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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 21

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Episode 21


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Nadine POV



“You should have thought of that before you cheated and broke my heart!”I yelled in his face and ran out of the restaurant to my car trying to calm myself down.


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Oh my gosh!!


I cried quietly in the car just because I was remembering those bad experience.


How he left me,how he told me everything is over!!.


I can’t just let it go like that,it is all complicated but what can I do about it.


I’m going to do anything for my little pumpkin, She needs a father care and I have to that for her.


“I love you Zoe”I said and use my palm to wipe my face then I start the engine then drove out of the parking lot straight to my house.


After some minutes.


I got down from my car and went inside and saw the nanny cleaning the house and I tapped her.


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“Yes ma’am”she greeted me bowing her head in obeisance.


“Miss,when I’m away I want you to take care of Zoe and provide her with all her necessary needs”I instructed as I tweaked my nose.


“Are you going somewhere”she asked politely and I smile.


“Yes, I’ll be away for some weeks”I replied her making her snort.


“Alright ma’am I’m gonna try my best”she replied me and she bowed again as I walked upstairs.



I got to my room and jumped on the bed staring blankly at the ceiling and I didn’t know when tears began to stream down my cheeks.


Why am I crying!!!


I pick my phone and dial Mrs Blake number and it keeps ringing but after some seconds.


Thanks goodness she picked it up.






I said looking pale trying to get my voice back.






She reply and I coughed.




I would be away for just two weeks so only the nanny could come to the


school and take Zoe I warned as I stood up from the bed walking towards my closet.



Alright ma’am

She replied courteously.






I interrupted as I brought out my yellow shining dress.




A man can also come over


I mumbled and I sighed.




What’s his name motherfu.cking name.


she asked me politely and I smirked trying that





I replied perfunctorily.




Alright ma’am


she muttered briskly and ended the call.



I’m doing this all for you Zoe!!



Jeremy POV



I looked at her as she drives away out of the parking lot and I bowed my head into my palm.


Jeremy, you’ve really fu.cked up and you knows that.


Even though Nadine hand over Zoe to me there is still some work to do.


I need to get back with Nadine!!


But how I’m i going to do that without Zoe’s help.


“I need to meet Zoe”I said feeling agog and I quickly stood up from the chair and ran out of the restaurant to my car.


I start the car and speed up going to the way to my house.


I felt so much happy,so I Jeremy could point to Zoe that this is my daughter.








After some minutes,I alighted from the car and ran inside.


I climbed the stairs hastily and open the door to my room and I saw Stephanie lying on the bed exposing her thighs but I didn’t even took a second look.


“So you were with that girl all day”she inquired in curiosity but I don’t mind her.


“Jeremy, I’m talking to you”if her long thin voice could be call a shout.


“Na..dine or what’s her name”she mumbled and I was stupefied and I turned backing staring at her as she walked up to me.


How did she know about Nadine ?,did she called her or what!!!


That was all I could think before I broke in.



“How did you know her name ? “I asked her and she gave me an evil and scary smile.


“So you are surprise”she replied me and I couldn’t utter a word but stare at the way she keeps rambling.


“Even, I get to know she is your ex-girlfriend”she said and I became more stupefied.


I think she has done some findings about Nadine, I hope she knows nothing about my little Zoe.


“You’re just rambling Stephanie,even though you did research about Nadine,she isn’t a dumb and silly girl like you,she is now civilized”I replied looking infuriated and I could see she was surprised.


“What!!!”she exclaimed with her mouth widely open.


“Nadine is smart”I said and I walked out looking at her and I hissed at her repeatedly.


“Jeremy wait”she shouted sternly but I didn’t even move an inch all I did was raise my middle fingers to her which means you.


I got downstairs and I smiled as I ruffled my hair.


Jeremy you act nicely!!! I said and walked to the room where wine are loaded.


I brought out the whiskey and I open it the a thought came over my mind.


It isn’t time to enjoy!!


I drop the wine making it sound and I ran out of the house.



Nadine POV


I’m doing this all for you Zoe!!


I brought out some dresss whilst packing them inside the luggage bag.


I knew Jeremy will want to have some fun with Zoe and I don’t want to be an act of burden to them so I need to stay away.


I’m going to lodge in a hotel for some weeks but that doesn’t stop me from doing my work.


I’m still going to answer my client call.


My phone beep and I picked it.


It turns out to be one of my clients!!


I picked it up and a loud gruffy voice answered it.


“He..”he was about to talk but I broke in.


“Hello, Another day please ! “I said bluntly without even allowing to utter anything or complete his statement.


I’m not ready to f**k anyone right now but anytime soon .


Then I heard a loud knock on the door.


“Who’s there”I asked and the nanny answered.


“You can come in”I replied and she came in looking calm.


“What’s up”I asked and she coughed.


“There is a man out there saying he wanted to see you”she answered and I shook my head trying to remember if I was expecting any visitors.


“Name ?” I asked in curiosity.



“Jere”she didn’t complete her word and I smirked.


“Jeremy”I said and she nod her head trying to signal it that I’m correct. What the hell is he doing here!!


