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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 28

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Episode 28





The house looked so deserted. I was the only one in the big house. Kamsi had gone out with Ted immediately we came home,leaving me all alone. I sat down in my room to think about all that Kamsi had earlier said,despite all my trials,I failed to get Hillary out of my system. He was there like a stamp. But why won’t I forgive him? Why is it so difficult for me to forgive him?


I put my thoughts together and hit the shower, letting the water run down my body and cool my nerves. I stayed longer than necessary because I gave a run down to what had being happening in my life. It would be wrong to let whatever forces that was following me to ruin my happiness. I would be stupid to let them win this time. I couldn’t fight them all this years,I suffered and bore the pains alone. But now,I was going to fight it,no matter what it was.


I got out of the shower just in time to hear my phone ring. I picked it and listened.


Caller: Amy is that you?


Me: Yes it’s me. Who am I speaking with?

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Caller: Love.


Me: Love?


Caller: Yes. Give a new meaning to your life and try to work on bringing back people you’ve lost. It will help you in life. It will pave a way to greater height for you. Love is the ultimate,it’s the greatest. He loves you,so love him back.


And the call was up. It was an unknown caller. I threw the phone to the bed and checked my wall clock. Few minutes to seven.


I dried my body and quickly put on a white bum pants with my favourite baggy t-shirt. Of course I won’t forget to take a selfie with whatever delicacy it was that Ken had prepared. I added a little make up to spice up my already beautiful face before stepping out of the house. The gateman came to me immediately and delivered a flower. Ahn Ahn,what’s happening? The call,and now flowers? Before I could ask him questions,he was already going back to his duty post.


I shrugged and went into Ken’s apartment. He was sitting in the sitting room with a frown. He saw me and sat up. I looked at the dinning,it was empty.


Me: Now,you’ve played me. And you think I’ll be compensated with these flowers?



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I flung the flower at him and he ducked.


Ken: Hey,calm down. it’s not my fault. I couldn’t do it. You know I’m not a good cook. Everything got burnt.


I went to the kitchen to confirm. It was a mess. There was an over baked chicken,a groundnut paste on a plate,grilled,sorry,pounded fish on the sink paste mixed in half done groundnut. I don’t know whatever he wanted to prepare but I started laughing. I turned back to go to him but he was there already.


Ken: Let me make it up to you.


Me: Forget it. I’ll just pick my flower and go back to the house. Mr chef.


I started laughing again but stopped when I noticed he was still sad.


Me: Okay. Sorry for laughing.


Ken: Let me make it up to you. Go back and dress nicely. We’ll eat out.


I’m easily deceived with eating out,especially with people who meant a lot to me.


Me: Fine. So long as you stop keeping a mean face. And you won’t act awkward while we’re at it. It will be more of a romantic date,agreed?


Ken: Anything for her majesty. And please,dress in your best. I want us to be the centre of attention while we’re there.


Me: Hmmm. Give me thirty minutes then..


Ken: Okay your highness.


I giggled,picked my flower and left. I will tell him about how I felt for Hillary and ask him to help get us back together. It’s only Ken who would do that for me because he’s the only one who understands..






We got to the hotel at a little past 8pm. Eyes turned to Ken and I.


I was embarrassed even before I sat down. I had decided to look sexy tonight,the motive was to show some flesh,get drunk and sleep away my thoughts. I was in something you can call a mini gown which showed off lots of cleavages and the back has a v-cut from the shoulders down to the top of my behind. My make up



wasn’t light,I had matched my gown with a pink boot and no purse. I didn’t even go with my phone,what’s the need since I don’t plan on being myself before coming home. Ken had stared at me with open mouth as I stepped out of the house but I just laughed it off,but this mini crowd got me quite embarrassed.


We sat down in a secluded part and placed our orders,I made sure wine comes first and clearly enough,Ken was surprised.


Ken: You would have simply ordered for food.


Me: I know. We’re not going out now,are we?


Ken: Nope.


Me: I want to enjoy tonight. Don’t spoil it.


He smiled and brought out his phone. He typed something and quickly dropped the phone.


Me: So tell me what you were trying to make back there.


He chuckled and I smiled at his triability to be a teenager (don’t argue that word.I know it doesn’t exist but I figured it’s the best for now).


Ken: I’ll tell you later tonight.


Me: Looks like you were just trying to make shit.


He laughed,throwing his head back and just then,our wine came in a bucket of ice. I helped myself out immediately downing a glass of the fairly hot drink which I knew would be doing wonders soon.


Ken; Do you want to tell me anything?


Me: Yes. But that’ll be on our way home.


Ken: Is that why you’re drinking?


Me: Nope.


Ken: Amy,you just show up new abilities everyday. Never knew you drink.


Me: But mum knows. You don’t live in same house with me.


Ken: Strange girl. You won’t stop amazing me.


Me; I’m a wonder woman then.



We both laughed. Our food came and we both left ourselves to the mercy of the rice and chicken.


Me: So,any chance you’re getting back with Chine?


He paused and looked at me.


Me: I’m sorry if the question upsets you.


Ken: It’s alright. I was expecting that question anyways.


Me: Okay


Ken: Chine is a nice girl. She really is but was influenced by her mother. I was upset with her for being an aid to whatever you went through. But seeing her in this present condition,I realised that she was a pawn and every blame I had on her washed away.


Me: So?


Ken: I loved her. She’s my first love and always will be but I can’t be with her anymore. I’m loving someone else already.


Me: Wow. Interesting.


Ken: You see,I like you a lot. I even made the mistake of falling in love with you.


I dropped my cutleries and looked up at him.


Ken: Let me finish. I fell for you because you have a very simple nature,you’ve got a big heart and you have a forgiving spirit. You’re beautiful,well end owned and intelligent. What more can a man want from a woman. I fell so madly that I had to start distancing myself from you because there are some things that are not meant to be. Coming to you when I know I have a brother who’s also crazy about you will be a blow to our family. I had to let go and the very day I met that decision was the day I met the one who I’m loving now.


I fought to find my voice. Where was it? I raised my fork to see if it was there but no. I cleared my throat and yes,I found it.


Me: Uhm….I’m surprised.


He took a sip of his drink and nodded.


Ken: I knew you would be. But it’s best that I told you,now,let’s enjoy the meal before it gets cold.



I felt like I was in a strange place. Ken was a perfect gentleman. Why didn’t I read the writing on the wall all this time? At least,I would have seen if I will feel the same thing for him. Wait! Am I alright at all? What did he just say now? Yes. It’s wrong to date two brothers. I can’t even see myself doing that. Mum would be so disappointed. I smiled at Ken for his intelligence and continued with my meal.


Few minutes later,we were done and using a serviette.


Ken: I’ll be back in a minute. I need to shake hands with a friend.


I laughed,audible enough to attract people and he joined me.


Me: Your friend indeed.


Ken: What was I supposed to say?


He stood up and walked around to where I was. He gave me a peck on my forehead and we smiled


Ken: Better don’t touch that drink again.


Me: Ah! But we’ll pay for it so I need to finish it.


Ken; I’m serious here now. Stop taking it. I’ll get one good for you when I’m back


I nodded and he walked away,going to shake whatever friend he has down there.



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