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My Plastic Wife – Episode 6

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Chapter SIX


[ Plan In Full Motion ]





~ Ashley’s POV ~




So Kaleb’s full force plan was for us to act like lovers in front of the whole family??


WHAT!? You mean I should act like I love a man who I have no feelings for?

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So what do you say huh?” He asked me and I sighed.


Okay, I agree.” I replied and he smiled a victorious smile.


Good. We’re just gonna act like we’re in love when we’re with the rest of the family. Otherwise that, we act normal.” Kaleb said and I nodded.


Alright good night.” Kaleb added and laid on the bed then tucked himself in.


I sat on the bed still bewildered about the whole thing. In other words, I have to bring myself to love someone who I was forced to marry? This is gonna be hard! Especially the PDA aspect which I may not feel so comfortable doing. Anyways, practice makes perfect. Maybe when I do it once or twice, I may become used to it.


Good night.” I replied and he opened his eyes and winked at me with a smile on his face.


I wasn’t comfortable sleeping on the same bed with him. I hope he doesn’t touch me or do any sort of rubbish or else I’m gonna run away from this house. I laid on the bed and slept off.



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~ Kaleb’s POV ~




Yawn! It’s morning already. Not just an ordinary morning but a Monday morning!


I turned to my side and saw that Ashley wasn’t there. I heard the sound of water splashing and then I assumed she was having her bath.


I have to get ready now and take Mia to school.





That was the sound of my phone ringing. I checked the caller, it was one of my business associates Casmir.



Hello Casmir. Good morning.



Morning sir. There is an urgent meeting now at the office.



Huh why? Who fixed a meeting without my permission??



The Editorial Board did. The applicants for the competition have already clocked 10,000.


What? So fast! Even before the deadline?



Yes sir. So there’s an urgent meeting now because we need to start shortlisting.



Okay Casmir, I’m on my way” With that, I hung up and quickly jumped out of the bed. I rushed to the bathroom but paused at the door. I remembered that Ashley was still in there.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


” Agh! I’m gonna be late if I don’t shower now.”



I rushed to the guest room’s bathroom and freshened up there. I got dressed and was ready to go. I grabbed my briefcase and went downstairs.


Dad, where are you going?” I heard Mia ask and I froze at the door. Oh shit! I completely forgot about dropping Mia off at school!


Oh baby, daddy has an important meeting now and won’t be able to drop you at school.” I said and she frowned.




Yes, so the driver will drop you off. Love you, bye bye.” I said and was about opening the door when Mia grunted loudly and held my hand.


No dad! You can break other family laws but not this one! It’s a tradition that either mum or you will drops me at school and ever since mum disappeared you’ve been dropping me at school. And today is not an exception!” Mia said and I sighed.


Please Mia, just let the driver drop you at school.” I begged but she turned deaf ears.


No you must!” She stood her ground. I’m running late, I need to find a solution soon. And just then, Ashley came downstairs and an idea popped.


Okay, you let Ashley drop you at school. She’s your mum because she’s legally married to me.” I said with a sly smile and Mia almost exploded.


What!? She drop me! That can never happen! I won’t allow a strange woman drop me at school! Never!………” While Mia was throwing her childish tantrums, I quickly


sneaked out of the house and was on my way to work *


~ Mia’s POV ~





On no account am I gonna let this daddy-snatcher drop me at school. I mean, Hello, I don’t even know where she came from and I can’t completely trust her.


What’s happening here??” Aunt Sydney said as she came to the living room clutching her bag. Aunt Amelia was behind her.


Dad refused to drop me in school and he wants HER


to drop me.” I said pointing at Ashley.


Huh? Why will Kaleb refuse to drop you at school?” Aunt Syd asked.


He claims that he has an important meeting to catch up with.” I said and Syd smiled.


Just allow your new mom drop you at school today then tomorrow daddy will make it up to you. Okay?” Aunt Sydney said and stroked my hair.


No! First of all she’s not my new mum! And secondly I’m not letting her take me to school!” I yelled and crossed my arms.


Well, you think I’m so enthusiastic about dropping you to school? I can’t even stand your annoying behavior for a minute!” That daddy-snatcher said and I was boiling with rage.


Don’t you dare talk to a Brixlar like that!” Aunt Amelia snapped at Ashley and I loved that.


Look Mia, just let this Ashley girl drop you off at school so that we can have peace in this Mansion! I was in the middle of my cardio therapy before this commotion interrupted it !” Aunt Amelia yelled and I rolled my eyes.


