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He Is My Mate – Episode 18

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As Produced by Rachel Romo


THEME: Freaky Warning






Sapphire’s POV


Me and Kayla just arrived at the classroom and thankfully there aren’t that many students. I really don’t like crowded places but unfortunately, we are almost 50 in class, so yeah. Basically, we’re too over populated.


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I don’t get it at all. Why would other people bother doing the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge when they’d only just end up looking like some bee stung their lips? ” Kayla was throwing tantrums at me about the viral posts about that lip enlarger



challenge or whatever. I don’t even know why, guess they just wanted to look like a duck after sucking on a glass.


But hey, let’s be honest here. Am I the only one who ends up laughing looking at it rather than getting disgusted?


I don’t know. Do you want me to ask Kylie Jenner for you? ” I said sarcastically and munch on my cheetos. Yup, cheetos for breakfast.


Shut up. But really, I’d rather dance to Nae Nae than do that creepy thing, ” she said and acted horrified just by the thought of doing it. I just shrug and continued eating.


Who cares? I only care when it comes to food. Food is my bae. Sorry not sorry, Adrian…


Hey girls, you’re early today ” a tall, handsome, homo-sapien suddenly popped out of nowhere in front of us. I just waved at him and smiled.


Goodmorning to you too, Shawn ” Kayla said and grab a fist-full of cheetos from me.

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Hey! That’s mine! ” I complained but the bi-tch just stuff it in her mouth. Oh my, cheetos…


You do know that’s not very lady-like ” Shawn said as he sat on the desk, facing us.


I’m not any near to be called a lady. I’m more of the boyish type, ” I said to him. True.


Which is actually my type, ” Shawn said and winked at me. I just snorted at him and continued eating.


Okay, stop the flirting already. I feel like I’m third-wheelng.. ” Kayla stated as she retouched her make-up.


Who said anything about flirting? We’re just friends, Kay… ” I said as I stuff the last pieces of cheetos into my mouth.


Talk about friendzone ” I heard Kayla say something but I didn’t quite hear it. It’s not long till my classmates started arriving and a few minutes later, the room’s already full.


Miss Robins is coming! ” our class president, Wyatt, shouted making everyone stop what they were doing and went back to their seats.


Gotta go now, c’mon Shawn ” we excused ourselves from Kayla and head to the back row where our seats are.


You’re walking funny today, Sapphire ” Shawn said behind me. My eyes directly went wide at what he said. Oh, shoot! I forgot that I’m still sore. Damn, I was numb earlier and now, I can feel the pain all over again. Argh.



Uhhhh… I-I tripped earlier a-and sprained my l-leg, ” I stammered as I remained in my place with my back still facing him.


Does it still hurt? Do you want me to accompany you to the clinic? ” I can sense the worry in his voice and I can’t help but feel a little guilty.


Y-yeah, I’m fine. No biggie ” I said and let out an awkward laugh. Before he could say anything else, I walked to my seat not caring about the pain. I sat down on my seat and he followed behind.


Just tell me if the pain comes back, okay? ” I heard him say and I just gave him a slight nod.


Phew! That was close!




Lunch came and as usual, the three of us head to the canteen. The line’s not that long so it didn’t took us long to order.


Get your wallet ready, Shawn. We’re really going to order a lot of food that can be fed to 50 people, ” I joked and laughed like an evil villain at the end. We, three came up with this plan to take turns everyday in who’s going to treat and today’s Shawn’s unlucky day.


I really wonder how a lot of food can fit in that small stomach of yours, ” he said as he eyed my stomach. I chuckled.


It’s more spacious than you think, ” I said and grab a tray and started putting any food I find delicious.


First thing you should know about her, she’s really a heavy-eater, ” Kayla said and we chuckled. I wouldn’t argue


with her about that.


We head to a vacant table and started eating our lunch. Shawn would stop complaining that he paid 7 dollars for our lunch. Hey, it’s not that bad.


Shut up, Shawn. You’re complaining can’t do anything about it now, ” Kayla said as she munched on her fries. I second her motion and gave my OJ to him just so he would shut up.


Okay, fine. ” and finally! He decided to shut his mouth. We continued talking and laughing with each other until lunch ended, so we had to head back to class before our teacher comes.


