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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 42

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Chapter 42
NB read the song.
“Mommy are we going out with uncle Tom.” Sierra seemed worried.
“Yes darling what’s wrong, Don’t you like it?.” I eyed her.
It was already evening after working from the studio we grabbed some snacks and took a stroll.
Around 3 in the afternoon we took a cab back to the bright lights.
Tomorrow I will begin my new job.
Sierra was already dressed. In a peach dress and Ivory flat shoes. Her hair in a pony.
I wore a short body-hugging peach halter dress that reveals my back to my waist and a little round on my chest. And Ivory stilettos.
My hair laid flat on my back and lipstick, my make up was also light.
Makeup is not really my thing.
I heard a car honk.
It must be Tom.
“Wow! Mom, you look beautiful, I wish dad could see you.”
She looked moody.
“Oh, baby.”
We both walked out of our little house. Sierra was holding my purse while I lock the door.
We walked towards Tom.
He grinned.
You look, beautiful girls.
“Thank you uncle, dad would be jealous if he saw mom, she looks beautiful right?.”
Sierra said. And everything suddenly felt awkward.
This girl.
“Isn’t uncle?.” She looked up at him.
He nodded.
“Yeah right.”
We got in the passenger’s seat. And Tom drove us there.
The drive was awkwardly quiet.
About 30 minutes we arrived.
Bright lights restaurant.
It seems like the one who owns the villa also owns the restaurant.
When we walked inside the restaurant it was almost full nice music playing on the background.
You could see families, couples and friends. Dining together. And the mood was bright. And harmonious.
“I already booked the table for three,” Tom said.
The waiter escorted us it was a little bit far from everyone.
“Sir, I will bring your order.” The waiter said.
“I already ordered, I didn’t want the little one to wait,” Tom explained.
“So thoughtful of you, thanks,” I said.
“Do you remember what I like?.” Sierra asked.
“Yes, Chinese and seafood.”
She nodded. Our food was brought on the table.
We ate while talking now and then.
My phone suddenly rang.
I didn’t check the ID.
–Alexandra?.” The lady said.
“Yes, how do you know my name?.” I was curious.
–Your friend Ariana is drunk, can you please come and fetch her, I’m just a bartender.”
The lady said.
Curses, how can she get drunk this girl is impossible.
“What’s the name?.”
–Bright Club.” The bartender said.
“Okay give a few minutes I will be there.”
I hung up.
“Tom can you please, take care of Sierra, I will be back in a while.” I pleaded.
“Where are you going?.” He asked.
“I will tell you when I’m back.”
I pecked Sierra on the cheeks.
“Be good don’t cause trouble, okay?.” I glared at her.
“Yes, mommy be safe.” I nodded and rushed out of the restaurant and hailed a cab.
“Bright Club,” I told the driver.
He stepped on wheels.
I have to give her a good scolding.

Music was bursting very loud.
The club today seems to be doing very well.
I sat on the VIP with my three friends with their girlfriends and other people, not many who knows that I own the club.
“Zachary your club today is doing very well,” Gerard said.
I nodded.
“Stop acting like an old man, you won’t find her, the world is big, she might be married now,” Silvia said.
Anthony’s girlfriend.
“I will find her even if it takes time.”
Two ladies walked inside the club.
The other one seemed like she’s looking for someone.
She looks familiar.
I’m drunk, she can’t hear because it is impossible for her to be with here.
But she looks like her.
I stood up.
“Where are you going?.” Emma said.
She’s so annoying.
Nowhere, I walked away from her.
And head towards the girl.
“Alexa,” I called. Under my gaze, I saw her freeze.
The music was so loud.
I went clubbing sometimes I’m just not so used to it.
I spotted Ariana on the bar she laid her head and mumbling to herself.
“Ariana,” I called.
“How come you are here Alex.” She pinched my cheek.
She is so damn drunk.
“Alexa.” I heard a hoarse voice.
That sounds familiar. I froze.
“Alexandra baby.” It’s him.
I was afraid to turn. Emotions run wild, I wanted to run away from here.
I closed my eyes tight and my hand on a fist. I ignored him and hold Ariana.
“Ariana come let’s go.” I tried to pick her up but she’s heavy. And totally drunk.
“Take care of her.” He told a bartender.
I felt a hand grip my arm and drag me to God knows where.
“Let me go you bastard.” I tried to break free.
I even bit his hand.
But he didn’t let go.
We walked somewhere like his office.
He threw me off. And I collided with the wall.
I closed my eyes tight.
“Alexa look at me.” He said.
I really want to but I won’t handle it, I don’t want to break down.
“Please Alexandra.” I feel myself shiver as he touches my face.
I still get affected by his touch. After all those years.
I felt his breath brush my face.
His lips pressed to mine.
My eyes shot wide open.
And I saw his face, and our eyes locked.
I think I’m losing my senses his eyes are intoxicating enough.
His eyes are seducing me.
He pulled me in a hug. I tried to break free.
“Don’t please don’t.” He pleaded.
We haven’t talked all morning
Bang my head, bang my head against the wall
I’m scared I’m falling
Losing all, losing all my control
And I’m tired of talking
Feel myself saying the same old things
But this love’s important
Don’t wanna lose, don’t wanna lose you this way
Feel like we about to break up
Just wanna kiss and make up one last time
Touch me like you touch nobody
Put your hands all up on me
Tired of hearing sorry
Kiss and make, kiss, kiss and make up
How about we leave this party?
‘Cause all I want is you up on me
Tired of hearing sorry
Kiss and make, kiss, kiss and make up
Kiss, kiss and make up
Kiss and make, kiss, kiss and make up
Kiss, kiss and make up
Kiss and make, kiss, kiss and make up

I don’t know how it happened but I found my legs wrapped around his waist. And fire burned on his skin to mine.
We kissed like hungry lions.
He laid me on something soft.
His office has a bedroom. I think.
I guess he laid me on the bed.
Our breath hitch.
I felt him enter me and pain shoot in.
“You’re so tight, you’re mine Alexa mine.” He whispered in my ears.
“Mm.” I hummed.
We got lost in the world of lust and love?
Or is it lust only?

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