but couldn’t. The beast tried all it could to move but all to no avail and it roared loudly.


“That was a close one.” River said as she went closer to the beast struggling to free itself from whatever invincible rope that was used on its hairy body.


“Yes, why did it want to kill us? Who would have sent it to us? What kind of beast is this? I have never seen such a mixed creature before.”


River didn’t have an answer to any of those questions, her orange wolf ears changed back into her human ear as there was no longer a threat.


The roar of the beast attracted all the wolf guards in the palace including Isaac and Jeffrey as they all ran towards the room they heard the roar from.


Isaac who was expecting to see the two bodies of River and Royal once the guards opened the close door but got the opposite.


The guards who had opened the door and saw the beast standing motionless draw out their swords and points at it.


“What happened my lady?” Isaac asked immediately as he was inside, he went to stand next to River.


“We don’t know who sent this uncle, but it attacked my mate and I.” River responded to his questions as she watched how the guards all thrust their swords



into the body of the beast but it broke their swords, it was as if the beast body was made of iron.


The beast roared at them but couldn’t do anything to them since he was frozen by Royal.


“How were you able to do that to the beast?” Isaac demanded pointing at the beast who seemed as if it was struggling to move.


“My mate did it Uncle.” River answered. “Stop!” She yelled at the guards who tried to use their half broken swords against the beast. “Didn’t you fools see it won’t penetrate.”


That stopped the guards from thrusting their remaining half swords into the body of the beast.


“I have a better idea of what to do with the beast.” River said and whispered into the ears of Royal. “If I take the beast from here would it regain control?” River asked him, she knows exactly where she would take the creature to.


“No, unless I allow the beast to, it will remain in this position.” Royal answer.


“Good.” River said and closed the distance between her and the beast and placed one of her hands on the beast’s shoulder and they vanished leaving the guards, Isaac and Jeffrey speechless.


“Did she tell you where she is going with that creature?” Isaac asked as he turn a little bit to face Royal.


“No, but she will be back once she comes back you can ask her where she took the beast too.” Royal answered.


Isaac nearly growled at the boy standing a few spaces away from him when Royal didn’t put the words ‘My Lord’ in his statement. How dare him disrespect him?


“You can all return back to your duty posts, thanks for coming to send your service.” Royal told the guards still standing and haven’t moved an inch since River



disappeared with the creature. They left the room and went back to their duty posts.


“Jeffrey, see to it that the guards be given a new sword immediately since their old one got broken.” Royal said to Jeffrey. “When coming back to your duty post, bring those who would pick up the stones.” He told him pointing at the damaged wall in the room.


“Yes my king.” Jeffrey said with a slight bow and left to do as he was told.


“King?” Isaac said using his one good eye and stared at Royal from head to his toes. “Why did Jeffrey refer to you as King when you are not yet crowned?” He asked Royal.


“River told him to start seeing me as the King.” Royal answered.


“As the King? Why would she do so, you are not her mate.” Isaac demanded.


“When River comes, ask her that question yourself, Issac.” Royal responded and at that moment, River appeared without the beast.


“You can unfreeze the beast now.” River told Royal with a smile.


“Where did you take the beast to?” Isaac and Royal asked at the same time.


“I gave the beast to Ares as a present. He has been looking for someone who would fight him, so you can unfreeze the beast. It will keep Ares busy.” River responded to their question.


“You went to the realm of the gods and you spoke with Ares?” Isaac asks, a little bit surprised.


“Yes I did, do you have a problem with that?” River asked.


“No, not at all. I was only surprised, that’s all.” Isaac replied with a force smile. “I will take my leave now, I am so happy nothing happened to you my dear niece.” He added with a fake happiness and left the room.



At the same time Jeffrey entered the room with some servants who started carrying pieces of stones.


“Is my father’s chamber ready?” River demanded immediately from Jeffrey.


“Yes my Queen, I checked on it before coming.” Jeffrey replied, truly he had checked on the late King room to see if it has been well arranged, and it has.


“I and my mate will be heading there, make sure everything in this room is picked and the room cleaned. I will see to it the wall is fixed.” River told Jeffrey.


She and Royal left for her father’s chamber.




Isaac was livid with anger as he paced around in his room.


Royal is a strong wolf for freezing his beast and River communicates with the gods.


Well, this has just shown him that his niece and that wolf boy aren’t weak like he had a*ssumed.


He halts in his movement. “This is just the beginning. Now that I know what they are capable of doing, my next attack will be tougher than this.” He said to himself. “River and Royal should get ready for my next attack which will surely leave them dead.” He added with a lopsided smile.






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