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Bride To The Heir – Episode 41

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I love her but the demon in my heart won’t accept her


Season 3


Chapter 41


Authoress Isabel






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I walked out of the cafeteria as my head held up bubbles. My life is in a mess.


Total mess! Here am I, desperate for a man’s love. A man who couldn’t even trust me. Trying to gain his love back


Isn’t my life down in a deep mess? I’m not even so sure if I’m gonna won his love back, I just love Mr Kim.


I love him so much, I can do anything for him and that is why I’m tied down with this bride stuffs relationship. That’s why I’m willing to help him for everything.

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I guess I need to go home , then think!


I need to do that.

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I walked out of my office after meeting with the team manager of resources department.


I dropped some files for him. I held my head as I felt a throb of pain. Headache!


I closed the Door gently behind me as I walked away.


I got to the drive way as I waited for Mr Kim’s driver.


I’m allowed to use his car anytime I want. I just can’t take the stress of having to wait at the subway station.


I leaned on the car as I sighted Mi Rae walking over to me.


This witch?


Oh my God! Not today!


Let her not come towards me!


She walked over to me as it seems like my prayers weren’t answered at all..


“Now you’re using his car? I can’t believe this”


She blabbered out


“Hey! Leave, I don’t want to talk to you today”


I said closing my eyes and talking calmly


“Oh really? You think you’ve won right?”


She said facing me directly


“Of course, I have the CEO and President as my groom, I have the right to everything he owns, shares and everything”


I didn’t bother raising my head up, not even a bit


“So you think the case and mess you created can’t be investigated again?” I raised my head up immediately as I opened my eyes


“Repeat what you said!”


I eyed her greatly


“Just beware, not everyday will be good so watch out”


She smiled at me


I never noticed the driver was already in the car.


“I forgot you’re a watch dog for Mr Kim”


I turned as I decided to shun her and enter the car but I stopped


“One last warning, don’t try nonsense with me or I’ll kill you. Mark my words”


I finally entered the car as the driver drove off..


I’m just so tired today..




How dare she call me a watch dog. Well It’s for Je Na so I’m fine..


I’m going to show you Hye Ji, don’t think you won! Not at all


I haven’t even started with you at all. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I can still remember you said you own everything together with Je Na


Wow..let’s think of a plan with that..


I smiled to myself..


I have to inform Je Na to hold his bride tight first






I woke up as I felt my forehead burned. I hate drugs, hospitals and sickness.


I’ve been through a lot these days, both physically and emotionally and this is the






I stood up as I walked into the bathroom. I rinsed my face as I tried to look okay except a strain of fever showing on my expression


I wore my slippers as I picked up my phone and walked downstairs.


Ajumah will be worried if I don’t come out for dinner and she might be forced to


drag me all the way to the hospital.


I dislike that idea!



I’m just going to have a little brush of dinner and crawl back to bed.


I got downstairs as I found him eating already..


I wanted to avoid him..




I sat opposite him as I started eating but I lost the appetite to eat something, I only played with my food..


He didn’t even seem like someone who noticed a living being beside him Crazy jerk!


I ended up spoiling the meal as I lost the zeal to eat..


If only he hadn’t talked..


“What did you say to Mi Rae?”


He finally spat out some words but they made no sense


I’m avoiding his words..


I dropped my chopsticks in anger


“Are you deaf?”


He asked as he dropped the cup in his hand


“I have nothing to say!”


I stood up immediately.


I don’t have the strength to fight today..


I’m sick like hell and I’m burning hot!


This has never happened..


I walked away but he held me from behind almost pushing me to the ground


“I asked a question”


He repeated making me really angry




I cried out…


“Stop pretending and tell me what you said to the poor girl!”


He screamed at me in fury


I really hated this side of me.. When I can’t do anything other than cry and shout


“You only care about what I said to her? What about what she said to me? You don’t wanna hear that?”


I shouted as I moved a step away from him


“I don’t care about you!”


He said not facing me


“I’m glad you said that but you know what, I’m ashamed of myself!” I cried out in pain..


Tears streamed down my face


“You should be”


He eyed me


“You know why? Because you don’t care about me but I still do! I do and I still love you”


I said holding the arm chair beside me for support


“Hye Ji!”


He finally tried to hold me but I pushed him away


“You know what, I’ll stop loving you if that’s what you want. I’ll do that” I said still crazy in tears


He looked at me in pity as he tried holing me again


“Tell Mi Rae, if she tries any crazy stuffs with me that deserves her death, she’s


gonna die! Rely my message”


I shouted





“Move away!”


I still held on the chair for support as I could faint and collapse anytime from this minute


I held my head in utmost pain as I regretted ever shouting..


My head heated like a boiling ring in work..


I tried standing by myself and walking away but I wasn’t so smart!


My bad!


Mr Kim was good enough to grab me by my waist to prevent me from hitting the ground…


I stared at him as I slowly closed my eyes to enjoy him holding me…


I only realised today that my man is so handsome I’m sick and I’m still relishing about him?


This is too bad!


Buddha save your daughter from a dangerous love..




Is it really a dangerous love?


What is Mi Rae trying to do again oo?



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