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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 6

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Chapter 6
And I winced. He is a total mess.
We both finished eating.
“I will wash the plates.” I said. Walking to the kitchen.
“Let it be I will do it.” He argued.
“Ah no I will do it.” I smiled.
He walked to his room. And i cleaned up.
I thought he would keep me company but duhh, he cold as ice.
I don’t know where to go now, because…
Oh damn i have to do my homework and my bag is in his room.
I walked to his room the door was left open. I just went in.
He laid on the bed facing the ceiling, it looks like he was in deep thoughts.
“What do you want.” I jump in fright.
My throat goes dry, i open my mouth to say something but no words came out.
“Are you going to stand there and guard me?.” I clench my hand at his remark.
And walked inside. His coldness is pissing me off, and i don’t know why.
He gets into me without him realising it.
It’s just that he scares me off like my brother, i always have to be conscious on whatever i say.
Ethan always punish me when i say gibberish to him.
When he told me to wake up and i snubbed him, he got cold water from the fridge and poured it all on my body.
I tremble at that thought. He has never laid a finger on me. But his punishment are worse.
On a rainy day i was locked inside the dark storeroom, that’s where i got the phobia, darkness and thunderstorms scare the hell out of me.
I know that i deserved it.
I make sure not to go against Ethan. But Zac saved me twice, when i was about to get punished in front of him.
Start from that day, i kinda of… Kind of what?
It’s just that Zac is so cold and he never mind others business but to mine he did.
I have thousands of questions to ask him but i don’t know how or where to start.
He sat up at once and his dark black hair fell on his forehead making him super handsome and too beautiful.
“Why didn’t you play today.” I take steps towards him.
I just want to know him better and why does he lock everyone out.
“I hurt my leg.” He replied.
I felt like fainting he replied, hold it Alex don’t be to happy it’s just the first question.
“Oh.” I let out.
I sat besides him and i could feel our shoulders touching.
He moved a little away from him.
Hmpf! If he thinks he going scotfree he better think again.
I moved close to him again and he did the same by moving away from me and i moved again until he was on the edge on the bed.
Let me see where will he go now, subconsciously he was about to move but he fell taking me down with him.
He was laying on the carpet and i on top of him our head knocked each other and our lips locked.
Holly molly!
Our eyes wide open.
What happened what happened?
My heartbeat raced to one thousand miles.
I want to move away from him but at the same time i don’t. I’m freaking out and i can’t do anything.
We break the kiss and i blushed.
Oh heck this is emergency and I’m blushing. “Move away from me.” I said looking away. But he laid there still. Why is he not moving? “Get off me.” I looked at him. But he was just looking at me.
“You’re the one who have to move, just look at your position.” He said coldly.
“Me i have to move?.” Oh shit.
I’m on top of him, i jumped trying to move away from him, and i came back landing on him.
And our lips locked again.
I felt like crying and laughing at the same time.
I felt his lips move, is he is he
I panicked.
I don’t know how to kiss he will laugh at me.
Why are you thinking of kissing him? Uh because now it feels so good.
You should be moving away from him not kissing him.
My subconscious scolds but my heart want this, and i also want this. What am i saying?
His lips move against mine, he bites my lover lip and i gasp as he enters his tongue twirling against mine.
And i moan
I’m dead a dead meat!

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