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Wale dove them to a luxury hotel. They needed a pass to get to the swimming pool which Wale showed them. It was a bit dark by the time they walked to the pool area. Wale introduced them to the celebrant and they found a place to sit. There was music, barbecue on one side of the pool. Buffet table arranged on another side. The was also a bar. Wale went to get them drinks. The place was a bit scanty but Wale knew before long it will be filled up. They were talking and got carried away with their discussion and didn’t realise when the place got filled up. It was noisy



entrants that attracted their attention. Drinks had started moving around. Farida was shocked with the dressing of some of the girls that just came in. One wore a short stretching skirt that was like a second skin. She dared not bend down. Some had their boobs pouring out of their tops. Their makeup was so heavy and some looked wild.




“They must have got them a higher institution to fill up the party. There are still responsible girls here just like you. My guys are around now. They are coming over, I will make the introductions”



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A group fo guys came over and introductions were made. They were all young and good looking. The finest guy amongst them recognized Monica. He mentioned her father’s name and company. Apparently, they went to the same primary school but he was two years ahead. They hit it off. Several of the other guys tried to hit on Farida but she wasn’t feeling any of them. She sat with Wale all through not giving audience to any other person. Wale asked her if she would like to dance, she declined. He asked her if he could ask someone else to dance with him, she agreed. He left her to dance with a girl he met at the bar. She so easily agreed and they went to the dance floor.




A guy, who had been waiting for a chance to catch her alone, walked up to Farida and asked if he could have a seat. She was alone as Monica and her friend had moved to another table. She allowed him sit down. He introduced himself as Shehu. He was a Fulani guy from Kebbi state. His family had been into mining. From every indication he was from a well to do home like most of them there. He was interesting to talk to. They spoke for hours without taking a break. He told her about himself. He was a graduate of Chemical Engineering from a foreign university and works with NNPC. Farida told him she was serving. He asked if she would like to work with NNPC. She hadn’t made up her mind what she wanted to do but she knew she didn’t want to live in Abuja. He told her he could help her get a job with Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and get her posted to Lagos. His only problem was how he could see her often with the distance. She laughed as though it was a joke. He let it slide. They talked about other things. They were together when Wale returned with the lady from the bar. He excused them and was



surprised when Farida did not object. She seemed to be having a good time. She brought out her phone to exchange numbers with Shehu. He was taken aback by the type of phone she was using. Monica had also made fun of her concerning her phone but she refused to change it. Shehu couldn’t believe that a girl this beautiful would not be conscious of her gadgets.




At almost midnight, the three couples decided to call it a night. Monica left with Francis. He would drop her home. Farida wanted to leave with Wale but Shehu insisted he would drop her off. She agreed while Wale left with the lady at the bar.




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On the ride home, Shehu asked if he could take her out the next day. She wanted to decline but she decided to give it a try. She had a nice time with him that night. They stayed in the car for another hour before he saw her to her door.




Monica was inside the house when she came in. She was on the phone. Apparently, she was on the phone with Francis. Farida left her to take a shower. By the time she came out, her phone was ringing. She picked it up.




“You had fun tonight, right?” Wale asked.




Farida smiled on the other end. “Yeah, I did. It was fun”




“And you like him? Yeah?”




“I just met him today”




“And you spent an hour with him in the car”





Farida was shocked. “How did you know that?”




“Did you think I would let him take you home without ensuring he does that? I just dropped off the lady me. I am heading home”




“That was nice. You actually followed us? Wale, you are a very good friend”




“So are you. Enjoy the rest of your night. Tell Monica I said hi. Hope she’s home too”




“Yes, she is. Good night”




“Good night”




Wale was glad she had fun. He felt a sting of jealous when she opted to be with Shehu over him. He knew Shehu; he was a friend to one of his friends. He was quiet; somewhat like Farida. They were all shocked he approached her. But there was a comment one of them made. They called him a sharpshooter. That wasn’t a positive compliment. Wale wasn’t worried. Farida needed the experience so she would appreciate better. He wasn’t in a hurry. He will always be there for her.