She’s a drama queen



Fine! I’ll let her drop me off but only because I have an English test this morning.” I said and grabbed my school bag and went outside.





~ Ashley’s POV ~




She doesn’t have respect! Not even a single strand of respect! See the manner at which she talks to me. If not that Sydney and her annoying sister were there I would’ve landed a slap on that little brat’s face!


I grabbed one of the car keys and went outside. It was a BMW car key I collect so I located the car. After locating it, Mia entered and I drove her to school.


We’re here.” I said when I finally pulled the breaks at her school.


Good! At least I’ll be away from you now.” Mia said and came out of the car.


Hey Mia.” Some girls about Mia’s age greeted her when she came down.


Hi Kimi, Hi Sasha.” She replied them.


Who’s that?” Kimi asked pointing at me.


Is that your new mum?” Sasha asked and Mia looked at me.


Never! She’s just a maid in our house. Come let’s go.” Mia said and she turned back and gave me an evil smirk before going into the school’s main building with her friends.


I started the ignition and left the school highly embarrassed. Look at how that little brat disgraced me in front of her peers. Surely, her father must hear of this so in case one day I rip her head off no one will blame me.





~ Nadia’s POV ~





I was on my bed fantasizing on how life will be when I finally make it big in the dance industry! How much fame and respect I’ll get, the loads of cash I’ll earn and so much more!


Just then…my phone vibrated.


It was an email from Mega Dance Cooperation.


Good Day Nadia, you have been selected as one of the participants of Dance2Fame competition. The audition will hold on Friday, 27th of March 2020 at the Schneider Hall in New York City.” I read out the content of the email


Oh my gollllyyyyy!! I’ve been selected!” I said and threw my phone in the air not caring where it landed, but luckily it landed on the bed


WooHoo!! I’m gonna be famous!” I said and did a victory dance on my bed.


Mum! Mum! I’ve been selected!!” I yelled as I rushed to the living area where mum sat and was knitting a blue sweater.


Selected? For what?” She asked as she removed her glasses and dropped the unfinished sweater she was knitting on the table.


A dance competition. The best one of the century!” I said with all happiness and elation.


Wow! That’s nice sweetie!” Mum said with a smile.


The competition will be in New York two days from now.” I said and mum’s smile diminished and a concerned look appeared on her face.


New York? That’s in America. You’re gonna fly all the way from here to America?” Mum said and I nodded.


Yes mum. It’s no big deal. I have enough cash for flight tickets and accommodation. And moreover, when I win the money, it will be 10 times whatever I’ve spent.” I said and mum smiled.



Seems like you’re so confident in winning.” Mum said and I nodded affirmatively.


Yes mum! I am.” I replied and jollily went upstairs.


• I know mum is af


raid. You know, I’m from Europe particularly Manchester, that’s where I currently live. And the competition is in New York, America. Which is another continent entirely! Mum will off course be worried.


If the competition is next tomorrow, I’d better leave now. If I book an evening flight, I will be able to get to New York by tomorrow afternoon. Although I’ll have to pay more because I’m booking impromptu. But it’s worth the shot right?


Just then…my phone rang. It was my best friend Janelle.

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Hey Janelle!” I said immediately I answered the phone.



Sup girl! You seem elated. Fill me in.



News Flash! I was just selected for the Dance2Fame competition!



You don’t mean it! Oh my wow! I’m so happy for your girl.



Yeah. So I was hoping if you’d accompany me to New York for the competition.



Who am I to say no? Off course I’ll go. I’ll pay for my flight right now.



See you at the airport.





~ Ashley’s POV ~





It was almost 3pm. I have to go pick Mia from school at 3pm. Ugh! I’m gonna be seeing her annoying face again. The past 8 hours of her not being here has been wonderful for me. I’ve been in my room all day so as to avoid Amelia’s trouble as well.


Ugh! I’m parched.” I said and went to the water dispenser to get some water. I pressed the button and water didn’t come out.


Huh?” I checked the dispenser’s water bottle and it was still full.


Then why isn’t it working?” I pressed the button again but it didn’t work.


I’m so thirsty! This heat season is totally the worst.” I said and with that, I went downstairs to the dispenser in the living room to get some water, luckily that one was dispensing.


As I bent down to take the water, I felt someone grab me by my waist. I turned back to see it was…


Mr Brown! What??”














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