You guys go ahead, I’ll just use the restroom for a minute ” I said and motioned them to go on first. They nodded and walked away. I went inside the girl’s bathroom and saw two blonde girls talking while they were retouching their



makeups. I didn’t mind them and pushed in one of the cubicles and did my business.


I heard footsteps walking away and a sound of the door shut, must be the two girls. I finished my business when I suddenly heard footsteps coming, at first I thought it was nothing but I felt her stop in front of the cubicle I was currently at. Huh? I peeked through the bottom part of the door as sure enough, there was a pair of two feminine feet standing before the door. As far as I know, I’m the only ones here and I’m pretty sure all the cubicles are empty except mine.


I decided to just go out and brush off the creepy feeling. As soon as I opened the door, I saw no one. I started to feel nervous, I was completely, entirely, totally, a 100% sure someone was here. And I’m pretty sure I’m not drunk, either.


I slowly head to the sink and washed my hands. Am I hallucinating things? I bent down towards the sink and washed my face. Yeah, maybe I am.


As I stood straight and opened my eyes, I saw someone standing right behind me.


Shit! ” I cussed and held my chest. Damn!


Surprised? ” she said and approached the mirror and retouched her makeup.


Haven’t seen you in a while, ” I said as I grab a paper towel and dried my hands and face.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


Oh, I was just busy doing some things ” from the corner of my eyes, I saw her smirk while saying those words. Something fishy’s going on…


Well, you know—- ” I stopped in mid-sentence when I looked at her direction and found no one. Okay, that was creepy. I noticed a sticky note on the mirror so I grab it and I literally had goosebumps at what I read.


‘There is no secret uncovered. True colors will always come out at the end.’












Hey, you okay? ” someone snapped their fingers in front of me, bringing me back to my senses.


Huh? You said something? ” I asked as I sat properly. I saw Kayla’s brows furrowed and Shawn gave me a confused look. It’s already 6pm and we stayed here at school, at the rooftop specifically. Sky couldn’t pick us today since he and Adrian are going to a pack meeting. So we decided to stay here since we wanted to relax and talk with each other about random stuff, all the students already went



home and I assume we’re the only ones left here. They’ve been talking since we got here and I would just nod if they’d ask me something.


What? ” I asked them. Is there something on my face? Why are they staring at me like I’ve grown two heads?


You sure you’re alright? ” Shawn asked me. Now it was my turn to give him a confused look.


Of course, why wouldn’t I be? ” I asked as I tuck few strands of my hair that was on my face, behind my ear.


You were like, spacing out for the whole 15 minutes. You’re clearly not okay, Sapphire ” Kayla said and placed an arm on my shoulder.


I just sighed in reply. I can’t tell them about what happened earlier, yet. I just feel like I need to solve this problem on my own, even Adrian doesn’t need to know. Maybe it was just like a fake threat or something. But as far as I know, she ‘s good at ruining people’s lives like I’ve been told. Plus, I need to figure out what she meant by those words.


See! You’re spacing out again! ” I heard Kayla’s voice which brought me back to reality, again.




I muttered and gave her a hug just to assure her that I’m alright when I’m clearly not. She hugged me nevertheless and we stayed just like that for a minute not until some homo-sapien butt in.


Hey, that’s so unfair! Join me in! ” and the next thing we knew, we three were hugging not until Shawn suddenly tickled our sides with each hand and we end up rolling on the floor laughing like chipmunks.


HAHAHA— Stop it already! HAHAHAHA… I can’t take it anymore! ” Kayla kept on complaining while she kept trying to catch his hands while I remained laughing like a retarded seal.


Hey, you three! What are you doing here at this time? OUT! ” suddenly, a light was pointed at us so we hurriedly grab our bags and ran downstairs with non-stop laughs with the guards tailing behind us. We got out of the school gates and we can’t help but to laugh when we saw the fat guard fell on the floor. Poor guy…


C’mon, I’ll drive you home. Alpha might be going mad man right now, ” he said and we all hopped into his red convertible. We stopped by at McDonald’s and got each of us burgers and large fries. And since I’m the one in shotgun, I have to feed Shawn his share since he’s the one driving. We got home by 8:15 and I can already



see Adrian, Skyler, Llyod and Alice from a distance, standing in the front porch probably waiting for us.


