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After the trip to London, Sam was still upset with the whole scenario. He felt his father wasn’t reasoning well. Why would he give up Farida? Imagine her comparing his lovemaking skills with that of that useless boy. She claimed to use sex enhancers with him. He didn’t believe her but even if she did, didn’t she enjoy being with him? Now the Wale guy is enjoying what he reserved for himself. The rape story angle was just a twist from her. How can any same man rape a girl at nine? She must have been wayward for a man to try that. Is she claiming he was the only one? He didn’t believe her. But then, he didn’t care. He was waiting for Christmas. When she comes, he will surely have his way with her. He must.


His immediate problem was how to make the evidence his opponents had disappear. He met with the Party chairman secretly. He confided in him,


“I don’t want to divorce my wife. I want to be with her”


“You love her?”


“Very much. But because I married another woman, she got angry. How can we make this evidence disappear? I want to win this election by every means possible”


“Well, there is a way. I know someone that can handle the issue and it will disappear. Even if it leaks, he will present it as falsehood”


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“I am interested. How much will he take?”



“He doesn’t take money. He would want a promise that when it is done and you win the election, anything he ask of you, you will do it. That’s all”


“That’s all?”

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‘He is a multibillionaire. He is a kingmaker but doesn’t make noise. I will take you to him”


Sam was excited to meet with the man. They went together to meet him. They had to wait until almost 1am before they could have audience with him. The Party Chairman spoke in his language to the man. Sam observed the man looked strange. Who wore dark glasses indoors? He also had tribal marks although they were not conspicuous. Everything he wore was white even to white sandals. The way he smiled at Sam bothered him. Could this man deliver or he was just a fraud? But he wasn’t asking for anything until after the job was done.


Finally, the man spoke to Sam, “You are from Akwa Ibom?”


His voice was unnerving, he didn’t know when he answered. “Yes sir”


“What do you want?”

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“My opponent have some eviden…..”


‘I didn’t ask you what the problem was, I asked you what you wanted”


“I want to win the election”


“I can make you win; your chances were good but not good enough to win. You wouldn’t have won. I need people in the house from your party who will be loyal to me. It I whatever I say they will do. Can you do it?”


“If you make me win, I will be loyal to you”


“Apart from that I would need some favours. You will do them for me otherwise you will regret the day you were born”



“I will do whatever you say as long as I win”


“Good. I know your father; he will never be happy with this meeting. Don’t mention it to him. If you do, we are done and you would lose your seat”


“I won’t mention it to him. I promise”


“Keep this meeting a secret and you will enjoy my protection”


“Ok sir. Thank you’


The chairman assured him when they left that he has won the election.


“What about the things they have against me?”


“Let them publish it, just ignore the publication completely. Just claim he is cooking up stories in his desperation to win and leave it. Don’t grant any interview about it. Just behave as though you didn’t see it. Leave the rest to us. He said they won’t release anything but just in case”


“Thank you so much sir”


With his new found confidence, he refused to heed to his father’s insistence he divorces Farida. He told him Farida was his wife for life, he will never release her to be with Wale. It will never happen. The father carried out investigation and found out what his son had done. He called him again and told him,


“The biggest mistake a man can make is to fall into a bottomless pit knowingly. There is no escaping the pit. There is no end in sight. Go back and refuse any help from the people you went to for help. Tell them you have thought about it and you don’t want to run again this year. It is in your best interest. Do not mention me”


‘I don’t know what you are talking about”


“Because you don’t want to free Farida that is why you sold your soul to the devil?”



“Dad, what are you talking about?”


“I have lost you. You will never remain the same again. I have to start mourning you now”


For the first time ever, Sam watched his father weep. Why was he crying? What exactly was wrong? Was it because he was no longer answerable to him politically? Was it because he had become a man? Sam had a strange feeling he couldn’t place but as was usual with him, he shoved it aside.


His father knew he would never be the same again. His son has dug his own grave. He had seen people who went this way and realized they made a big mistake. The offering was always good and free but the price you will pay later will surprise you.


As agreed, the twins came back to Nigeria to celebrate their birthday. First, they landed in Abuja to meet with Wale. Wale hadn’t seen them in a while. They were picked up by security personnel from the airport to Wale’s. They settled in there for a week. Monica was joining just before they leave for the village. She was coming with Hugh.


Wale had to suspend work to be with his family for the period they were around. It was bonding time and change of environment made the children cranky and uncomfortable. He couldn’t spend time with Farida as they would have desired. They agreed to hold off until they come back from the village. By then, they would have been better adjusted to the environment.


They went to Uyo without Wale who still had so much work to do. He asked them to go with Morenike who was quite clingy to Farida and Kufre as the last. Many thoughts went through Farida’s mind on the trip. She was not worried about Sam stealing the children but was worried about how Idara would receive her. Her father-in-law assured her he had sorted everything out with Idara and she wouldn’t be a problem.


They used security vehicles with siren to lead them home. Farida wondered what all that was for. They arrived the house to the warm welcome of her in-laws. Sam’s



stepmother excitedly came out to receive Farida and her family. His father was waiting at the stairs.