Monica got off the phone excited. “He wants to take me out tomorrow”




“That’s nice”


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“I saw you with that guy. I didn’t see him before. Fulani guy. Very cute. Has your shape of nose”








“You took too long to come back”




“Did I? I’m sleepy”




“You! Good night”




Farida went over the evening in her mind before she fell asleep. She had fun talking with Shehu. She didn’t mind meeting him again. She realized she was attracted to intelligent conversations. She liked guys who could keep up conversation about anything. Shehu was cool but she never saw herself being with a very fair guy. She decided to keep an open mind and get to know him. Her phone buzzed and she checked it. It was a text from Shehu, “In bed now. Thinking about you. Good night”. Farida smiled. He was too obvious but she liked it.




Monica made a fuss about what Farida will wear for the date. She insisted she wore something that will show her figure.




‘I am not selling my body neither am I putting it on display. He is a Muslim just like me so I have to be modest in my dressing”




“Why don’t you wear a kaftan and hijab so he will know you are a good non-practising Muslim? My friend, the guy saw you in something lovely yesterday and came for you. Don’t dress to give an impression; dress to attract. Wear a dress that can be both corporate and casual. Wear this dress, she fished out a yellow lace body hugging dress and gave her a black leather jacket she could wear with it. The dress was just slightly above her knees but the dress was sleeveless. Farida tried it on and loved her look. The jacket hid her figure. She wore low heels black shoes with them. Monica gave her bangles and a long chain to wear. Then she gave her a big faced wristwatch. The accessories weren’t Farida’s style. She selected two simple gold and silver tone bangles, she took off the long chain and the wrist watch



and in it’s place wore a simple black leather wristwatch and dropping earrings. The next problem was her hair. She was used to just packing it up but Monica had told her she had to do something different to it. She had to hot tong the hair and made it into a centre bob. She wore powder, lip stick and eye pencil. That was all.




Farida asked Shehu to pick her up at the boutique. When he arrived, she was ready. He was very impressed with what he saw. He took her to a classy Chinese restaurant. She allowed him order the food and they talked for hours. He wanted to know more about her. She told him everything.




“So, who is responsible for your accommodation in that place?”




“My friend’s father owns the guest house so we are staying there for free”




“I was wondering how you could afford to pay for such a place”




“I cant afford it”




“That’s why you need a good job. But I would like you to remain here in Abuja”




“No. I don’t like Abuja. Monica dislikes it too. So where would I reside if she decides to leave?”




“I will get you a very comfortable place. I can move you there right away if you want. You will not lose anything”




“Really? That’s so nice but no thank you. I will be relocating back to Lagos. I have to be there for my mother and brothers. I have received invitation for jobs interviews already. I am writing some examinations after my service year”




“We will be taking turns to visit each other then”




“It depends on where this leads”




“I know where it is leading. I am already smitten by you”




“I am from a very poor family. I went to school on scholarship. I don’t have money. Are you sure you want to continue with me?”




“I want to continue with you. You are beautiful, intelligent and cultured; what more do I want?”




“But, a young guy like you can not be single. You are cute so you must have a girlfriend or girls can never be in short supply for you. So, who are you dating?”




“You are very smart. I had a girlfriend; she is not in Nigeria right now and we have recently parted ways as she said she wants to live abroad. Now, I have only you. What of you? Should I be scared?”




“I don’t have a boyfriend”




“What of the guy with you at the party? Are you guys just friends or friends with benefits?”




“What are friends with benefits?” Farida genuinely asked.



“Friends that have sex without romantic involvement or relationship. Is that what you guys have?”




Farida was disgusted, “Why would you thing that? Why would I be involved in that?”




“Well I saw the way he was with you that day. I was surprised when he went to be with the other lady”




“No, we are just friends. I haven’t been going out so he dragged me out with my friend Monica. He just wanted me to have some fun”








After dinner, he drove her home. They sat in the car again for hours talking. He reached to the back of the car and gave her something in a nylon. When she brought out the content, it was a brand new phone; the latest Nokia phone.




“Why did you get me this?”




“I saw your phone and I didn’t like it”




“But I like it. It performs the same function as every other phone so why get me a new phone?”




“You need to move with the times and for someone in the fashion industry, a phone is a fashion and status statement. You can have the other phone as a spare but this one will be your main phone”




Farida would have rejected it but instead she said “thank you, that was thoughtful of you”. She realized he thought about her and her business when he made this decision. She felt good. This was the first relationship she said yes to and she had no idea the expectations from her.




