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Frozen love – Prologue

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Story Written By Author Alok


What happens when two sworn enemies are forced to love each other?A world beyond the mortal realm, the little planet on the celestial coordinate of the comet galaxy bounded with other planet held together by gravity.

This planet was called Kepler.In this planet was two Kingdom, The Kingdom of Persia which was ruled by a King and the Kingdom Of Amazon, A Queen.


This two kingdom lived together in peace until a war broke between two royal entities.The immortal Prince of Persia, Nicklaus and the immortal Princess Morgana of Amazon.

No one was able to unravel the cause of the war as the two immortals clashed which resulted to the death of many mortal warriors.

The King of Persia and The Queen of Amazon involved the Council of the Elders who ensured peace on the Planet,So the unending war could be put to a stop.But Nicklaus and Morgana weren’t ready to embrace the peace treaty which resulted to a judgment from the Council of Elders.

The Prince Of Persia and the Princess of Amazon were banished to a Planet in the Milky way Galaxy, the Planet Earth.Their Immortality was stripped from them as they must live as mortal being on earth.

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There was only one way the two Royal Being could regain their Royal status and the banish sentence canceled. They have to fall in love with each other, that was the only key to return back to Planet Kepler.

Now that they dwell in Korea, will the Prince Of Persia ever fall in Love with Morgana?.Let’s find out in this romance/action series…

Frozen Love…

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