As they came inside, Idara came to meet them. She introduced herself and gave Farida a warm embrace. She also introduced her children to Farida and Farida introduced the twins and Morenike. She asked if Morenike was hers and she explained she was her boyfriend’s daughter. That eased her mind. It was clear she had no interest in Sam. Farida gave them the gifts she came with for them. Their luggage was moved to the guest house.


Hugh was also introduced to everyone. He had been fascinated since he arrived Nigeria. From Abuja to Uyo was a completely new experience for him. The assortment of cars in their compound made him realise he was not dealing with an ordinary person. Monica was special. She was from a wealthy home but she never flaunted it. He had questions to ask but he knew it wasn’t the right time. He loved Monica and he knew she loved him. He hoped there wouldn’t be any pressure from the family for her to dump him. He received a warm reception but he was still not totally convinced.


The guest house was very comfortable. The children had their area which comprised of two rooms and a big play area. Farida had her own room separate from theirs. Monica and Hugh were given separate rooms which made Monica laugh. Hugh was in the guest house while Monica was expected to stay in her quarters. They were about to start co-habiting and they were given separate rooms? They chose a room to stay together in the guest house.


Sam wasn’t home when they arrived. He came in later in the day with some of his cousins to show them his children from Farida. He tried to mingle with them but the children refused to come close to him. Their cries brought Farida out of her room.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


She greeted the guests and asked them to wait at the open lounge downstairs while she brings them down. She told Sam he couldn’t bring guest to their living area without telling her. He was angry and they had their first fight. She brought the twins down, allowed the guests meet with them and took them back upstairs.



She asked Sam’s father to stop Sam from bringing people to their living area. Her kids won’t see anyone; they were not clowns on display. Sam was upset about Farida’s attitude. She disrespected him in the presence of his cousins. What was so special about her kids? He wondered. He took his cousins to the side of the house where drinks and barbecue were waiting for them.


“That babe is still fine o. she doesn’t even look like she has had any child. She can pass for an international model. I love those shorts on her, see her hot legs. Guy, your chick is hot” one of his cousins announced.


“I was looking at her. Omo, Idara is nothing compared to her. See beauty. How can someone be tall, then very dark and to compound it unarguably beautiful. If she were mine, I will be smashing her everyday. Guy you are enjoying”


‘Enjoying? I heard she filed for a divorce and is with another guy” another cousin added.


“Is that true? Why would she do that? Is it because of Idara? Didn’t you tell her about Idara?”


“Forget about everything. She is still my wife. We are together. She found out about Idara before I told her which pissed her off. But, we have resolved our issues and she is here now”


“I was going to ask why she is here if they are actually getting a divorce. Don’t lose this babe o. She is so fine. As she gets older, she gets finer”


“I agree with you”


Some of the women who Farida helped when she was still in Nigeria came to visit her bearing gifts. Which she appreciated. She planned with her stepmother-in-law and Idara for an outreach on the 31st of December before the New year. Her father-in-law gladly financed it.


The days went by fast. The 26th of December was their birthday. Sam’s father had organized a big birthday party for them. He invited all the children in the community regardless of their status. The twins were in company of other children



and had the time of their lives. Morenike had adapted to the environment and was able to mingle with others.


Wale wanted them to comeback on the 31st so they would share the new year together but because of the outreach she promised they would come back on the morning of the first. He obliged her. He also had to take a break again to be with them for two weeks before they went back.


The new year’s eve outreach was a huge success. The turnout was very impressive. This was because Farida went out with Monica to invite people to attend like she used to when she was with Sam. They gave to the widows and the poor amongst them. Medical staff were available in the compound to attend to health challenges and give health talks. Farida took the challenge like she had always done and the people responded well to her. It was a stressful day.


Her father-in-law appealed for them to spend the new year with them and leave on the 2nd. Farida appealed to Wale. He wasn’t too happy about it but he obliged them. She planned the new year meal with Idara and the cooks. She was in the main house until late. Wale called her while there but she couldn’t give him her full attention. She planned to talk to him when she got back to her room.


As she walked back to the guest house, she spoke with Wale on the phone. They talked until she got into the guest house. She walked in to check on the children and then entered her bedroom. She told Wale she would call him back so she could take a shower. After she undressed, she heard a knock on her door. She put on the bathrobe checked through the peephole and saw no one. She was sure she heard a knock. As she wanted to get to the bathroom, she heard the knock even louder. She came to the door and this time opened it. It was Sam. He pushed her into the room pointing a gun at her. Her bathrobe opened and she had to cover herself quickly.


“You tried to make a fool of me Farida. I was waiting for you. You said nasty things to me and about me. You compared me to the loser you call your boyfriend and even had the effrontery to bring his offspring to my home. You have guts. You feel you are too much. You are a beauty queen so everyone should worship you. Take off your clothes”


“Please Sam, don’t do anything stupid. Let’s talk about this”



‘Talk about what? You are my wife and I can have you anytime I so desire. Farida, take off that bathrobe right now”


“Please Sam. Don’t do this”


“I won’t kill you but that girl you brought here uninvited is whom I will kill slowly. I will maim you; I will cut off your tongue and two hands. You won’t be able to tell anyone what happened. Wouldn’t you like that? Let me get her”


“No please. I will do as you say” she took off her bathrobe to reveal her nudity.


