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Love Of My Life – Episode 15

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Episode 15


****At The Market******


3 minutes later



“Babe, you are back so soon? Did you buy the vegetables” Richard asked “No joor, the vegetables are not fresh” Annie told him


“Oga make I cut the meat?” The butcher ask Richard “Yes, #15,000 abi? ” Richard ask “Yes,#15,000” the butcher replied him


“15 gini? This meat 15 thousand naira and you want to buy it Richie? This small meat” Annie asked him


“It pretty big….” Richard was interrupted

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“Chai,you don’t know how to eh mr man,how much last? Annie asked the butcher


” 13 thousand last ” the butcher said


“Ölöun Májè, you don see mugu na,this meat #13k,that have much bone? If you can’t sell it for #10,000 leave it,let me go elsewhere” Annie said


Richard jaw dropped can she price something from 15k to 10k, Annie don’t have conscience


“Abeg madam add #1000 to the #10k na” the butcher pleaded


“No #10,000 I have.” Annie said ad she held Richard hand and start going “Abeg madam wait,let me sell for you” the butcher called


“Now you are talking, cut the meat big husband does not like small meat”


Richard just look at his dare not price in a supermarket. Their price is always the same

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Annie held Richard hand as she went around buying things in the market. Taking Richard to the market is like taking a 3 year old boy to the market. Well she can’t Blame him.he was born with a sliver spoon


****At home*****


“Ah,am very tired” Richard stressed his body


“Tired? What did you do? You can’t even price” Annie mocked him


“Babe, what you did to those sellers at the market isn’t fair,see the way you were just didn’t even pity them” Richard said


“Pity ko,pity ni,is the money easy to get.? I wonder how many people have cheated you in this Lagos” Annie said


“Cheat me? Nobody can cheat me in the land I grew up in….babe I need a foot


massage” Richard cried out


“Let me go and bath jare” Annie walk away




2weeks After


“Girlfriend it been a while ” toke said as she dish the food


Annie had told her she will be coming to visit her so she prepared something delicious


“Yea,Richy hardly let me go out” Annie told her


“You and this your husband….. Una love no go die o” Annie teased her


“Amen” Annie opened the food



“Wow,ogbono soup and pounded yam.just what am craving for..yummy said as she tasted the food

” Annie



“Hmm…looks like you are really hungry” toke said as she ate her food


“Yes I am,I ate at home o.but this days I just eat anyhow. Am even afaird I might get chubby.” Annie said as she bite her meat.


Toke laugh ” is not bad if you are fat o”


“It bad o,ex super model Anita becomes fat overnight,it doesn’t sound nice na” Annie coughed


“Easy…..take water” Annie gulped down the water


After two minutes she rushed to the toilet


“Girlfriend are you alright” toke asked


Sound of vomit came from the toilet


Annie sighed as she came out placing her hand on her tummy


“I guess I rushed the food too much” Annie said as she sat on the chair “Hmm…how are you feeling” toke ask as she place her palm on her forehead “Dizzy…..I have been feeling dizzy and nauseous this past few days” Annie said


“Girlfriend I think you are pregnant” toke told her Annie laughed “how can I be pregnant”


“Are you not married, you say have been feeling dizzy this past few days okay? Wen last did you see your period? ” toke asked her


“Period? Pregnant? ” Annie opened her mouth


“O my God…. Toke I will see you later.let me confirm this” Annie said as she pick


up her bag


“Okay,take care” toke waved her hand



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Annie sat on the couch as she caress her tommy. After she left toke place she went straight to the hospital and it was confirmed. Anita is two months pregnant.she can’t wait to break the news to Richard.gosh she will soon be a mother.


Richard junior is on the way





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