“You can go”I instructed and she turned to leave.


What the heck is going on!!!


I walked towards the door and I touched the door knob which makes it unlatch.


I climbed through the stairs and saw Jeremy sitting on the couch in the living room.


He noticed I was coming and he stood up from the couch dipping his hands inside his pocket thinking I’m gonna fall for him again.


I’m not going to fall for his trap anymore,I’m over that level.


“What are you doing here”I asked feeling nervous as I walked to his side.


“Nadine,can I take Zoe from school today”he asked and the nanny looked back looking at the two of us suspiciously.


“Excuse us”I instructed and she left the scene.


“You want to take Zoe from school”I asked and he nodded.


“Yes,you can but on one condition”I said and he looked at me deeply in the eyes.


“Don’t take Zoe to any hospital to check anything or find out anything”I instructed and he smiled.


“I’m not going to do that even when she knows I’m her dad”he said and I beams a fake smile.



“You’re not..”I didn’t complete my sentence and I turned to go back upstairs but he held my wrist.


“Nadine”he exclaimed in a pitiful tone and I turned back.


“What’s wrong”I asked and he coughed.


“Forgive me”he begged and I was taken aback.


“Please, don’t bring up anything that is similar with that bad experience,I’m pleading with you”I said.


“But why”he interpolated.


“Why,you think it is easy to forgive even though there is but I can’t”I replied.


“Why”he repeated.


“You cheated on me, broke up with me,made me lose my whole family just because you want to satisfy your father decision”I shouted sternly looking teary.


“But I’m sorry”he pleaded but I didn’t respond.


“Sorry,is sorry going to bring back my broken heart,my lost relatives and everything I lose just because of you”I lamented and he was shocked.


“But I’m going to replace your broken heart”he said and I laughed.


“If you are going to replace my broken heart, what about the lost relatives”I replied him and he looked down in disgrace.


“There’s none, there’s no one to represent my relatives”I added and whipped his hand away then ran upstairs straight to my room.


I got inside my room and slammed the door resting my back on the door and slide down and bowed my head to my palm and wept profusely.



Jeremy POV


I begged her but she didn’t even make attempt of listening to me.


The first plan wasn’t successful so I had no choice but to carry out the second plan.


I’m going to beg Zoe to help me and her momma get back!!!


I took a quick glance at my wrist watch and the time says past three.. which means I have to go get My daughter!


After some minutes


I got to Zoe school as I alighted from the car before heading in !


Good afternoon I’m here for ..” she cuts in .


Oh you’re Zoe father’s right?” She asks as it surprised me that Nadine told her about me already…


It’s that way !” She pointed towards the direction as I walked through the hall way as she described.


Zoe !” I called out to my princess as she runs towards me , I already sprawled my hands open for her.


Mister !” She smiled as she wrapped her small body around me .


Are you here to take me ?” She said and I nodded as we scuttled out of the building.


She tapped me as soon as we got outside .” Mister drop me , I can walk with my legs !” She tells me surprisedly.


How smart !


” Can I ask a question ?” She asks again.



Of course yes .. go on dear!” I urged and she smiled.


What did you do to mom that’s making her hate you more than a shit ?” She asks curiously as I couldn’t help but feel bad at her question.


Umm , did your mom tell you she hates me ?” I countered back at her.


Yes she does !” She replied blatantly and I snorted.


It was just an act !” I lied , hoping it wouldn’t be obvious as she was so witty.


My mom says the perfect place for a liar is hell , so why are you lying ?” She snarled back at me making me stupefied.


She really got me !


Even though Nadine didn’t have time for Zoe , she trained her more than expectation..


I’m sorry for lying but I’m going to tell you later and you’ll also help me with something in exchange !” I replied and she shrug.


But what’s that ?” She can’t help being curious.


Later!” I wink at her before opening the back seat door for her .


I was about to turn on the ignition switch when she shouted wait !


You’re going to buy me ice cream if you want me to help you ! ” She suggested,crossing her hands over her chest like a Stern Boss.



” Okay !” I exclaimed with an okay sign .






I stopped at a nearby ice cream shop and tried opening the door so she would follow me but she said something that almost got me rolling on the floor .



I’m a princess right ?” She asks.


Oh yeah !” I muttered .


And now you’re in a deal with the princess so I can’t follow you because you’re in need of it !” She blurted out as I stare in amazement.


Okay! Okay ! I’ll be back in a few minutes, don’t go anywhere !” I warned and she nodded in agreement



Authoress Teemah


Zoe sat quietly because she was busy playing games on Jeremy’s phone..


” I like mister a lot !” She squealed as she continues playing with the game.


She looked around when she noticed someone was approaching as she thought it was her dad , but suddenly the door opened revealing to unknown faces ..


Before she could utter another word,they covered her nose with a sprayed handkerchief as she fell in to a deep sleep .


This gave the unknown guys easy access to take her away !!



Back to Jeremy



I walked towards where the car was parked and opened the backseat door to find the princess but there was no single trace of her !


What the hell !!




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