Sam was even more aroused when he saw her completely na.ked. He sent on the couch in the room and asked her come towards him. She came. She knew she didn’t have a choice. If she refused, he could hurt her or the children. If she screamed it would worsen the situation. Her father-in-law didn’t protect her against Sam; he had access, free access to the guest house.


Sam asked her to kneel before him, unbuckled and unzipped his trouser. He asked her to go down on him just the way he liked it. Farida was vexed in her spirit. She didn’t want to do this. She looked into Sam’s eyes and said, “I can’t do this. Do whatever you want to do but I can’t do this”. Sam stood up and landed a slap on her face which made her stagger.


“Do you think I am playing with you? You are a slut. You were fu.cking that nonentity while married to me. This body I cherished you shared shamelessly with him. I said kneel down and take it in your mouth. This is what you are good for. Drop on your knees otherwise I will do beat you beyond your imagination”


She dropped on her knees and did as she was told. She didn’t know what that night held for her but she was scared. She knew it wouldn’t end well. She should have left for Abuja today. She shouldn’t have come back to Nigeria. She was weeping inside but she refused to allow Sam the pleasure of seeing her cry. He stopped her after some time. He then asked her,


‘What does he do to you that you enjoy?”


She didn’t reply. She kept her head down.


“I am asking you, what does he do to pleasure you?”


She couldn’t bring herself to reply and she knew there would be repercussion for it.


“How does he do it to you that makes you enjoy it better than when I do it to you? You won’t tell me?”


Farida was still silent with her head bowed when he pushed her on the bed and penetrated her roughly. She wanted to let out a cry but held herself. He thrusted into her a few times and then he said, “He has slacked you. You are no longer tight and gripping. I am not enjoying this”


He stood up from the bed while she was still the bed. She felt something drip on her buttocks like oil. Before he could understand what was going on, Sam sodomised her. The pain was so unbearable that she screamed out in anguish. He held her down with his body and covered her mouth with his hand while he continued. He said to her,


“This is how I will make love to you from now on. If you refuse me, I will kill that child”


She couldn’t stop crying and struggling to be free but Sam was stronger than her. When he climaxed, he fell on her like he used to. She pushed him off her as she ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Sam laid on the bed for sometime before he got dressed. Farida refused to come out of the bathroom and left.


Farida laid on the bare floor of the bathroom crying her eyes out. She wondered what crime she had committed to be treated like this. Who was she to tell what just happened to her? Her husband raped her? He sodomised her. He dehumanized her. She was in severe pain and couldn’t bring herself to do anything. Her phone rang a number of times. She knew it was Wale. How would she face him? How would she face the world? She took a shower and managed to walk back into the bedroom. The sheets were stained with blood. She removed them and dumped them in a corner. Wale called again. She answered him. She claimed she had fallen asleep and would like to go back to sleep. Wale thought she sounded off but he let it be.



Farida couldn’t sleep all through the night. At 4am, she called Wale and asked him to book a flight for them as early as possible to Lagos. She needed to see her mother urgently.


“What is wrong Farida?”


“Nothing is wrong. Please book the flight”


“You are not sounding ok. What happened?”


“I told you nothing. I need to see my mother”


He booked the flight and gave her the details. Farida woke Kufre up and asked her to get the children and ready and pack up as they were leaving. She helped her with some of the task.


Wale waited until 5am to call Monica. He asked her if anything happened last night. Monica told him nothing she was aware of. He explained what happened last night and Farida’s strange request. Monica went to her room to find out what was happening. She wasn’t there. Farida was found in the children’s room moving their luggage outside.

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“Where are you going Farida? What’s happening?”


“Nothing. I want to spend the new year with my mother”


“That wasn’t what we agreed. Why the change of plan? Did something happen?”


‘Nothing, I just want to see my mother”


“Farida, you can talk to me. What could have happened to make you want to leave suddenly”


“Please Monica, if you still want me to be alive, allow me go. Help me leave here now. Please”



Farida’s plea sounded strange but genuine. She agreed to help her. She had moved the children’s things but hadn’t packed her things. She helped Farida pack her things. She observed the bedsheet on the floor. She also observed blood stain on the bed. Farida had a period before they came down to Uyo so she couldn’t be on. Where was the blood stain from? She observed the oil stain on the bed and the bottle of oil on the floor. She decided not to say anything. She saw the box tissue on the table had some blood stain. She noticed the dustbin had tissue in it was also had some blood stain. Did Farida hurt herself? Why the oil and the blood stains? She helped her get her things downstairs.


Monica called his father and asked him for the driver to take Farida and her family to the airport. Her father wanted to know why but she told him she would explain later after she had left. Her father obliged. She noticed the way Farida was walking. She asked her if she hurt herself and he said no. There was something suspicious. She would look into that later

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