Oops. I think we’re in trouble…


Where have you guys been? ” Alice was the first one to talk when we got out. I waved Shawn goodbye when he finally drove away, he said he didn’t want to get into trouble. That jerk.


We were at school ” I answered. I saw from the corner of my eyes, Kayla being dragged away by her mate. She gave me a faint smile before Llyod yanked her hand again. I hope she’s going to be alright.


Tsk. Just because I couldn’t pick you up today doesn’t mean you can go anywhere without our permission, ” from the tone of Sky’s voice, he clearly was angry. I just scoffed at him and rolled my eyes heavenwards.


We’re not kids anymore, Sky. We can handle ourselves, ” I said as I crossed my arms. I’m already 18 for pete’s sake, I can handle on my own. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past years.


Don’t talk back at me Sapphire Kirsten, ” I can sense the rage and authority on Sky’s voice which made me look down. I don’t know if it’s because he’s the beta or just simply he’s my brother.




We all turned our heads to the door where Adrian just walked in. Great! I just made him angry. I guess I’ll be taming him tonight.


You’re a week, grounded ” Sky said and went into the forest for patrol. I just sighed.


Adrian was really worried about you, earlier. You weren’t picking up your phone plus he couldn’t mind link you made him furious. He was throwing tantrums at us and almost wrecked his office ” Alice said and put a hand on my shoulder. I don’t know how to react so I remained silent. I’m so stupid. We shouldn’t have stayed. Suddenly, a black Veneno parked in front of the house and there cam out, Alpha Jax so I directly greeted him with a bow.


You don’t have to do that. You’re the Luna here, ” he said and gave me a pat on the head. I pouted like a little kid and smack his hand away. He chuckled and approached Alice next. They drove off after saying goodbye since they’re going on a date so I decided to just go inside.


I took a warm shower and changed into a pair of cotton shorts and a pale pink sweater, after doing my homeworks I laid in bed and turned off my lampshade to sleep. Somehow I couldn’t sleep so I reached for my phone and turned on my



phone just to see 54 missed calls and 39 messages all from Adrian. I suddenly felt guilty and decided to go to his room.


As soon as I opened his door, which I was shocked to find out, all I could see was darkness. I shut the door and tried to searched for the switch but I just couldn’t find it so I just decided to walk to his bed, maybe he’s already asleep. My night vision wasn’t that sharp but I managed to get to his bed. It smelled just like him, strong and masculine. I took a deep breath before I finally decided to climb ont


o his bed.


Adrian? ” I called him but I heard no response. I called him a few times but still no answer. Huh? Where is he? I pulled the comforters away and great! I was talking to a bunch of pillows.


What are you doing? ” I almost had a heart-attack when I heard someone behind me. My senses became alert when I smelled his scent. If I’m not mistaken, he just got out from the shower. Why didn’t I thought of that?


I-I..Uhhh… Look, I’m sorry abo—- ” before I could finish my sentence he pushed me to his bed and he went on top of me. I closed my eyes when I came in contact with his bed, I could feel his breathing so close to me and it smelled like mint.

What were you trying to say? ” he asked in a husky voice making me shiver.


I’m sorry… ” I managed to say. I could sense him smirk at me which made me pissed. He’s just going to smirk after I said sorry?


Welll—- ” I didn’t let him finish, I grab his face and kissed him with so much intensity which he gave in return. He slid his tongue into my mouth and tasted every corner of my mouth. I gasped when he inserted three fingers into my core. You read it right, three.


You’re wet already, babe ” he said in a husky voice and slowly started pulling it in and out.


Fvck. Faster, Adrian… ” I moaned and he did just as I said. It didn’t take long and I came into his fingers. He pulled them out and I heard sucking so I opened my eyes and saw him licking his fingers. My eyes widened at his action.


Sweet, ” he said and wrecked my sweater and shorts. I gasped at what he did but it looked like nothing to him, he then unclasped my bra and pulled down my undies. He then removed the towel that was around his hips and leaned into my ear.


I’m going to punish you, love… ” he said and insert his into mine.








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