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The DNA Test – Episode 5

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The DNA Test (episode 5)


There’s nothing hidden that won’t be revealed and nothing concealed that won’t be disclosed; the only factor needed is ‘Time’. No matter how fast a person runs, they can never run away from the harvest of what they sowed; whether good or bad.


Ace felt his little secret was safe with him forever. Never in a thousand years did he ever imagine that his wife ‘Belinda’ would find the hidden skeletons in his cupboard. It’s apparent that Ace forgot that those who live in glass houses don’t



throw stones. When you point one finger at someone, don’t forget that the other four fingers are pointing right back at You in the face. There was serious fire on the mountain, but Ace hadn’t figured yet that his marriage was headed towards a mighty fall that would damage things almost beyond repair. At this point, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that things don’t go too bad for the once lovely couple.

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After the DNA Test result was found by Belinda, she was raged and disappointed at the same time. Never in a thousand years did she ever imagine that her husband of six years was unsure of the paternity of his child. At that moment, it felt as though she had been living with a total stranger all along and it broke her heart to know that Ace had been looking at her all those while as a cheat and unfaithful wife.


The most annoying thing about the whole situation was the fact that Belinda has never questioned nor doubted her husband’s faithfulness in their marriage. She trusted him with all her heart and have never harboured any thought of him cheating on her; that’s why she was extremely hurt to find out that he never felt same way with her. Poor Woman!


As the whole atmosphere got heated, Ace was confused on what to do in order to

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calm down his wife’s temper. He apologised a dozen times but all to no avail as


Belinda still stood her ground on conducting her own DNA Test; since she felt he


had enough money to spend. “Baby please I’m very sorry, I honestly don’t know


what came over me. I feel so ashamed of myself and don’t know how to redeem


myself in your sight because it’s clear you are disappointed in me. My colleagues


were the ones that instigated the whole thing, it was never in my mind to do a thing


such as this. Babe please let go of the anger you are currently feeling and forgive


me please” he soberly said.

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Everything Ace was saying at that moment felt like ‘Cock and Bull’ story to Belinda because it still didn’t justify nor clear the narrative that he didn’t initially trust her. It still didn’t change the fact that he perceived her as an unfaithful wife who sleeps around. It was going to take more than a half baked apology with few tears to change her mind.



“See, all this you are saying doesn’t change anything at all. If you can be honest with yourself, tell me you didn’t doubt my loyalty for you before this test result came out? Tell me you didn’t feel like I was a cheat and an unfaithful wife to you? Tell me you didn’t have in mind that Junior wasn’t your son and that I probably slept with another man and got pregnant, then in turn put the pregnancy on you? There are so many things you have done in the past that questioned your loyalty to our marriage vows but I never let that change the way I felt about you. I still trusted you regardless and forgave you secretly without an actual apology from you but now all I get is a stab at my back. I am not angry with the fact that you did a DNA Test, I am rather angry because you were sneaky about it. Why didn’t you communicate with me if you ever had any uncertainties so we can both do the test together? Don’t you know that women could also be victims of circumstances in this issue of DNA Test? Why don’t you feel like I deserve to do the test too? Anyways I’m done having this conversation with you because nothing can change my mind from doing my own test. That money you want to spend, we will spend it together because I can see there’s an overflow from where it’s coming from. We are going back to that hospital first thing tomorrow. I will cancel my plans because I must get tested too.. Period!” she said and stormed out of the room.


On seeing that there was nothing to be done to change his wife’s mind, Ace accepted to conduct the test too for her; if that’s what it would take for peace to reign. On seeing that Belinda was still raged and furious with the whole situation, he tried his best to calm her down and manage the issue before things escalates further. If only he knew that the battle had only just began.


All through that day, the whole atmosphere was tensed and filled with negative vibes. Belinda kept malice with her husband and didn’t utter a single word to him all through that day. Deep down in her heart, it killed her deeply whenever she remembered the fact that Ace doubted her love and loyalty for him. It was truly heart breaking for her to digest the bitter reality that was right in front of her.


