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Lovers – My Hooligan – Episode 5

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Chapter 5 ⃣



My Beginning (Part 3)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov



I heard loud gasps around me when I spoke but ignored it, my focus was on the deaf boy seated as if he owned the place.


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“Krish, did you not tell your friend who i am?” Krish boss asked. I could see he was an important man with the kind of clothes he was wearing. On his head was an expensive turban designed with diamonds. He looks like a powerful person to me but he is not the kind of person I am looking for.


“And did that deaf boy not tell you what I did to him?” I said pointing at the bandage boy.



“You are just a kid who should be cleaning my shoes and keeping your head for me to step on it.” He said. “One more word from you and I will show you why my name is Vishal.” He added in a threatened voice which was challenging me to speak.


I love challengings. I can’t fight his thugs, they are way too big for me but I know the door behind me isn’t guarded. So, that is my number one escape.


“One who thinks people are the shoes of the feet, one day he definitely gets hit by peoples shoes. Every shoe thinks of becoming the turban on your head, but it is the destiny of a shoe to be crushed by the feet, and it is the right of a turban to be kept on the head Vishal.” I told him.


No one spoke as we stared at me and I stared back at him boringly. I really need to get off here and continue my search for my treasure.


I noticed the deaf boy was staring at Vishal and so were his thugs behind him.


“What’s your name kid?” He asked, surprising everyone, including me with his question.

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“My name is Zee.” I replied.


“Full name?” He demanded with curiosity.


“I tell people my full name when I want to.” I said to him.


He nodded his head. “I like you, you are confident and very outspoken for a little kid.” He said. “How old are you?”


“Almost 10.”


“I see you are very sharp, I want you to work for me Zee, what do you say?”


“Cleaning of shoes, begging on the roadside, picking pockets, I don’t do that kind of work Vishal, I have passed such level.” I responded.



“Hey Anmol get up from that sit and take it to Zee for her to sit.” Vishal told the deaf boy, shocking him. “You heard what I said Anmol, aren’t you ashamed you got beaten up by a little girl.”


Anmol shameless stood up and bring the chair to me.


“Clean it.” I ordered Anmol who hesitated.


“You heard her Anmol, clean the chair.” Vishal commanded.


Anmol uses his palm to clean it. Once he was done he went back to meet his four useless members.


I sat down.


“You are so confident and not scared, why?”


“My mother once told me fear needs to exist and it must exist inside the heart, and that heart must be my opponent’s heart and not mine. I have stuck to that word since, you don’t know what I might do that’s why you are offering me your hand.”


“You are brilliant. I like that in you Zee. Work with me, for little rupees you must beg, for more you have to fight. In the whole world, power rules.”


“Power?” I repeated after him.


“Yes, it’s only if you have power, will you have money.” Vishal said.


I am interested, I am now hooked.


Power and money? I need the….


“I need the both.” I told him.


“You will, tomorrow Raja Rajasthan will be paying me a visit and I shall introduce you to him, a girl with such courage shouldn’t go unnoticed.” He told me.



With the way he said Raja Rajasthan name, the man might just be the treasure I am looking for.




“We shall discuss more of that when morning comes. Goodnight kids.” He said and stood up, opened a door behind him which I haven’t seen before and entered it along with all his thugs.


Every kid went to bring out their mats and spread it on the floor. Krish and his brother went to bring their mat. I was still sitting watching the deaf boy who went to bring his own new mate and spread it. His own mat was big.


I stood up and went to meet him.


“I will be sleeping on this mat.” I told him and push him off the mat and went to sit on it. “Krish and Khaleel, come and sit here.”


The brothers quickly came and sat down on the mat.


“Where am I going to sleep?” Anmol whine.


“On their mat.” I responded pointing at Krish and Khaleel mat.


“Just because the boss has taken a liking of you doesn’t mean you should spread your wings yet.” Anmol said to me.


“Anmol, the one who comes to live in a city, learns about the city, and the one who comes to rule over the city, teaches the city about her.” I told him, smiling. “That was what your boss saw in me blind bat.”


Anmol didn’t say a word, rather he went over to Krish mat and sat.





Early the next morning, I woke up to the sound of rain. It was raining heavily. Which means none of the kids would be going out today. They pack up their mats and Krish packs up the one we used in sleeping.


I had my cold bath before others.


Two kids swept where we slept.


And Vishal and his thugs were waiting for the arrival of Raja Rajasthan. One of the thugs was holding an umbrella.


Soon eight Suv peeps drove in and Vishal collected the umbrella from the thug and ran towards the second car and opened the umbrella ignoring the pouring rain on him, waiting for whoever was in the car to get down.


The driver of the car came down and opened the passenger door, Raja Rajasthan came down.


One look at him, I know he is the one I am looking for.


My mother once told me;


‘You don’t come to a king street and ask for his address, the bowed heads of the slaves will show the path by themselves.’


Vishal bowed head has shown me.


Powerful people come from powerful places. I have found my treasure.




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