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The Fallen Angel – Episode 4

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Chapter 4



JUN Pyo’s pov


I closed my eyes to behold my fate….




I heard some sounds but surprisingly I am still breathing… I slowly opened my eyes and to my amazement the two men were lying over there almost dead…


OMG!! How is that possible.?? What just happened.. just then,I noticed some retracing foot steps…I turned back and saw somebody trying to limp out of the compound..I quickly ran after the person and to my surprise It was PUMPKIN… she was bleeding, looks like she was stabbed…


“Hey!! You’re bleeding”I asked getting worried..

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Worried?? Was I worried??? No I wasn’t….,I was only trying to pay back a favor..


I am the Almighty Jun pyo and i owe no man…


Instead of answering me, she just kept quiet and continue moving..


“Hey are you dumb or what.. can’t you see you’re bleeding” I said still running after her


Silence was her response


“Hey!!you might bleed to death, you know” I said trying to speak some sense into her..


She kept on struggling to move, totally ignoring my presence..


How dare she snub me?? Who does she think she is?? I always get what I want…

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I held her hand and forcefully carried her in a bridal style back to the mansion..


“Hey!! Let me down”..she kept on shouting and kicking her legs into the air






I was sad when he left the restaurant but when i remembered that three plates of noodles were patiently waiting for me.. smiles clouded my face as i hungrily digged my hands into the food, totally ignoring the prying eyes of people..


I was about eating the third plate when my heart suddenly starts beating slowly..


“What’s wrong”I wondered as I clutched my heart..


Then it came rushing into my heart, what Lord Andrew said that very day..


“My child!! Always remember that when that whenever your heart suddenly starts beating slowly, it’s a sign that your partner is in trouble, the moment he stops breathing, you stop living”



OMG!! JUN PYO is in trouble…I would have tried using my heart to connect to his,in order to know where he is… but i can’t because his heart does not belong to me….


What should I do now??.


Boom…an idea struck me


I decided to use my power for the second time to find out where he is…


“Hey!! Who are you guys and what are you doing in my house” I could barely hear him say


Okay.. looks like he is in his house..


“I beseech you to take me to Jun pyo’s house” I said to my powers which was located at my wrist…


Before a split of second,i was already at his house… when I got there, the men where angrily moving close to jun pyo…. before i could think of the next step to


take, one of them has already brought out a knife to stab him…I quickly stretched forth my hand and i was stabbed instead…


I wanted to scream out in pains but i can’t…i just want to deal with these idiots and leave silently without him noticing me…


Before the fools could comprehend what was going on, they were already on the floor bleeding to death..


Mtcheeew.. luck is on their side today, the next time they will try to hurt my partner again,I will make sure they won’t live to tell the story…


I quietly limped out of the compound, before i could go any further he was already running after me…


Pheeeeew..he now have more reasons to doubt me..



I purposely decided to ignore him.. but to my amazement he suddenly lifted up… SMILES


Immediately we entered the mansion, some group of people uniformly dressed came out to welcome us ..


Looks like they are the helpers…how could only one person live in such a house,it looks like a kingdom…


“Welcome sir, welcome ma”they said in unison with their heads slightly bowed..


He just ignored them and carried me to a couch and gently dropped me.. the maids were just staring at us with disbelief.. maybe they are surprised to see their master carrying a lady… SMILES


“ call the doctor”he ordered


OMG!! If he calls the doctor here,he will surely find out that I possess some


strange features which humans don’t have….












The fallen Angel



Written by authoress Ruthie.C

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