Monica and Francis became serious. Francis was someone who understood Monica and he treated her like a queen. Within a month, Monica was hardly ever in the house. She went to work from Francis’ place. She would bribe Farida to cook different soups for her and she would take them to Francis house. Farida liked Francis although they hardly hung out together. Monica seemed so much in love and Francis treated her like a queen. She decided to stay back in Abuja while Farida returned to Lagos after their service year as she was retained by CBN.




Farida and Shehu were getting to know each other. They met mostly at the weekends on Farida’s insistence. A month into the relationship, he invited to his house. She declined. Three weeks later, he stylishly drove her to his house. He lived in a very posh estate. There were different houses when they entered the gate. He drove to the semi detached duplex on the right. He asked her in. That was how he deceived her into coming home with him on the pretext he left a very vital document at home. He lived alone in the beautiful duplex. She sat in the sitting room while a steward came to entertain her. Shehu turned on the television for her to watch and went upstairs for a while. She was engrossed in the movie and didn’t hear him come down until he sat beside her. After the movie, they had dinner which was very nice. They went back to the sitting room. As they sat down watching another movie, Shehu took Farida’s hand in his. He gently caressed her fingers. He was no longer interested in the movie. Farida was becoming uncomfortable. He pulled her close to him and rested her head on his chest. She tried to pull away but he whispered to her, “relax”. After a while, he released her as she was stiff in his hands. The next thing, he tried to kiss. She jumped up and asked to go.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




“What is wrong with you? Why are you acting up? We like each other, what more is remaining?”




“That I like you doesn’t mean I will allow you defile me. Why would you want to kiss me?”




“We are in a relationship. I am in love with you. My body can’t resist you any longer. Each time we meet, it reacts. Why are you acting like you don’t understand? I am sure your body craves for me too. Let’s do this thing, two months is long enough to get to know each other”




“Now I understand why you brought me here. Your plan was to have sex with me by any means possible. I am leaving” Monica walked to the door while trying to fish out her phone. He stopped her. She stopped and made a call. She gave the person the name of the estate and the description of Shehu’s house.




Shehu was disappointed at her behavior. He had made it clear he was interested in her so why was she finding it difficult for them to have some intimacy? He wouldn’t have gone all the way if she had stopped him but making it sound like he wanted to take advantage of her was wrong. He tried to convince her to have a seat let them talk about the issue but she was hell bent of leaving in her current state.




“Farida, I love you and I would never harm you. Just saying no was enough for me, I wasn’t going to go further if you had explained to me you were not ready yet. Why are you behaving like we are enemies?”




Farida did not reply him. She stood by the door waiting. Finally, Wale arrived. Shehu was surprised he was the one she called. Wale came into the house and asked what happened. Farida said she just wanted to leave but Shehu wouldn’t allow her. She walked out of the house. Wale asked Shehu what transpired. By the time he finished explaining, Wale asked him, “So, for two months, you never discussed sex with her or your expectations?”



“I didn’t. I just waited for her to get used to being with me. I thought she was just shy as she always avoided such discussions. I just tried to kiss her and she’s reacting like this. What’s the problem?”




Wale knew this day would come. He didn’t discuss it with Farida directly but he suggested she prepared for her for such requests. Now, it had happened and Farida didn’t know how to handle it. He explained to Shehu, “She is not that type of girl. If you are with her with the hope she would have sex with you, then, it’s best I let you know it won’t happen. She is an old-fashioned girl who believes in waiting until she is married to have sex. You will not be able to convince her otherwise”




“You are kidding me right?”




‘I am not. She likes you. If you want to get serious with her, please do but know she won’t drop it until after you do the needful”




“She is not ready for a relationship. I give up.I don’t know where she thinks this is heading but without tasting it, I am not buying”




“Then it is best you end it because it will not happen. I want to appeal you end it on a gentle and quiet note”




“Are you sure it is not because of you she doesn’t want to get sexually involved with any man? How do you convince me both of you aren’t lovers?”




“I don’t need to convince.Think whatever you like. I am out of here” *FARIDA*

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