Trust me when I say that no woman wouldn’t be hurt if put in the shoes of Belinda. It’s no denial that there are so many unfaithful spouses on earth, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good and faithful ones too. It’s sad when a stereotype affects people who are far from the reality of that stereotype



Despite the fact that there is a presence of Evil in the world today, we can’t still deny the fact that there’s a whole lot of Good too. Infidelity might be the order of the day or norm of this present generation, but that doesn’t still change the fact that there are faithful and discipline Men and Woman out there who would stand their ground on a relationship and say ‘No’ to Cheating. Belinda was certainly among those good eggs, but we can’t say same for her husband ‘Ace’, because so many things weren’t adding up with the recent findings in their relationship. Belinda was still in the dark but not for too long anymore.


First thing in the morning the next day, the couple zoomed off to the hospital to conduct the DNA Test. To Ace, he actually wasn’t too bothered about the whole thing as he felt his wife was just letting her anger get the better part of her. He couldn’t wait for the test to be over so he could apologise properly and make things up to his wife. If only he knew that a bomb was about to be detonated in his home that would make peace far fetched, then I guess he would have reconsidered his thoughts.


When they arrived at the hospital, the test was conducted with haste because Ace had already informed the Doctor before hand of what was going on. The doctor understood perfectly fine and had to do it just to save their marriage and for peace to reign.


After the test, they were informed on when the results would be out before finally taking their leave. All through the ride home, Belinda faced towards the window and didn’t utter any word to Ace. He knew she was still mad at him despite apologising over a hundred times but that didn’t stop him from apologising further. Their marriage was going through a rough path but Ace remained positive that they would scale through sooner or later.


Immediately they got home, Belinda went to her son’s room and locked the door. She was there with Junior all through and tried her best to free her mind from the drama that was happening in her marriage. Every look at Junior brought tears to her eyes and it got the little boy confused. “Mummy why are you laughing and crying?” he innocently inquired. Belinda smiled and tickled him and they both laughed. It was such a sweet moment between mother and son but how long was such moment going to last? Well, we will find out.



Days passed as they waited for the DNA Test result to be out. The couple lived like strangers in the same house and barely spoke to each other. To be honest, Belinda actually cared less about the DNA Test; she just insisted on doing the test just to get back at her husband. If only she knew that God was using her to unlock more hidden secrets. It’s apparent that Fate was talking it’s course even without her knowledge.


Finally, the long awaited test results were out and the couple were informed to come for it. At that time, the anger in Belinda’s heart had subsided but she still needed to finished what she had started just to prove a point to her husband.


As they drove down to the hospital, Ace sudden developed cold feets for reasons unknown. His heart raced non stop and he didn’t know why at all. Maybe, it was nature’s way of telling the young man that there was fire on the mountain but no one was running yet. I believe his instincts were reacting to the bomb that was about to be detonated at the hospital. Too bad he couldn’t see the future to know what was before him that very day.


They arrived at the hospital shortly and headed to the doctor’s office. Immediately they entered inside, the countenance of the doctor was off; he looked confused than relaxed. “Good morning doctor” the couple greeted as they took their seats. It was such an awkward meeting and it wasn’t long before Ace sensed that something was wrong somewhere. “We are here for the result” Ace said out of nowhere, just to break the silence in the room.


The doctor looked at Belinda and began to probe her with questions. “How long have you two been married?” he asked, “6 years plus” she replied and he nodded slightly. “When did you have your baby?” he continued, “6 years ago” she replied, “at which hospital?” he added, “Living Stream Hospital” she replied.


At that moment, Ace was beginning to get scared as he wondered why the doctor was asking his wife all those questions. He looked lost as they conversed and finally chipped in after listening for a while. “Doctor what is it? I’m getting confused now” he said.

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The doctor looked at both of them and took a deep breath. He looked at Belinda afterwards and dropped a shocker; “Your test came out Negative, which means Junior isn’t your son”.


Shocked and confused, Belinda screamed “What!”. The doctor confusingly looked at her and said; “I am shocked myself”.


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